Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 61

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Pragya was about to step inside the room when she heard Ranveer and her are talking.

Pragya, Why are they talking in darkness?

Ranveer “Why are you asking about Pragya?” He asked by hugging her close to him.

“How long are we going to meet like this and stay like this?” She asked in a angry tone.
Ranveer “We will get married once she…” Before he completes his sentence she kissed him frantically and said “I want her to be out from here!!!”

He was lost in her kiss and was silent.

“I am saying ask her to get out from here now!!!” She demanded.

Ranveer “I will but she have nowhere to go now…” He replied in a concerned tone.

“I don’t care! Divorce her!” She said sternly.

Ranveer “I am ready but her father is not allowing me to do so! He wants her to stay with him and he is threatening me if she doesn’t stays with him then he will destroy my business!”

“This Pragya is always the problem! Why is she so problematic??” She said with frustration.

Ranveer “Actually I can ask her to sign the divorce papers first, making sure he doesn’t knows about that…”

“It’s her life and she can decide what she wants but why does her father comes in between?” She asked.

Ranveer “Those papers that she showed us is the problem. Those papers that she signed makes all of her decisions to be taken by her father after the demise of her Ma. And her father will decide if she gets to remarry Abhi. She can marry him against her father but if she did then Naina’s life will be also under his control…”

“How is it possible?” She asked.

Ranveer “He can also take Naina into custody as she is looking like his daughter. From there he can control two lives!”

“You mean Bulbul was his daughter?” She asked with surprise.

Ranveer “Yes! Pragya and Bulbul are sister but they themselves never know that!”

Pragya hearing that was getting emotional that how unfortunate was she not to know that she had a sister when she was alive.

“But is this all even possible? All this sounds very complicated?” She asked.

Ranveer “Do you know who he is? He is the biggest businessman who also have the connections with all the mafias and politicians! He is more like a guru to all the mafias! He is a very notorious man who very easily covers up the murders and illegal activities that he does…”

“You mean even more evil than u?” She asked by playing with his buttons on the shirt.

Ranveer “I consider him far more superior than me and he even helped me not to get caught in Arjun’s death case. For that I owe him whatever he asks me to do!”

“Ok leave all this, now hold me here!” She said by having his hands on her waist.

Pragya slowly walked away from the room hearing all this.

Pragya thought, Why should I be a hindrance to everyone? Like she said I am a problem to all. If I stayed here then She and Ranveer will be feeling uncomfortable. He is ready to divorce me and I have to sign those papers. But why does my father wants me to stay with him? All these years, he was never there for me as my father but why now when I want a life for myself he is coming as a hindrance? What is his motive? I don’t want Naina to be involved in this. Is that why Abhi asked Naina to be more careful sometime back? He also said Cutie’s life will be in danger, is that because of my father?

That means they know that Naina is looking like Bulbul and Bulbul was my sister. But why didn’t they told me this before? Why everyone is hiding something from me? Even Abhi hides all this from me…..Ranveer said my father is very notorious and what if he does something against Abhi? He is even talking to him now. But why? Is he following me? It should be and that’s what made Abhi to avoid me all this days. He should be fine to take care of Naina and Cutie. For all this problems to end, I need to leave from here and stay with my father! There is no other choice other than this.

She stepped down the stairs with those thoughts and Ma looked at her from distance and felt how disturbed she looked.

As this was happening, Cutie informed whatever happened in the hospital and Naina looked worried.

Naina “Why did you tell your friend like that?” Cutie “But you never tell me that I cannot tell Friend!” She said by opening her bag.

Naina “I shouldn’t have told you! It’s all my fault!” Cutie hearing that got upset and gave a pout.
Naina, What will Bhai think now? He would be disappointed that I never told him this first!

She glared at Cutie and Cutie was looking down at her bag to avoid Naina.

Naina “What did Bhai say? Did he got sad?”

Cutie “No Ma, he was keep on asking who is that!”

Naina “Even your di said that?”

Cutie “Yes Ma! You are right!” He said like Abhi which made Naina smiled lightly.

In all these days, Cutie had picked up Abhi’s characteristics and the way of talking which made Naina surprised.

Naina “Come here Cutie!” Cutie was a bit nervous and was not willing to come beside her.

Naina smiled widely and looked at her with no sign of anger.

Cutie “You not angry?” Naina “No! Just come here!”

Cutie carrying her bag went near her and Naina hugging her asked “You are ok with him right?”

Cutie “My Daddy right?” Naina breaking the hug looked at her in surprise.

Naina “Haan…do you…..” She hesitated.

Cutie “Ma! I am happy as I am getting Daddy!” She said cheerfully making Naina to forget her worries.

Naina “What if your friends ask how u have daddy now?” She asked putting her concern in front.

