Queens Hain Hum 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jhanvi asks Pushkar if he is scared to come to Maya’s wellness centre. Pushkar says he said her bye twice and she is not her co blogger and also his sessions are done. Jhanvi says you have lost the challenge. Pushkar tells that he has final thing to check and says that is Mumbai trip. He says she is in love with me and is not admitting being scared. Jhanvi says Maya and Avinash are happily married and asks him to tell Maya that he was experimenting with her. Pushkar tells that he will tell her after Maya goes to Mumbai trip with her.

Jhanvi says Maya will not go with you. She turns and sees Maya standing. She excuses herself. Pushkar says this is my final bye and says we will meet if life gives chance. Maya says if you think that I will come with you to Mumbai then you are highly mistaken. Pushkar tells that he is sure that she has torn the tickets by now and says you are scared to come with me. She asks her to tell him if she has a change of mind and says a married woman can’t have extra marital affair. He tells that he will write in her blog about her VLCC centre.

Purab calls Akku and says he tried to find out the number, but failed. He asks her not to worry. Queens come and hug Akku. Akku says what anyone will get by kidnapping Aniket and says he is a small child. She cries. Tanya comforts her. Jhanvi blames herself. Shreya says we have to get Aniket free from the kidnapper. Tanya asks did anyone call Police. Akku says we will not call Police and asks them to wait. Shreya says she will call Adhi, but Akku refuses. Maya says we shall wait for kidnapper’s call. Deshu worries for Aniket. Maya says that Minister is clever and says we have to wait for their next move. Tanya prays for Aniket.

Dev is talking to his client. Suman comes. Sumitra signs her. Suman asks Dev to take tea. Dev takes tea and drinks. He asks if this is a tea or poison. He asks who made this tea? Suman says she made it. Sumitra says everyone preference is different. Sona says Dev likes only Tanya’s tea.

Akku tells Queens that kidnappers haven’t called till now and worries about Aniket. Tanya asks her not to cry and says we will get Aniket soon. Maya calls Purab and asks if there is any updates. Purab says he send two groups to search Aniket. Tanya calls someone and asks him to enquire about the vehicle in which Aniket was kidnapped. Aniket’s video comes on her phone. She watches Aniket in super man dress and says he will fall down. He jumps. Akku and other shout shockingly. Maya tells that Minister is clever. Shreya says we got the clue that this video was taken either from building terrace or….

Deshu says Aniket is looking happy in this video and says Minister’s motive is to trouble her. Maya calls Purab again and asks from where did you sent this video. Purab says it is made viral and the server can be from anyone. Shreya says she has a gut feeling that Aniket is in Delhi. Maya says may be this is farm house or bungalow terrace. Jhanvi gets a call informing her that Van’s number plate was fake. She asks him to find out the location of the van. Akku says don’t know what is their problem and asks why they are after my son. Maya says because you are a mum. Shreya says I can’t think that a Minister will do this being educated. Akku doubts that if Shashi Burman kidnapped Aniket? Jhanvi says she is 100 percent sure. Chinu comes there. Deshu smiles seeing her. Akku looks on.

Chinu asks where is Aniket and calls him. Maya says he is not at home. Tanya tries to console her. Later maya tells Akku that her children got some gift with joker gift. Akku asks Joker woman why did she involve Maya’s kids. Joker woman tells because Maya is helping you.

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