HELLO EVERYONE..thanks alot for this love and support…so lets mov on to stoty directly…
pr:sorry..actually you just..abhi is glaring at her..
pragya get disturbed..
ab:thank you pragya…
pr:no you can call me chashmish..
ab:why all of sudden…
pr:i can forget what you did to me..but i cant break my promise what i given to you as i will be you fighting friend forever..

abhi get teary eyed..
pr:abhi…i will leave today itself…
ab: ya i knew it..dont worry i will cancel purabs ticket and get it for me..
pr:are you coming with me?
ab:whats the meaning of that question..dont you hear what i said to you yesterday i too will come and there you have no restrictions like now..
pragya is somewhat happy and at annger too..
ab:actually i too got job at rv company..
pragya stare at him..
ab; actually..

pr:no need your explanation as i heard it yesterday itself (pragya who hears abhirab conversation )
it was at that time someone knocks door…pragya goes to check..
sar:good morning pragya…i just came here to knew when you are leaving…
pr:its on 11 am..
sar:k..abhi is your packing over…purab have tickets for you both..
ab:no maa…
sar:then make it fast i will send bulbul…
as pragya tried to tell something sarla ignores her and go…
abhi who noticed it..chashmish…is your packing over..
pragya gave a death glare to abhi…and she arranged her bag..abhi who knew she will look like that..but he just want to change his fuggi from sad…
it was this time bulbul enters..

bul:abhi..this are tickets for you both…abhi i will help you..bulbul and abhi is arranging the was during this time pragya comes out of wash room and sees they both talking and laughing…she really get anger..abhi who sensed it..
ab:bulbul..did you geting some bad smells…as some burning foul was this time bulbul too sees her di..
bul:ya abhi..i too ..i think its burning in its peak..both give hifi…when pragya tried to go out..bulbul hold her hand..and make her sit on abhi tried to go out as he thinks they both need some private time bulbul stops him and make him sit near to pragya..
bul:i will to talk with you both..abhigya look at each other..di..i knew well as whats going through your mind…di…everything happens…we cant change that all..what we do is just move on with it..di you are going to another place…its not like our di its good na abhi is with you…you dont see abhi as your husband..just think him as your friend..(pragya look at abhi)
di…i cant believe till now as abhi did all this…i knew he cant …di..

pr:bulbul…just stop all have said it yesterday too..dont force me to do something she leaves..
abhi get sad..
bul:abhi…i knew well about di..she cant be stay like this for long..everything will be cleared soon trust me..
times files…its abhigyas going time now..abhi placed all bags in car..
pragya takes dadis and sarlas blessings..she hugs aliya and rishab..and bulbul
pr:bulbul ..where is purab ?
purab is standing at corridor…pragya goes to him..
as purab turn his face..
pr:purab…please please dont go..please hear what i want to tell you…purab turns…
purab..i dont knew that you have no feelings for me…sorry for forcing you to with me…she gave a gift box to purab…this is something i wish to give you after our marraige..i cant go without giving i cant put it in waste basket..

purab..i knew you are really anger on me..but one thing i want to clear that.. i cant cheat you like this…i dont knew how this all happened..i knew you willnot believe me..but anyways congrats …and all the best…my sister is too innocent…she only knew to love..dont break her heart like me…iam leaving now..may be i willnot come this place always give some memories about bye purab.bye purab turned..purab..can i hug you for a last time..please..purab didnt said anything…pragya hugs him and cries..first purab stands lifelessly.then he consoles her..

abhi too take dadis and sarla maas blessing..hugs aliya and rishab..and move to purab..
ab:purab iam leaving….sorry for hurting you…but i love you lot man..will miss you…abhi forcefully hugs him and cries..and goes to bulbul..and hugs her..
bul:abhi..dont be sad…as everything will be fine..its me na telling..please take care of yourself and my di..and look from today onwards iam not there to stop your fight…must video chat with me everyday..otherwise i will come on london and beat you…
abhi smiles..k meri maa…and gets in car…
car goes…all leaves..
bulbul get inside and goes to her room..sees purab sitting..bulbul place her hands on his shoulder ..purab emotionally hugs her and started to cry…
pu:bulbul…i cant ..i cant…
bul:i can understand your pain…i knew how much tough for you to act like this infront of di and abhi..
pur:bulbul..dont you till this 20 years of my life..there is no day without seeing can i…do you knew when he hugs him .when she looks me pleading..its like stabbing knife to my heart 1000 times..i wish to tell them that i believe them as they cant do that..but..
bul:purab..i knew you did all this for them…

fb shows
as abhi confessing his love to pragya..purab is there who watched all this..
fb ends..

bul:i too make the decision of their marraige because you said it to me

fb shows..
as after everyone leaves from abhis room ..purab came to meet bulbul
pur:bulbul..i knew you are too upset…but dont hate abhigya..i knew they both cant do this purpousfully…but its the fate make it happen..abhis destiny is linked with pragya..yesterday i see my abhi..who confess his love..and sees his pain too..
bul:purab i too knew they cant do this..but..
pur:bulbul can you do onething for me..
bul:yes..what can i do for you?
pur:let us make abhigyas marraige..and make them as one..i knew you ..
bul:no purab..i have no problem in it…but you..
pur:no was during these days i started to feel for her..but she is not morethan my abhi…so it will not pain me more..but we cant do this directly..we need to act infront of them
fb ends..

actually its all purabs drama for his abhi and pragya…he badmouthen about pragya…make pain in abhi by words as he knew that to make his life happy he need to do this all..
bul:purab did you open dis gift..purab takes it and opens it..its all photocollage of abhirab…with a letter

dear purab,
this is the worlds best gift i can give to i knew for you..abhi is everything..this abhirab will stay for ever..
purab that photo and hugs it and cries..
(hamari aduri kahani plays)
scene shows abhi and pragya crying thinking about bulbul..purab..same in case of purbul..
episode ends…

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