Cutie “Ma! No! My friends won’t ask like that! If they ask then they are not my friends! Like you know Rakesh when I tell him this, he was very happy! He wants to see you and him too! But now he is in hospital…so sad…. I hope he gets fine soon…”

Naina looked amazed of her daughter’s understanding at such a young age.

Naina “Don’t be sad, he will get well soon! We will go and meet him tomorrow!”
Cutie “Really? Then I will go and draw something for him now!” She said that and ran to her room.

Naina, I hope Bhai and Pragya will also understand me but why until now he never asked this about me?

She thought that and was worried whether Abhi and Pragya are upset of her decision.

At Abhi’s house,

Abhi collapsed on his bed thinking of Pragya and her closeness towards him earlier today.

Abhi, I wish for this closeness to be forever but I know it’s not that easy to get it. When you know everything, I know you are the one will be most affected Pragya….I don’t want you to get affected at any point of time….I am ready to undergo all your pain but I can’t see you in pain….You can say it as love but to me this is my selfishness! I am selfish of not seeing you in pain! I only want to see your pleasant face forever…..

Days passed and Pragya distanced herself from everyone in Ranveer’s house. She managed to convince Ranveer and signed the divorce papers. Everyone was concerned about different behaviour of staying in solitude when she is in house.

At times, she went to meet Abhi but that was also for a few minutes and after that she disappeared saying that she had some work to be done at home.

On one fine day,

Ma was looking everywhere for Pragya but she was nowhere to be found.

She was worried of where she would be gone without informing. All her things were also not there in the room which increased Ma’s worry.

Ma “Do u know where she is?” She called Abhi to enquire about Pragya’s whereabouts.

Abhi “I don’t know, she was saying she is unwell…” He said.

Ma “No she is perfectly fine but her mind is not fine from the day u dropped her at home!”

Abhi “What do you mean Ma?” Ma “What do I say? She always stay in the terrace whenever she is around in the house, she only resides to the room in the night. Pragya even though was here but looked very lifeless….All of us talked asked her what was bothering her but she just said she needs her own space to live….”

Abhi in a tensed tone “At least you all could have informed!”

Ma “I thought Abhi but she persuaded me not to tell you anything!”

Abhi “Did she sign the divorce papers?”

Ma “Yes she did! Why are u asking that?”

Abhi “Then I know where she will be now….You don’t worry Ma, inform the rest that from now onwards she is my responsibility. Ask Ranveer to carry on with the legal proceedings….”

Ma “Where will she be? Can I come with you?” She asked anxiously.

Abhi “Ma! Please convey whatever I told to Ranveer and you no need to stress yourself on this. She is fine and everything will be fine…”

Ma was still not convinced and remained silent in worry.

Abhi “Ma, do you trust me?”

Ma “I do Abhi but I am very worried for her…”

Abhi “Then leave it to me…I will ask her to call you once I see her!”

Ma “Abhi! I am sorry….I should have informed you earlier…” She said regretfully.

Abhi “Ma there is nothing to be sorry about…I know about her every single actions and reactions….Whatever she does makes me after her only…”

Ma “You are really very understanding of her…..”

Abhi “I have to as I am indebted to her in many ways….”

Their call was ended and Abhi rushed to the place where she would be with his assumption.

It’s the same house that Abhi, Pragya, Cutie and Rakesh had been to get the kids out of the place.

Abhi went inside the house after checked by security and waited for him to arrive.

He came down the stairs with a witty smile. He sat opposite to him and Abhi “I know she is here! Ask her to come out!”

Man “Who? Your wife?” He asked in a mocking tone.

Abhi “Haan! She is, you can ask her if you want!”

Man “Acha…then where are your children? Are they missing their Ma?”

He asked wiping his glasses.

Abhi “You know all that was a lie then why are u asking it? Just ask her to come out! I want to see her! There are people out there who are worried about her!”

Man with a smirk “Genuinely speaking, I am not sure who are you referring to!”

Abhi convincingly “I am not here to bring her back, I just want to meet her once…”

Man “Once? Not that believable…it’s fine…I will call her!” He said that and called Pragya’s name loudly when she came out from a room and was shocked to see Abhi.

She never walked towards him and stood where she was by turning away.

Man “Looks like she doesn’t want to come towards you….”

Abhi “She is scared if she come towards me now then she will be far away from me later….” He said looking at her.

Abhi “ But tell me one thing why do u need her after all these years!”

Man “ Her mother asked me to be with her, It’s as simple as that…”

Abhi “ But she wants to be with me now!” He said by looking at Pragya.
Man “ I know…I can allow it too if you can prove yourself!”

Abhi having an unbelievable look “ Prove myself? For what? I love her and she loves me! What else do u need to believe this?”

