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Hello guys how are u all here is am again with an os as it is bunny bday ????????…
Celebration to Banta hai na boss …


A very very happy wala bday to bunny
Happy bday sidhant ????…
May he live long ???and remain hot always ???…
Love u sooo much sidhant
So.herr i am presenting an os …
Shall we begin

A big college campus is shown with the hustle bustle of students all over it or was decorated beautifully for the annual fest of 2017 ….
There comes a group of girls talking about something …
G1 : omg yaar he is gonna perform he is soooo hot …
G2 : yep yaar i just wished to kiss him ..

G3 : but where he will be now ????
They heard other girls talking that his performance started in the ground all the college girls ran to that side …
There they saw a boy in white shirt with black jeans having guitar in his hands he was looking perfect with his perfect smile playing in his lips he turned around and saw the crowd …And he is revealed to be (bolne ki zarurat hai Kya ??) sidhant Gupta the most eligible bachelor of 2017 ….
He smiles and started to sing the song
(Song: humsafar ?????)
Sidhant started to sing the song every girl who were present there were almost lost their control and they just wanted that the song should be decidated to them Sid smiled seeing them but his eyes were searching for someone may be the love of his life the most important lady his gaze went on someone and his lips curved into a million dollar smile seeing her there she comes wearing a dark pink colour top with her hairs left open with black jeans she was too having 440 smile on her face she too came and saw him and she is revealed to be Jasmin his Jasmin they both smile seeing eo …Sid comes out of the stage still singing and moves his hand forwards and she happily holds his hand and he took her to stage …All were smiling seeing them and we’re jealous too he smile and ended his song while others clapped for them sidmin hugged eo …..And left from the stage

J : happy birthday sidhant ….
S : thank u sooo much jas …But i am angry with u he says and turned his face to other side …
J : omg my baby is angry with me ..She back hugs him which metled him …
S : hah u always know nah how to pacify me …
J : yess always ..
S : today is my bday where is my gift ..

J : haww why should i give u gift haan ..
S : huh u are my best frnd forever or what …
J : hmm don’t know she said and laughed …
He gets mesmerised seeing her and she looks at him and says ..
J : am i looking too beautiful today ???
S : yes (not being in senses)
J : what ?????
S : woh i mean ..
Suddenly peon comes there and tells sidhant that principal is calling him ..
S: i need to go and makes puppy face ..
J : ok go and i have work too and i am sending u a address come there at exact 9 pm …
S : omg date haan Jasmin ..

J : ha very funny just do as i say ..
S : ok madam and they both laugh ..And he went with peon …
Jasmin monologue:::
Today i am gonna confess my love that i am in love with him since the day i saw him we were with eo since 2 year and each n every day my love grows for him idk what he feels for me but I’ll confess today which will be his gift she smiled at her thought and left …
@ night …
Sid comes to the place Jasmin told him and called her she came from behind and smiled seeing her love of life standing looking too hot in his purple tuxedo she too was wearing cream coloured gown which he gifted her on her bday with matching accessories she smiled and pat his shoulder …
S : where were u i was waiting for u ..
J : ur wait ended Mr sidhant Gupta come she says ..And blindfolded him …
S : arey whats this ???
J : u trust me ????
S : more than myself …

J : then come …
She took his blindfold he was awestruck too see the scenario he was standing on the edge of the beach and there was a table decorated with curtains and a shelter with candles one side was water and other side was the perfect view …
S : Jasmin what’s this …He turned and saw Jasmin standing looking cute with bunch of flowers in her hands
J : Sid i don’t know how i had fallen for you these feelings are just out of the world i wanna confess u that i love u not from today but from the first sight i saw you being ur bff was the bestest think for me Sid what ever will be ur decision I’ll accept it of u don’t love me also then it’s ok she was continuously sealing kunj kept his finger on her lips stopping her from speaking further …
S : kitna bolti hai yaar Tu …

J : par …
S : u won’t say anything i wanna say that he stops and looked at his phone ..Which was ringing …
He picked up the call and she asked him to keep it on speaker …
P : congratulations sidhant u are selected for the signing competition and u have to leave after 2 days for training ..
Sidmin looks at eo shocked sidhant was soooo happy as it was his dream to become a singer and Jasmin was happy seeing him happy …
S : thank u soo much sir ..He says and cut the call …
He hugged jas tightly sharing his happiness with her …”i am sooo happy today Jasmin my dream is finally coming true omg I can’t believe i am selected …
J : i am sooo happy for u Sid ..

