Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 13

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Scene 1

Karn and Adithya go to Arjun who stands in shock after reading the letter.

Karn gets that and reads.

Karn: Oh no!!!

Adithya: What happened bhai?

Karn: War is coming…

Adithya too gets shocked.

Adithya: From whom?

Arjun: From western people.

Adithya: Where are they coming now?

Karn: They are exactly at 50km distance from Arabian Sea.

Arjun: Bhai, we can’t tell this to king now. Let Sita’s wedding get complete, then we will take care of this.

Karn: I feel this is good. It is written that; they are collecting food and other materials for war. Still now, they didn’t inform us officially. This is from our spies. So, it’s better that we prepare and collect all the materials for the war till they inform us officially.

Arjun: Yes bhai. Now, let’s complete Sita’s wedding first.

They three go in. Ram senses something wrong and ask Arjun. He denies that.

Pandit: The good mahaurat for wedding is after 4 days. If you leave that, then it will take 2 months.

Surya: Then, we will have it after 2 months. How to arrange everything in 4 days.

Sunaina: Yes, if it is in 4 days, we need to start all other rituals by tomorrow.

Karn, Adithya and Arjun worry.

Karn: Ma, we can do everything quickly. Sita has 3 brothers here. We will take care of everything.

Urvi notices a change in Karn’s modulation of voice.

Sita: Why bhai, do you want me to go soon?

She laughs.

Karn: No Sita. It’s not like that.

Sita: Don’t worry. I just joked.

Surya: Arjun, you tell me. Shall we have this wedding in 4 days?

Arjun: Sure maharaj. This is the best mahaurat for them too.

Surya agrees. Dasharat too agrees. Ram and Sita look at each other and smiles.

Pandit: I need to tell another info too.

Dasharat: Tell us.

Pandit: You know already, Sita and her sisters, Ram and her brothers are treated as the Ram-Sita incarnation by everyone. So, it’s better to have weddings of Mandavi – Bharat, Urmila-Lakshman and Shruthakirthi-Shatrughan along with Sita-Ram wedding.

All smiles.

Sunaina: Panditji, I was thinking about this.

Kousalya: Even we three too were discussing about this.

Sumitra: We will be overwhelmed to take all your 4 daughters to our kingdom as our bahus.

Kaikeyi: Yes. Let’s have these 4 weddings together.

All agree.

The respective couples have eyelocks.

Scene 2

Urvi: Karn, what happened? Why you three brothers were tensed?

Karn then tells her about the war.

Urvi is shocked.

Urvi cries.

Karn: Urvi, do you worry about sending me to Warfield?

Urvi: No, I’m not worrying about that. I just worry that if incase, something bad happens to you in the Warfield, we need our offspring to take the generation ahead. So…..

Karn: I understand Urvi. I hope nothing will happen bad. And your thinking is also right. Let’s have our baby soon. Today, we will have our sughagrat.

Urvi hugs him…Karn kiss her forehead and leaves.

Scene 3

Adithya calls Swastika and Avantika together.

Adithya: First of all, sorry for hurting you both.

Swastika: No need of sorry.

Adithya: No, I should ask sorry. I was not true to both of you. You both are my life. Because of me, two lovely sisters got separated.

Swastika and Avantika look at each other with teary eyes.

Adithya: Now, I need to tell you something and ask you something.

Avantika: Go ahead.

Adithya: There is a war coming to our kingdom.

Both the sisters are shocked.

Adithya: Me, Arjun bhai and Karn bhai are really worried of this. So only, Karn bhai told to conduct Sita’s wedding in this maharaut itself.

Swastika: When you want to leave?

Adithya: After Sita’s wedding, we three are going to collect all the materials, weapons and food until official call comes.

Avantika: oh….

Adithya: So, I want you both to be united and normal. I want you to reconcile. Listen, you both are equal to me. No one is lesser than other. So, please understand. Swastika, I won’t be there during Avantika’s delivery probably. So, you should take care of her standing in my place. And moreover, she is your sister. You should do your duties.

Swastika is about to tell something but she faints!!!!

Adithya and Avantika worry.

Avantika: Didi…. Please, wake up.

The servants bring water.

Arjun: Call ma and doctor soon.

The servants leave and calls them.

Nakshatra, Bhoomika, Sunaina come there with Panchali and doctor come with Arjun.

Bhoomika: Swastika, wake up.

Doctor checks her and tells everyone that she is pregnant.

Everyone gets happy.

Doctor: But she is too tired both physically and mentally. She needs to take atmost rest. She must be surrounded by a happy environment. There will be complications during the delivery time. She should not be strained.

Bhoomika: I will take care of her.

Sunaina then remembers the pandit’s words about Adithya’s second child.

She goes and calls Bhoomika and Nakshatra.

Sunaina: Did you remember about pandit’s words?

Nakshatra: Whatever it is, we will handle it. Don’t make any complications in children’s matter.

Bhoomika: Yes, we all know about the child’s separation from us. So, let Swastika give birth to her child. We will give good upbringing to the child.

Sunaina agrees.

Scene 3

Adithya sees Swastika in unconscious state and worries. Karn and Urvi come there.

Arjun: Adithya, don’t worry. It is a good news. We should celebrate.

Adithya: Bhai, how to celebrate. We have war coming. I was telling them that I won’t be there during Avantika’s delivery. Now doctor told that Swastika will have complications. How will I be there peacefully.

Karn: Nothing wrong will happen.

Panchali: Adithya, I’ll promise you one thing. I’ll take care of Swastika.

Arjun: Panchali…

Panchali: Yes, when I came here, she accepted me and treated me equally like her sister. She never differentiated me or degrading me telling that I’m from low caste. So, I’ll take care of my sister very well. Not just Swastika. I’ll take care of Avantika too.

Adithya: Bhabi… thank you. Now, I can go peacefully.

Urvi: Even I’m here. We all will take care of Swastika and Avantika.

Arjun: Panchali, don’t forget that you too carry a womb.

Urvi: You don’t worry about these three ladies. I’m here to take care of them.

All smiles and hug each other.

Swastika: Shall I also can join your hug?

Adithya sees Swastika lovingly. Avantika too hugs her. Both sisters reconcile.

Sunaina, Bhoomika and Nakshatra see this and smiles.

Nakshatra: Our next generation is good at heart more than us.

The other too nods yes.

Scene 4

At evening,

Surya: The invitation for the wedding is ready. Let’s go to temple and pray.

Sunaina: Yes, girls get ready and come soon.

Dasharat comes with his queens and sons.

Both families go to the temple.

Pandit: Each couple come and do the pooja together.

Ram-Sita does first and followed by rest of the couples.

After the pooja, while leaving, Nakshatra sees Rana. She ask everyone to see him. All gets shocked!!!!

Swastika: He is Rana.

Bhoomika: Do you know him?

Swastika then tells them how he saved her and also forbidding her to telling the truth to them.

Bhoomika calls him Rana…

He turns and sees them. He gets shocked seeing everyone!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!



  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that war is coming between them n the foreigners.i thought urvi is worried about karn’s life.but she is more worried about offspring if something happens to karn.ridiculous.aditya apologizing to both his wives was nice.even swastika is also pregnant.surprising that paanchali n urvi are willing to take care of the pregnant everyone saw rana.thrilling.perfect pics

    1. Supriya_r

      Urvi’s view is right bcoz in those days, being in a royal family, people were more concerned about the offspring and taking the generation ahead. I took this as a reference from “SIVAGAMIYIN SABATHAM” tamil novel.

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