Man “ Well, her mum and I too loved each other but in the end we separated too!”

Abhi “ Alright, what do u want me to do to prove myself??”

Man smiled and walked towards him. Man “Will you stand up?” Abhi stood and he
placed his hands on Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi found something fishy.

Pragya, I didn’t want him to come here! Why is he so stubborn and how will he react to what my father will say?

Man explained what he expects from him and Abhi “ Pragya! Come here!” He demanded loudly making the man amazed.

Pragya rushed to him and Abhi “ You know about this?”.

Pragya nodded her head and was looking down.

Abhi “ What do you think about this?”

Man “Hello! I am still here! Whatever I said is what I want to know and it’s not related to her!”

Abhi and Pragya looked at each other in silence.

Man “ Love birds! Come back to senses!”

Pragya “ Abhi…this is all not necessary…It’s my destiny to stay here and u leave Abhi..” She said by looking down.

Abhi “ Then it’s necessary! I will do this!”

Pragya looked at him worriedly and shook her head as denial for what he said.

Man raising his eyebrows “ Ok young man! Stay here and in the evening I will tell you what have to be done!”

He said by leaving Abhigya there alone.

Abhi “Don’t you even feel that you should to tell me where u are going?”

Pragya “Why do u have to always be after me?”

Abhi “It’s you who is making me after you Pragya…” He said by holding her hands.

Pragya “You shouldn’t have agreed to what he wants…” She said by looking at his hands.

Abhi “Do you believe in our love?” Pragya nodded her head with tears in her eyes.

Abhi “Then trust me and I will show you how he will believe in us as well…”

Pragya “He won’t….” She said by shaking her head negatively.

Abhi “He will….” He said by pulling her towards him and knocked his forehead with hers

Pragya “Why are you like this?” She asked him.

Abhi “I was dying to hear this question from you! I thought you forgot this question!” He said with a light chuckle.

Pragya tried to move away realizing someone is looking at them.

Abhi moving away from her said “I understand, I will stay here to wait for him….”
Pragya “I will bring coffee for you…” She said and left towards the kitchen.

Evening arrived and Pragya was getting nervous of what her father is expecting Abhi to do.

Abhi looking at her nervousness as she was walking to and fro was smiling widely.

Pragya gave a sulky face as he was not at all having a sign of tension and uneasiness.

Pragya, How is this man acting so cool? Once he was scared of my father but now he talked to him like a daredevil! I can’t understand him too.

Abhi gave a look as if asking what she is thinking about and she smiled faintly in response.

Finally, the man arrived with men looking like bodybuilders.

Abhi and Pragya looked clueless of what he wants Abhi to do.

Man “Come here Pragya! You also have to listen what he is going to do!”

She came near them and he “Well, like how marriage have 7 rounds around the pious fire, I also have 7 rounds of challenge to you Mr Abhi!”

Abhi “After that, Pragya is mine right?” Man “Wait! Wait! What’s the hurry? First complete the 7 rounds and then I will decide if she is yours or not!”

Pragya hearing it “Abhi, you don’t have to do all this….this is all unnecessary and wasting your time….”

Abhi “As long I am doing it for you, then it’s not wasting my time in anyway!” He said looking into her eyes.

Pragya looked even more disturbed of his words.

Man cleared his throat to make Abhigya back to senses.

Man “Shall we start the first round?” He asked looking at Abhi.

Abhi “Yes!” He said firmly looking at Pragya.

Man brought Pragya further away and asked the henchmen to carry on their work.

Man “Your first round is to get beaten by this men but you shouldn’t beat them back and most importantly not get unconscious at any point of time!”

Pragya hearing that “ What is this? Why should he bear beatings now?” She asked the man.

Man “As I told you that this is the first round, this is what he needs to do! Actually he is not doing anything, just need to stand there and bear the pains! Can’t he bear these pains for you?”

Abhi “Pragya! This is nothing and trust me you will only see me smiling from now onwards…..” He said that and gestured the men to start their work.

Pragya couldn’t understand why is all this happening and most importantly why Abhi is so stubborn in doing all this!!!

As he said, Abhi kept on maintaining an eye contact with her and was having a wide smile on his face.

Man in a mocking tone “He is very different! He is smiling even in pain!” Pragya giving deadly stare towards the man said “He is smiling as he is seeing me, he knows that I will have more pain by seeing him in pain!” Man ridiculed “Madness!” Pragya grimly replied “It’s love, how will mad people like you understand?” Man walked away by ignoring her and she was keep on looking at Abhi in agony.

Pragya looking at him with perturbed look asked, Why are you like this?
Abhi looking at her responded, Only for you I am like this….

Pragya kneeled down looking at him continuously being beaten and he was keep on smiling even when she saw how much his face was being brutally beaten.