He then remembers her confession and broke the hug And looked at her she understood and started laughing …
S : what happen why u are laughing ..

J : how was my confession faked one
S : means ????And unknown pain was clearly visible in his eyes ..
J : arey yaar i was just joking i will love u never u will always be my best friend ..
S : huh Jasmin i got scared ..
J : let it be let’s celebrate ..
They sat and have Thier dinner sidmin cut the cake and they feed eo and clicks their pics she pecked his cheeks wishing him again …Soon they left from their ..
After few days sidhant left for his training and Jasmin went to her house and they lost eo contacts …
2 years later …(London)
Sidhant was shown standing in the middle of the stage it’s his concert he was now a successful singer all the crowd were hooting for him he started to sing baarish his eyes shows pain and were blood red he was missing someone deeply yep his love … Suddenly he pointed someone in the crowd and he smiled and came down the stage the person was standing covering her face with veil and she started to run but sid holds her wrist and pulls her closer all the crowd hooted again …He removed her veil and she was revealed to be jasmin …Their eyes was red tears are making their way down their cheeks ..
S : where u went leaving me haan ???He asked angrily …
J : woh ???…Sid
S : i love u …
J : what ???

S : yess Jasmin i also loved u since the first sight i saw u and the day u confessed i too wanna confess that i was deeply and madly in love with the most beautiful soul of the world but then u denied and i decided that i will confess after my training when i came back i got to know u left from college i searched u everywhere but didn’t found u he was crying suddenly it started raining heavily …

J : i am so sorry Sid i thought not to disturb u so i went from your life i am so sorry she says making puppy face he melted seeing her and hugged her tighter the crowd was hooting and shouting heavily ..I love u she whispered in his ears …
He broke the hug and looked at her and then at her lips and he captures them forgetting the world around him the people was shocked looking at two souls love birds they smile and suddenly all the crowd shouted together bringing them back to reality …
They looked at eo shocked and then blushed and the crowd shouted once more …He blushed and took out a ring and sat on his knees ..
S : this ring is waiting for u since 2 years

She forwards her hands and he made her wear the ring she smiled and he got up and pecked her forehead and then clicked …
The end …
So how was the os guys
Happy birthday to you bunny ???
Sorry guys I’ll not be able to upload my ff for some days as i am not getting time to write but I’ll post surely when ever get free …
Ba byeeee love u all ??..

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  1. Presha

    Hey samy…
    Its awesome..
    Just loved it…
    Too good yaar…
    Its was indeed cute
    Love u…

  2. Awesome amazing lovely os….

  3. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sameera…
    Dat was soo cute…loved it….

  4. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey Sam,,
    Amazing fantastic mind blowing wonderful os yrrr….
    Cute and lovely…
    Plz post yrr ff soon….
    And do write more such amazing os….
    LOVE U???

  5. hey Samu …it’s so cute yrr
    ..I love it…and plzz post ur ff also …did u r on insta
    ..my insta id is @sidhant_gupta_collection

  6. Mia12

    Omgggg samy it was justttt Awesome, Fabulous, Mind blowing, suparb and what not,,??????? And ufff sidmin kiss infront of crowd was to cute and lovely,,??????? I Love it soooooooo much yarr,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. And Its ok take ur time and post ur ff soon I’ll be waiting 4 it,,???

  7. Nice os yaar plz post ur ff I miss to yaar ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  8. Sam ita amazing
    Awesome amazing Superb
    Just lovedbit
    Love u keep smiling

  9. SidMin23

    This is so cute sameera happy birthday sidhantgupta

  10. SidMin

    Aww 🙂 Just Loved it so sweet 🙂
    Keep writing such stories just loved it 🙂
    Love you Post soon 🙂

  11. Amazing…..
    And their bond was best..
    Awesome os….
    Do write more like this….

  12. Mind blowing

    n may i knew the author name.cuz a new here
    an is there any1 from northeast meghalaya

  13. Baby

    ohhhhh god sam…..♥
    jst amazing……..marvelleous …….speechless……..♥
    too cutre too adorable…too emotional jst wow………♥
    loved it………♥
    bt one question how did jas reached d concert. ;P hehehe I knw lame hai………hahhaaaaaaaaaa………☺
    lods of love……♥
    I jst wish sid could read It………♥
    ohhhhh god pure crowd mein jas ko kissiieee……♥
    hayeeeeeeee……♥ love u sooooo mch……….♥

  14. Sohi

    Very lovely os sameera
    I’m very sorry for commenting this late
    And all the best for your exams
    Do continue

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