Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 64

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Naina looked at Purab and Cutie having breakfast.

Purab looked at her as if what she is looking at them.

Naina shook her head as nothing with a light smile.

Cutie “ Mumma! Pass me that!” She said by pointing to the sandwich.

Naina passed her and she eating it was very happy.

Cutie “ Mumma! Why Friend and di not coming here?” She asked still eating her food.

Naina looked worried and didn’t know how to explain to her.

Purab “ Cutie! They are busy…”
Cutie “ Busy?”
Purab “ Yes Cutie…Both are busy in their works…”

Cutie “ Oh…like Saira!” She said.
Purab “ Saira? Who is that?”
Cutie “ Sameer’s sister…”
Naina “ Who is Sameer?” She asked looking puzzled.

Cutie “ Heera’s friend!”
Purab “ Who is this Heera now? Your friend ah?”
Cutie “ No! No! She is Lucky’s sister!”
She said by taking the cup of chocolate milk to drink.

Naina “ Oh Cutie! Who are they?? Are they your classmates??”

Cutie “ No Mumma! But I know them!”

She said loudly and started to drink chocolate milk.  

Naina looked at Purab with confusion and Purab was about to ask something when Cutie said “ I am very full!” She said and burped loudly.

Naina “ Ok…but tell me who are they first!”

Cutie looked at Naina and Purab by frowning.

Naina in a stern tone “ Why are u giving that face?”

Purab saw Cutie’s face changing and she looked down with sadness.

Naina “ Now why are u giving that sad face??”

Cutie never said anything and got off from the chair to walk away.

Purab “ Why Cutie? Why are u going away?”

Cutie looked at them and said “ Mushy pushy…”

Naina shaking her head “ What is this? Come here! I need an answer!”

Cutie never listened and went inside her room with sadness.

Cutie “I know them but why should Ma know them too! I won’t tell who they are!”

She mumbled by hugging her bag.

As for Abhi he was walking to and fro in stress.

Pragya entered his room and asked him “ What happened?”

Abhi “ Nothing…” He said with a stressed look.

Pragya “ Tell me, You should share with me your worries Abhi!”

Abhi “ It’s…I was thinking about something…”

Pragya “ What’s that?”

Abhi “ Did u notice his wife and daughter?”

Pragya “ No…I never saw them here from the day I stepped into this house…”

Abhi “ Where are they?”

Pragya “ From what I heard from the cook, they are not at home…It’s holidays so Akansha is at her in-laws home….”

Abhi “ How about his wife?” Pragya “ I don’t know about that Abhi…”

Abhi “ He had planned to make us be here when his family is not around….”

Pragya “ Why do u think so?”

Abhi “ It’s a gut feeling…”

Pragya remained silent in some thoughts when he asked “ What are u thinking?”

Pragya “ I was thinking how well u observe and analyze the surroundings of you….”

Abhi with a smile “ Thank you! I”ll take that as a compliment baby!” He said and walked passed her saying that he needs to see the man and asked her not to follow.

Pragya looked back and saw Abhi smiling at her and she too tried her best to smile.

Pragya, I am waiting Abhi for the day you will admit what u have done….

With that she walked out of the room when she saw Naina coming in.

Naina saw and smiled at Pragya as for Pragya rushed to her and asked “ Why are u here Naina? Is it anything important?”

Naina calmly “No! Why do u look so tensed?” Pragya “ Then why are u here?” Naina “ Just feel like seeing Bhai and u…” Pragya “ You could have called us na, we would have come and meet u…”

Naina “ Why I can’t meet u here? Is it because u are here with tight security?” She asked teasingly.

Pragya looking around “ Naina! Come with me!” She said and bring her to a room.

Naina “Relax Pragya!”

Pragya tried to calm herself down by locking the door.

Pragya “Why are u here now?”

Naina asking her to sit down beside her
“ I want to ask u something…”

Pragya hearing her sound serious asked “ Anything serious?”

Naina explained about Cutie’s strange behaviour and Pragya smiled at her.

Pragya “ This is not what u want to ask…you are telling me about Cutie but u look hesitant to ask me about something…”

Naina “ Haan Pragya…I want to ask about Purab…” .

Pragya “ About him? Why?”