Pragya crying bitterly asked them to stop but they never hear to her cries.

The man came by and saw how Abhi maintained his momentum to stay conscious.

Man “You all can stop now!” He ordered his henchmen and they stopped their beatings to him.

Abhi with difficulty tried to stand up but couldn’t and was about to fall when Pragya ran towards him to hold him.

Man “You all may leave!” He instructed to his henchmen. They dispersed from the place and Man looking at Abhi and Pragya “This is just first round, still there is 6 more to go! Are you still in young man??” He asked sarcastically.

Abhi with difficulty “Yes…” Pragya holding him find it unreasonable of him to be so much of determination.

Man hearing his yes “Good! Let’s see how far you can go!” He said by walking away and Pragya made him lie on the sofa and called Purab for help.

At a room in the house,

Abhi “ Aankhen Kholo Pragya!!” Pragya was closing her eyes firmly not having the courage to see him and tears were rolling down her cheeks continuously.

Abhi “ This is nothing Pragya, It’s only painful when you are not seeing me…” He pleaded as blood was dripping from his forehead.

Pragya “ Abhi! Enough! Just go away! You don’t have to bear all this…” She said and kneeled down in front of him.

Abhi sitting in front of her “ Pragya, just look at me once…please na….I can’t bear when you are not looking at me…” He said by cupping her face.

Pragya feeling the injured palm of his on her face was crying even more profusely.

Pragya taking his hands looked at his brutally beaten face.

Pragya “ Why do you have endure all this pain?”

Abhi in a choking voice “ Finally you opened your eyes! Do you know how painful is for me to not see your eyes?”

Pragya taking his hands kissed them and was keep on sobbing.

Abhi “ Pragya…” He said by hugging her.

Abhi “ I promise you, I will bear all this till the end…” Pragya looked up at him “ Just leave all this Abhi! Let’s go from here! You want me right? Let’s leave this place and we can go far away from everyone…”

Abhi “ How can we Pragya? Are you scared? You know as long you are with me, I am not scared about anything….”

Pragya “ Why are you like this? No! Let’s leave!” She said in a shaky voice.

Abhi “Think like this, whatever I am facing now is preparations to face Pragula day and night in the future!” He said and chuckled at his own joke.

Pragya smiled faintly but was still in tears.

Abhi “ Pragya…this is nothing as you are my everything…”

Pragya “ Even at this moment you are telling filmy dialogues!” She said by leaning on his shoulder.

Abhi closed his eyes in pain and sighed. Pragya “ Is it painful?” Abhi “ No…did I say so?” He asked by looking at her.

Pragya moving away “Always covering up the truth, your face shows how much pain you are facing!”

Abhi “ Is it showing? Punch my face that is showing something that you don’t like!” He said innocently.

Pragya getting emotional of his antics just hugged him and whispered in his ears “ I love you…” Abhi “ You love me and you whisper that in my ears? Tell that loud and clear!” He asked adamantly.  

Pragya “ I wish to tell the whole world loudly that I love you too…”

Abhi “ Then what is stopping this madam?”

Pragya “ Sir is weak now and once he is fit and fine, I will tell the whole world loudly!”

Abhi looking at the time softly said “ Go now Pragya…” Pragya “ Let me stay here for a while…” She said by helping him to lie on the bed.

This was seen by Purab and Naina who were in tears of thinking how much more they have to endure just because they don’t want anyone to create any distances between them.

Pragya left the room after he slept but she knew it would have been painful for him.

Pragya saw Purab and Naina standing there.

Pragya “Can you please convince him to leave from here? He is not listening to me at all!” She said by looking at Naina.

Naina “If you yourself can’t stop him then how can I Pragya?” She said by thinking of Abhi’s condition.

Pragya “I am scared of losing him now….I don’t know how can he endure all the pain so easily….”

Purab “Love is the reason! You know that too!”

Pragya hesitated “I know but this is….”

Naina “He won’t listen to us for sure…”

Purab “I got blank when you called me, let me call a doctor to attend to him now…”

He went a bit far to make a call and Pragya hugged Naina not able to stand his pains.

Pragya unable to understand him says “I hate you for being like this!” Abhi “Then what else?” Pragya stressed “I am telling I hate you!” Abhi “ You know hating is also a kind of love!” Pragya holding his face in her hand “Please leave na…don’t stay here…” Abhi “I will stay here and  get used to it baby!”

Thank you everyone for reading, Asha asked is Rakesh the son of Abhi instead of Ranveer, no he is the son of Ranveer only and is there any hidden truth is something u all have to say reading the updates. Hope to reply u all but not getting the time, but love all your comments and pls wait to know Naina’s love story. All your comments make me excited and think further too. So thank u so much for that!

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