Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer takes Rani’s side

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Scene 1
Veer says where is Rani? Rajeshwari starts the pooja. She welcomes the guests. veer says Rani sa is going to be so mad. Rajeshwari says the same Veer will kick you out. Bell rings. Veer says it must be Rani. Vikram comes in. Veer says where were you? Vikram says bro I need to talk to you.

Veer says all good? Kiara comes in. Veer says why don’t you understand? Why do you keep coming here. She says I have to tell you something. Vikram says to Kiara what nonsense is this? I was gonna tell bro. Kiara says if you tell him my life would be ruined. Once my wedding was stopped my groom left me and married someone else and now this. People will not let me live. My whole future would be spoiled. Verr wonders why do they look so worried. Kiara says do you accept this marriage? He says no. She says neither do I. People will point fingers at me. I already have suffered so much. He says but the wedding happened. She says you’re a lawyer find a solution. If you tell anyone I will kill my self and take your name.

Scene 2
Pandit ji says mahurat has started. Rajeshwari’s friend says your DIL is nowhere. Veer says in heart you shouldn’t have done this Rani. A woman says should we start the pooja. Rajeshwari looks at Veer and says yeah.. Veer leaves in anger. Rajeshwari smirks. He leaves a paper near the idol. Rajmata comes as well. Rajeshwari starts the pooja. Rajeshwari says Rajmata you start the arti. Rajmata does the arti. Veer says I hope Rani is safe. Rajeshwari says I wanted this anger in you for Rani. I will make you speak in my place and show her right place to her. A woman says we are okay but Saraswati mata was ignored. She didn’t come althought this pooja was for her. Will we have parsad or is that gone like your DIL as well?

Rani comes in. Rajeshwari says bahu rani the entire pooja is over. Where were you? Veer I thought you said she was in kitchen. Veer says Rani sa arranged this pooja for you. Rajeshwari says let it be. Is prasad ready? We have to give it. Veer brings the prasad and says you will give it first. Rajeshwari says Veer must have done this but he will be super mad at Rani. Rani looks at Veer and says thank you. He went to the kitchen and said I can’t keep waiting. He started making prasads. Servants helped him. He said everything was ready, only a few things were left. They helped him make the prsad. Everyone eats the prasad and apprecaite Rani. they say even if you couldn’t be a part of the arti, the prasad is amazing.

Kumud gives arti to Veer and Rani. She gives it to Rajmata. Rajmata says I hope you will keep your relation with Veer as it was and won’t come between Veer and Rajeshwri. The plant of lies that you harvested, you will have to eat its fruit. Rajeshwari’s friends say we will come to meet Rani next time. You’re lucky to have a DIL like her. Rani goes to see them off.

Scene 2
Kiara says I am sorry Rani sa. She says I don’t want to talk about it. Kiara says are you mad? She says leave me alone.

Rani comes to Veer. Rajeswari expects that he would be mad at her. He says why do you look so worried? Relax, everything is fine now. He says this pen is for you. She says why? He says for your exams. Rajeshwari is shocked. Veer says I got your to form from a college here. I know we couldn’t submit the form even after everything we tried. But this is a good college as well. Rani is shocked. He says you are the DIL of this house. You can complete your education here. They would be lucky to have a student like you. Now tell me where did you go? I called you so many times. She says the phone’s battery died. He says was it important. Rani says I went to the lawyer for the case. Rajeshwari says but why? Don’t you trust me? If you had to go, you could ask me. I would take you with me. Rajeshwari cries and says I tried to do everything but I think you still don’t trust me. Veer says don’t cry. It’s not like that. Please sit. Rajmata says relax. Rajeshwari says I was going to meet the lawyer. I stayed i the sun to wait for the lawyer. I know how important is it.

Rajeshwari cries and says I did everything to be a good MIL. She cries. Rajeshwari says I did the pooja on her behalf, I went to meet the lawyer but Rani isn’t accepting me at all. I have failed. Veer says no Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says in heart you will soon be out of this house and Veer will kick you out. Rajeshwari says Veer will soon be like he was to you. Veer says if you told before leaving, no one would be hurt. Rani sa also went to meet the lawyer. I know you didn’t know that. Rani sa, you should have told her, her heart might have gotten peace. It created so much confusion. Vikram says it’s all about confusion. It’s all sorted now. Rajeshwari is shocked. She says in her heart how dare.. He’s still taking her side? Rajmata says to Rani everything would be okay. Sanjay says our contacts would find a way out. Vikram says you met him? how is he? Rajeshwari is angry. Rani says I couldn’t meet him. I can meet him on Monday.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari comes to the storeroom. She throws away Rani’s pen there. She says you were so happy to get it? I will throw it away. Rani says that’s my pen. Rajeshwari says you have no right on anything. Rani sees her throwing away the pen. She hides. rajeshwri leaves. Rani says why is Rani sa doing all this? The board is leaving current. Rani looks around for the pen. A wire is on the floor. Rani picks the pen. She she turns back, the entire store is on fire. Rani screams for help.. She runs around. Veer sees the fire.. He jumps inside to save Rani. He holds a hot wood from falling on her. Vikraam calls help. Rajeshwari says how did all this happen? Everyone is worried. Ranifaints. Veer holds her. Veerpicks Rani and walks out of fire. They take Rani to the room. Veer gives her first aid. Rajmata cries. Vikram asks her to take Rajmata from there. He says Rani sa, I will handle. I will handle this. Veer treats her and gives her first aid. Rani gets better.

Rani looks at Ramo’s photo and cries. Veer says you are not alone. I am with you in thie battler. Ramo kaka will be out soon. rani says there’s so much pain inside me. He says but you have the medicine to that pain as well. Talk to me. I am sitting in front of. Rani says in heart how do I tell you the truth. That Rani sa is doing all this. Veer says you can trust me. Rani says I failed as a daughter. I came here to take my dad back with me. My heart keeps saying something is wrong with babu ji. I can’t do anything. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? who should I talk to? This new lawyer, I don’t know if he would help me or not. babu ji always asked me to write my own fate but his own fate is being written by other people. Is that fair?

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thank you for always posting the updates on time. 🙏Love you for it 💕 You are too good👍

  2. Why is the program so short it has more adverts and the. beginning of easy episode the repeat 5min of previous so actaullybthisbseries is only 10min , I love this program but please can you cut the adverts and go on with the story, Rani needs to change her dress style she wears the same outfit every second day , why not let Vikram be her lawyer and save her father , can she not iron her hair and make it straight it’s like she never baths , I still prefer the previous Rani this one is good but with Veer his handsome and this story is going in circles, please let Rani wear some smart outfits dresses or long skirts but even functions her dress code isbsobuntidy her hair please cant she iron it can the producer make the story longer, Veer is an excellent actor cant you get the old Rani back I tape this as I like the storyline and Veer , but too short book chemistry and Nandini and this Jay singh when will he be exposed , and when will Ranisa be exposed of her cruel behaviour if the story is longer maybe you can speed it up there is no other soap with more adverts then this soapie , can somebody please help Rani to get her father out of jail and he can go back to Ballia and open the shop Rani and Veer no honeymoon and such a big issue when he got married but when Vikram and kiara ranisa must please feel very embarassed to what her own son did

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