Naina “ I feel he is getting close to us but I am not sure how close I am to him…I mean I don’t know what are the closest things to him…I know Bulbul is one of the closest person he cherishes….”

Pragya “ I understand what u want to know….but u could have asked him directly right?”

Naina “ No Pragya…whenever I see him mentioning about Bulbul, he looks very worried…I won’t say it’s a worry but it’s a feeling that he missed her….I know he would be missing her like how I miss Arjun but the way he feels is more than that…”

Pragya “ It’s guilt…”

Naina “ Guilt?” She asked in surprise.

Pragya “ Let me tell u what happened between them…”

Naina nodded her head and listened to her.

Purab and Bulbul had a love marriage with the help of Arjun. Everything seemed well in the beginning until Purab start up his own business and was spending less time with Bulbul.

Bulbul understood his situation and was supportive towards him but he was taking it for granted as both of them were from different professions.

Bulbul “Purab! I know you are busy! But why are u not even coming back to home in the nights??” Purab “Bulbul! I have to work at odd hours to make my business big! You won’t understand how competitive it is out there! If I keep on stay at home then how can I succeed?” Bulbul “I know Purab but…..” Purab “Just mind your own work and don’t waste my time by asking irrelevant questions!”  

Bulbul looked dejected and saw him leaving the room passing Pragya who was standing outside the room.

Pragya came in and saw Bulbul in tears.

Pragya “Why are u in tears for this?” She asked by sitting beside Bulbul.

in love, he used to spend time with me so much that I had to plead him to leave.  But now u see he is….” Pragya “Arrey, he still cares for you na…it’s just that he is not getting time…” Bulbul “No Di…he doesn’t even looks at what I wear…” Pragya looking surprised “Why does he need to see what u wear?” Bulbul “Buddhu Di, I wear only to look nice for him na…” Pragya moving away “Buddhu Di ah?” She asked angrily.

Bulbul “Sorry! Sorry!” She pleaded and hugged her. Pragya smiled at her.

Pragya “Don’t worry, he will understand for sure…just give him some time…”

Bulbul looked worried again. Pragya “Why not you try to talk to him again?”

Bulbul “ Di…He won’t understand me yaar…He don’t even understand that how much I need him to be beside me…” Pragya “ You don’t be hopeless, he will surely understand…just try na…” Bulbul “ No! He is also like his brother! Both of us end up in a cave filled with darkness!” She said that and packed her stuff to leave for work.

Bulbul was about to leave the room when she turned behind and said “ Di…I love him so much that I don’t need his love in return….I just need a look towards me from him…” She said that longingly and left in tears.

Pragya in worry thought, When will this Purab understand her love? But I don’t understand why she is also overreacting when Purab is not like Ranveer….Ranveer tortures me by his words and actions….But Purab is not like that na…

Bulbul was walking out of the house when Ranveer saw making her to feel creepy.

Bulbul quickly reached her car and drove off from there.

Bulbul, His Brother is another headache. Doesn’t he knows that I am married to his brother? Still he is roving his eyes on me in the wrong way. Every night is getting sleepless with the door opening sounds in the middle of night! How can I tell this to others? What’s the point of locking the door too when he have his own ways to disturb me! That’s why I want Purab to be my side, but he is not even patient to hear what I want to tell him!

For Part 1:
Bulbul “Oye Peach Purab!” Purab “Peach Purab?” Bulbul “Haan I love the fruit Peach…so…” Purab “So you love to associate me with fruit Peach!” Bulbul nodded her head with a wide smile and threw the Peach fruit towards him. Purab catching it “How to eat this?” Bulbul “With your mouth!” She said and chuckled. Purab “Ya I also know that but how can I eat myself?” Bulbul coming close to him “So u like my name to u?” Purab hugging her “Yes Bamboo Bulbul!” Bulbul gasped hearing the name and argued with him to change her name.

For part 2:
In another situation,
Abhi “Is this enough?” Pragya “Enough is not the word to be used Abhi…” Abhi “Then?” Pragya smirk in disbelief and move towards the direction where man was. Abhi looking confused “Why are you going towards him?” Pragya standing beside the man “This is enough for me…” He looks on in disbelief and man said proudly “Now u know what is enough for her…”   

Thank u everyone for reading! Please bear with this and I am trying my best to work towards the ending which is in my mind in some way. Thanks for the support as usual

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