Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 9

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Due to continuous hiccups nandhini drank the cold drink which cabir spiked for navya, navya got a call frm her cousin tht she is in the parking lot and came to pick her up, so navya bid bye to nandhini and went frm there

The party was over everyone started leaving

Fab5 had a group hug and except Manik other four went to their home

Ameer, Shruthi, Roshan and isha was speaking

Isha: OK guys , time is so late now, I think I should leave mom will be worried , ameer can u drop me in home??

Ameer:yeah sure

Both bid bye to shruhan and isha hugged Shruthi and left from there

Roshan: Shruthi today’s party was superb na

Shruthi :yeah and everyone praised our and our siblings performance its awsm my best day here(while Roshan was continuously staring at her)

Roshan: yeah I’m also so happy

Shruthi: OK Roshan, chacha and chachi will be waiting for us , so I’ll take a leave

Roshan; OK shall I drop u

Shruthi: no Roshan dii will be here, and our car key s wth me I’ll go wth her, but where is dii?

Roshan: don’t know, let me check

Shruthi: wait, I’ll also come

Both Shruthi and Roshan searched nandhini in many places but they can’t find at that time manik came

Manik: bro what happened y u both look so worried?

Roshan: wo bhai , nandhini was not here, we called her but it was switched off, Shruthi was very worried

At tht time Shruthi started crying

Shruthi: don’t know where dii went, aiyappa pls my dii should be fine.

She started weeping, Roshan holded her shoulder and try to console her

Manik was hell shocked to listen nandhini is missing he was in a big shock later he came to sense by shruthi’s cry

Manik:Shruthi don’t worry ur dii will be good, she is very brave and I’ll definitely get ur dii to u.but it is very late u go to home, after I found her I’ll inform u

Shruthi: but manik chacha and chachi will be asking abt dii wht I’ll answer them??

Roshan:yup bhai what will we do now?

Manik: yeah OK Shruthi tonight u stay in our home, if ur chacha r chachi called u , u say them tht ur in ur friends home near college as it is late and will come home tmrw morning OK!

Shruthi: but Manik, y u both should suffer bcoz of Me

Roshan: nothing lk tht, u come I’ll take u to home

Manik; yup bro u take her to our home don’t worry I’ll bring nandhini and you have another set of casual dress na

Shruthi: yes I have thank u so much Manik hope dii will be good

Shruhan left frm college, Roshan was driving shruni’s car while Shruthi was very worried fr nandhini

Shruthi: its all bcoz of me, I should be wth dii, or else this would not happened

Roshan: Shruthi it was not your fault,.pls dnt feel guilty

He was not able to see such type of Shruthi, bcoz he always saw her as cute bubbly smiling type but now he can’t see her crying
He tried to console her but she was lost in nandhini

They both reached malhotra mansion and Roshan showed her the room

She changed and came out her eyes were red due to tears, a beautiful smile on her lips was gone

Roshan: Shruthi pls don’t cry , nothing happen to nandhini u pls have this juice u dint have anything if u keep on crying Lk this then u will fall weak

Shruthi: how I can be normal Roshan I lost my dii, dnt knw where she is, how I can eat anything(saying this she went to the balcony and sat in the swing there and silently weeped)

Roshan: I can understand but Manik was their na, bhai will definitely do what he say, pls have this juice

Shruthi: no I dnt want

Roshan:, pls for me (he said cutely)

Shruthi then accepted and he feeded her juice

In space academy

Manik was continuously searching for Nandhini in each and every places

Then he heard some voice in library so he went there and saw nandhini sitting in the floor and laughing

Manik: Nandhini what is this, everyone searched u but u r here, u know ur sister is so much worried for u and y u laughing lk a mad.

Nandhini: smiling) Manik come come sit here

Manik: what happened to u nandhini

Nandhini; nothing happened, u know what manik birds are flying around my head hahaha

Manik: something is wrong u drunk wine??

Nandhini: arey buddhu don’t u know nandhini murthi doesn’t drink alcohol, but u knw wht I drank a superb awsm wali cold drink in the party

Manik: so this change is bcoz of that cold drink

Nandhini: Manik go na, go and get another one it is so yummy go go

Manik:it is not a cold drink, some one spiked it

But manik was admiring at her childish expressions

Manik called Roshan and said he found nandhini and will reach home soon

In malhotra mansion

Roshan: Shruthi bhai found ur dii, they will reach here

Shruthi:thank god she was found , thank u so much Roshan and to ur bhai also (saying she hugged him)

Roshan dint expect this sudden hug he was about to hug, but Shruthi understood her position and broke the hug they both were waiting for manan

In space academy

Manik; Nandhini come let’s go to my home, Shruthi is waiting.

