Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shocking News For Kanhaiya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devaki calls Kunti and asks her to bring Kanhaiya to orphanage as she has arranged janmastami program and selected her as chief guest. Kanhaiya walks towards Kunti’s room thinking of asking her who his real parents are. He hears Kunti telling Devika not to make her god, she just brought up Kanhaiya and gifted him a sari shop, Devika is bilogical mother and can take Kanhaiya with her after she informs everyone Kanhaiya is Devika’s mother, she can come home tomorrow. Devaki excitedly asks if she will let her meet Kanhaiya and bahus. Kanhaiya thinks his parents are alive then and singing Yashoda ka nandlala…song..says Kunti will be always her son.

Prema and Pari walk into Kunti’s room to find out Kanhaiya’s childhood details. They check Kunti’s suitcase and find Kanhaiya’s childhood pic. Pari does her jokergiri. Pari then reads orphanage letter that Kunti is adopting Kanhaiya and will keep her as her own son and will never let anyone know that Kanhaiya is not her son. Prema is shocked to read it next and reads in front of other bahus. Pari does her jokergiri. Prarthana explains letter’s meaning. Prema says this letter reveals Kunti adopted Kanhaiya. Pari say she never saw Kunti lifting Kanhaiya. Prema explains meaning. All bahus promise they will not let Kanhaiya know that he is Kunti’s adopted son.

Prarthana sees Kanhaiya sitting on stairs sadly and in Pure Hindi asks why he is so dad. Kanhaiya says he is not hungry or thirsty. Panjiri explains meaning. Pari walks in with Premaa and Prarthana saying her slippers were lying like orphan and then tells Kanhaiya she will not take orphan word again. Kanhaiya scolds not to take orphan word again as it hurts him and he is orphan. They all say they know and Prema says they checked Kunti’s suitcase to see his childhood items and found orphanage letter. Kanhaiya says his real mother is coming tomorrow, but he will not meet her. Bahus repeat real sasumaa is coming.

Kunti forcefully takes Kusum for Janmastami shopping. Pratap walks in wearing Sadhu’s attire and says Kunti since she will not leave this world, he is leaving this house and going to himalayas, asks 500 rs for traveling. Kunti happily gives money. Pratap says he was joking, he will not go before sending Kunti from this house.

Panjiriserves breakfast to Kanhaiya and insists him to have food as he did not have anything since 2 days. pari does his jokergiri as usual. Prathana says Kanhaiya’s biological mother will come in some time. Devaki enters. Kunti greets her in and asks why did not she inform and come. Devaiki says she came here to meet her family, especially Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya with bahus look at his biological mother. Kunti takes Devaki aside and says Kanhaiya is her son and she can take him away. Prathana says it is proved Devaki is Kanhaiya’s biological mother, he should go and touch her feet. He drops water bottle and in lieu of picking it touches Devaki’s feet. Kunti asks how did this bottle fall. Kanhaiya says sometimes hands slip. Kanhaiya this their hands will never slip, in fact he will get new relationship.

Precap: No precap.

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