Udaan 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor believes Anjor

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying my mum used to sing lullaby for me. Anjor asks her to sing it for her. Chakor sings Chale chakore….. She cries thinking of Saanvi. Anjor gets her tear in hand. She says you know when goons were after me, I got hidden inside a house. Chakor asks who were they. Anjor says I didn’t ask their name, I will tell you what I did to get saved, I came here and got hidden there. She shows the demo again.

Chakor says then you would have got chilli plate. Anjor says yes, how do you know, I switched on fan. Chakor says then you would have made goons run away. Anjor says yes. They laugh. Kasturi and Bhuvan come there and smile seeing them. They say we are seeing Chakor so happy after 7 years. Anjor asks are they your parents. Chakor nods. Anjor greets them. She says I will call you Nanimaai. Kasturi says I liked this name a lot. Bhuvan says you talk sweet, what’s your name. Anjor tells poetry and says everyone calls me Anjor. They clap. Udaan hai….plays…..

Chakor asks Keshu and Sugna to send Anjor to school, she is smart. Keshu says we are poor, how can we send her to school. Chakor says if I help you and get her fees waived, will you send her to school. Keshu says forgive us, we don’t want to hear about it, you saved her life, thanks for that. Anjor goes. Chakor feels sad. Kasturi says you have come back because of this girl, she reminded me of you, you were like her, she is born to fly, you look good when you fly in the sky towards the moon, you come back to Aazaadgunj, its your home, its time to stay here. Udaan hai….plays…

Imli asks Gumaan to be quiet, they can’t be equal now. She says if Suraj knows your truth, that you are not Ram, but a Raavan, then what will happen. She says you kidnap women and target them, you are a cheap man, if Vaani knows your truth, what would she do, she would have sent you to jail. She says I know all your activities. He says get me free. She asks did I go mad. He says I will expose your black deed. She says we have already spoken about partnership. He laughs. He asks her to rectify her mistake. She says I united them, but I will make them away.

Anjor eats food. She asks Keshu and Sugna about the great food. He says you can have such great food every day, you just have to take the report back. Anjor refuses to have food. She says this food is bribe, I won’t eat it, gumaan did injustice with me, I don’t lie, I promised Chakor that I won’t lie. Keshu laughs and threatens her. He says I have beaten up Sugna, if you don’t listen to me, I will beat her again. Anjor worries. He asks will you take report back. Chakor says I have seen truth in that girl’s eyes, she isn’t scared of anything. Anjor says Lord help me, I promised Chakor, Sugna’s life is in danger, what shall I do now.

Anjor says Gumaan didn’t get me kidnapped, I was in pressure to file the report. Chakor slaps Anjor. She says you can never be like my Saanvi.

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