Nandhini: Manik ur mad, Shruthi will be in my home not your home

Manik: bcoz of u she dint went to your home, she was worried for u and staying in my home to go with you, and Roshan was wth her

Nandhini: oh my god my sister is in monster’s house, pls save her

Manik: monster??

Nandhini: Han u r monster

Manik was angry by hearing monster

Manik: y u call me like this(angrily)

Nandhini: bcoz ur a monster, u know navya said abt u all, ur angry person, ur a monster

Manik: nandhini enough OK , I’m not a monster I’m good person, or else y I should be worried for u

Nandhini: yeah ur good , ur sweet monster saying this she suddenly kissed in manik’s cheek

Manik dint expect this sudden kiss, he was lost for a second

Before tht nandhini started running and shouting.

Nandhini: booh sweet monster, catch me if u can, ur a fool fool

Manik: arey this girl s definitely mad(saying this he ran behind Nandu)

Nandhini went to canteen, she went and hid under the table , Manik also came to canteen and found her
He pulled her out of the table and made her sit upon it

Manik: nandhini sit here, should not move an inch frm here,its swr on ur sister

Nandhini; this is not fair ,y u swr on my sister, she s innocent OK

Manik:thts y, if I swr on me u would have run na

Nandhini: wow Manik so clever , I
Itna smart hai tu, wow

Manik smiled at her , he searched for lime and got a lime a glass of water and salt

Manik was trying to cut a lime but it slipped and he cut his finger

Nandhini started laughing,
Nandhini; wow the great manik malhotra doesn’t know how to cut a lime ha ha ha

Manik stared angrily at her and then made nimbu pani and gave to nandhini

Nandhini’ arey monster what is this it s so sour, yak.

Manik: just gulp it down OK

Nandhini: oh hello u ordering me , I don’t drink this disgusting drink , u itself drink it

Manik: acha baba sry, now pls drink

Nandhini: no no no

Manik: OK open ur mouth

Nandhini: y??

Manik: pls (said cutely with a pout)

Nandhini opened her mouth and Manik made her drink the nimbu pani

Manik; OK let’s go to home

Nandhini got up and about to walk but she slipped,Manik caught her before she fall, both were looking into each others eyes continuously, then they came into senses

Nandhini again was about to walk but manik lifted her in his arms and went to his car

While leaving nandhini down, she noticed manik’s finger bleeding still

Nandhini: Manik see ur hand s bleeding still, ur so careless (while saying this suddenly she sucked blood in his hand, Manik was staring her lovingly)

Manik’s POV: after my brother and friends u are the one who show this much concern for me Nandu I dnt know but I not only want u as my lover but also as my mom, bcoz u can take care of me and give me love lk my mom, which I dint get frm her)end of POV

A tear escaped frm his eyes, nandhini tied his hand wth her hanky

Then they both went to the malhotra mansion, nandhini slept while going to the mansion, Manik was lovingly looking at the way she slept, he caressed her hair

They reached the mansion

Manik saw nandhini sleeping peacefully so he don’t wanna disturb her, he carried her in his arms and went to a room and placed her in a bed and covered wth a blanket

He kissed her in forehead and said good night

At the same time shruhan entered the room

Shruthi: what hpnd to dii, where were she

Manik signalled them to be silent as she is sleeping

They all came out of the room

Roshan:bhai what hpnd to her

Manik: don’t know, when I was searching for her, I heard some noise in library
she was there, and someone was spiked her drink

Shruthi: what but who will be done this, dii dnt have any enemy here

Manik:we will think about it later, Shruthi u go and sleep wth nandhini morning u can go home

Shruthi: thank u so much for ur concern u both were really good
Good night
She said to both of them and went to the room and slept next to Nandu

Manik:OK Roshan u go and sleep Good night

Roshan:Good night bhai

Manik’s POV:don’t know who done it but if anyone try to harm my Nandu I’ll not lv them
End of POV
He left to sleep

Roshan called ameer and said all the happening’s

Ameer: thank god bro, nandhini is safe, otherwise u can’t able to handle Shruthi

Roshan:yes bro, she loves her sister too much, today I can’t see her tears, at that time I promised myself I’ll never hurt her or let her cry bcoz of me

Ameer: bro first say ur love to her then u can promise

Roshan: you shut up

Ameer: OK bro take care good night

Roshan: Good night

Shruthi was thinking about Roshan

Shruthi’s POV: what happened to me while I’m dancing with him, I lost myself he is so caring, when I cried I saw pain in his eyes, is this called love , oh no Shruthi nothing like that jst concentrate on ur studies, but y he care me so much
End of POV

All four thought about today’s happenings and dossed off

Precap: dhruv’s friendship with nandhini and growing feelings of Shruthi to Roshan and introduction of new character.

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