Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-92

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The episode starts with Ritik enters inside the secret door.The bright light makes him cover his face.After the is gone Ritik removes his hand from front of his face and what he sees makes him shock


Shivanya is finding Yamini.She finds her.


Yamini turns to her.

Yamini:Beta did you find Ritik?

Shivanya:No not till now.

Yamini thinks

Yamini:Ritik Mehra is only Ritik and still she is finding him how foolish.



Shivanya:Is really Ritik have reincarnated?

Yamini:Yes,my heart says he have and he is near to us.

Shivanya nods and goes from there.Yamini smiles evily.

Yamini:Soon naagmani will be mine.

Inside the secret place Ritik comes near the naagmani.

Ritik:In a book it told that 20 years ago someone hided the naagmani so that no one finds it and still no one is able to find then how did this naagmani came in fron of Karan’s house?

Ritik sees a book and is about to take it when


Ritik turns and sees the protector of the book and naagmani.

Protector:What are you doing here?

Ritik:I found a secret door and it lead me to come here.

Protector thinks

Protector:I have to make him forget everything or else naagmani will get in danger.

Ritik:What happened?

Protector:Look in my eyes

Ritik looks in his eyes.The protector hypnotises him and says

Protector:Now you will go out of here and qhen you will reach you will forget everything.


Ritik goes from there.He reaches out and the door gets close.Ritik comes in sense.

Ritik:What i am doing here?

Ritik forgot everything.

Karan:Hey Ritik!

Ritik goes to Karan.

Yamini is in a big haveli.

Yamini:This haveli is now dangerous for me.

A sound comes of someone strugglibg to speak.

Yamini turns to the person.

Yamini:Just shut up!

The person is herself Yamini!!!

The evil Yamini turns to Avantika.

Avantika:Still i did not got naagmani.

Avantika removes the cloth from her mouth.

Yamini:You will never get naagmani.

Avantika shouts at her

Avantika:You weak women is telling me!

She starts laughing

Avantika:I queen of bees and i can get what i want.

She takes her honeybee form and leaves.

Shivanya is in the party.

Precap-Rivanya romance
Guys hope u like this epi and guys i want u tell that if u like this ff then tell the reason why u like this ff and if u dont like this ff then tell why u dont like this ff

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  1. Hmm…. I like this ff because…., It’s story is based on naagin and it’s better than naagin 2

    1. Arni

      Haha? thnx and seriously u r correct

  2. Jasminerahul

    oh so ritik doesn’t remember anything.shocking that avantika is after naagmani.I like this as its d only rivanya ff which is continuing.

    1. Arni

      Thnx and its true

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