Choti Sardarni 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab and Meher reunite

Choti Sardarni 26th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab asks Seher what’s your mom’s name? She says Seerat. Sarb says I know that. He recalls calling Meher Seerat. Kaul says to Meher life doesn’t give chances like these again anad again. Why don’t you tell Sarab.. Sarab recalls Seerat said this is his favorite food. He recalls she made black coffee. The food tasted like Meher. Karan said she didn’t hide face before. Sarab recalls she never let Karan reveal her face. Sarab runs out. His phone is office. He asks people but no one has a charger. Sarab asks power bank from a man. He turns his phone on and shows Seher a photo of Meher. He asks is that your mom? She says yes that’s my super mom. Sarab cries and hugs Seher. He says my daughter. He kisses her forehead. She says why are you crying uncle? She says not uncle, papa. Seher’s papa. Param says papa? Why are you saying that? Sarab says my daughter.. My Seher. He says Param.. She’s your sister. She’s my daughter. He says Seher, Param is your brother. Seher says are you my papa? She tries to get up. Sarab says no don’t. Take rest.

meher walks outside the hospital. Kaul says how can you leave like this. Meet Sarab once please. She says do you think I don’t want to? I am helpless. Meher says I can’t look back. He says then let’s go back. She says I can’t go to Kashmir. Sarab will come there looking for me. He says then where will you go? Meher says I will go far away from them. So no one can find me. He says alone? She says my God is with me. I will serve my people. This is my last decision. Always take care of your mom and yourself. She leaves.

Karan says papa.. Sarab says Kiara.. That’s my daughter. Seerat is Meher. Karan says Seher’s mom is my mom? Sarab says yes and Seher is your sister. Kiara hugs her. Karan kisses her hand. Sarab smiles. Karan says she is our sister. Sarab recalls the nurse. He says that was Meher.. He asks people if they saw but no one has seen her. Sarab says I know you were there. Sarab looks around for Meher. He asks the watchman. Meher steps out of the hospital. Sarab watches the CCTV.

Scene 2
Meher comes to the bus stand and sits in the bus. Sarab runs out and drives towards the bus stand stand. Meher’s bus starts. She recalls her moments with Sarab. Sarab asks people around. Kulwant and Bitu see her. Kulwant says this means Meher is around as well. We have to follow Sarab to find Meher as well. Sarab calls the inspector and tells the location. Police stops Meher’s bus and checks people. Meher makes a girl sit in her lap to hide her face. Police couldn’t see her face. They say we are looking for a woman. Sarab comes outside. The girl drops her ball and asks Sarab to pick. He gives it to Meher. Meher hides her face and takes it.

Scene 3
Samaira calls Harleen and tells her Seher is Sarab’s daughter. She says what are you saying? Saramia says that’s truth. Samaira says Seher is Sarab’s daughter. that’s why her cells matched with Param. Harleen says is Meher there as well? Samaira says Sarab has gone to look for her.

Kulwant and Bitu follow the car. She says you’re following the wrong car. That’s not Sarab. Meher’s bus stops. Shec omes out of the bus. Meher comes to the temple and starts serving peopel. Kulwant also comes there. She looks outside from the other window. Meher gives juice to the person next to her. They couldn’t see each other’s face. Sarab also comes there. He prays that he finds Meher. A kid comes and says my mom is lost. Meher gives her water and says we will find your mom. We will make an announcement. The girl cries and says did my mama leave me? A woman comes there and says are you stealing the child? The woman calls all people and says we have to call the police. She was stealing the girl. The kid’s mom comes as well. A man says we have called the police. They are coming. They will teach her a lesson. They hold Meher.

Scene 4
Param says this means Meher mama never died. Seher says she’s your mom? She was with me. She is my mama as well. Like you were with my papa. Karan says but my mama is Samaira mama. Papa told me mama wears jhumkas. Param says papa was talking about our mama, Meher mama. Samaira aunty tell him. Karan says but the one in photo is fairy Godmother. Samaira says your mom is Meher, no me. Karan steps back.

The people hold Meher. They say howw dare you. Meher says I wasn’t stealing any kid. They ask then who are you.. What’s your name.. They ask questions.. Sarab says I know her. Meher is shocked. Meher turns back. She’s shocked. Sarab is standing there. Sarab says I know her. She steals kids.. Meher looks back. They look at each other. Sarab says she stole my son 5 years ago the same way. Sarab walk towards Meher.

Episode ends.
Precap-meher says there wasn’t a single moment in 5 years when my geart didn’t beat for you. She coughs. Sarab goes to get her water. A truck hits him. He falls down on the floor bleeding. Meher screams his name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. One thing is sure samira is going to turn negative😠😠though i doubt on kaul wheather he will stay positive or negative😣😣😣
    2. Abhi bhi itna dragg kiya🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ meeting karvane me
    3. Finally Param, Karan and Sehar met as siblings😊😊😊😊😊
    4. Itna badda flashback😊😊😊 to realise Sarab🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ haddd hai
    5. Uffffff!!! Kuch waqt to sath rehne dete Mehar or Sarab ko, Kulwant ko bej diya attack ke liye😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Is there any problem with the video in voot??

    2. EvenI wonder the same

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Which other platform can i watch todays episode?? Can anyone help please..

    4. Facebook radika.

    5. Choti sardarni.Su

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Thank you guys..

    7. Radhika Purohit

      Send email at …. looks like they are unaware of the issue… more people email then probably they will realize the issue

    8. I think this was Kaul’s last episode. Meher said goodbye one she got on that bus and he has no idea where she will be. He was a good guy. Despite his strong feelings for her, he always advised her with good intentions and encouraged her to go back to her family. He is right about one thing…life doesn’t give you so many opportunities that she got for reuniting with her kids and Sarab. And yet she continued to neglect it.. And now an accident is coming. BUT the excitement for the show is back! This was a fantastic reunion for Sarab and Meher.

    9. MD I think too that was last time we see him. Good, less people around them is better for the family. I hope samaira leaves too, befor she hears about the accident.

    10. Obvius Samaira will negative because he doesnt wanna be betrayed again for 3 time and Harleen will manipulate Sarab mind and say samaira is her wife .or worst against meher.

    11. But samaira was never betrayed. She knows he is Stil in love with his wife. She even said that I know you don’t love me and we will no be Romeo and Juliet. She sujusted him to be friends. She was just hopping.

    12. ShraddhaSharma392

      @Radhika Purohit & @pythogras i don’t have idea as my voot subscription was over and i haven’t recharged it yet.. and you can watch at desitellytvbox.. but it works on opera i think, no idea on google..
      And other than these i have no idea

    13. ShraddhaSharma392

      @MD i too think so, but can’t predict future…

      @Luz yes she is going to turn negative and yes this harleen is going to manipulate 100% without any doubt🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    14. Ashutosh Shukla

      Same Twist I’m Apprehending Since The Last 3-4 Episodes: Sameera Might Turn Negative🤑 Anyday Anytime Her Friendly-Flexible Gestures Are Giving Us A Feel Of Calm Before The Storm..(?)..Now If Sarab Happens To Lose His Memory (God Forbid!), That Will Be Another Green Signal For Harleen’s Manipulation..🤔..

  2. Omg this is so beautiful omg finally Sarab found out that seher is his daughter and meher was the lady in kashmir omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. OMR!!!!!!!!! FULL CIRCLE!!!!!! I loved everything about this episode 🙌🙏👏 I can’t believe they recreated the gurdwara scene from the good ol’ choti sardarni days! So glad that everyone knows about seher being a Gill and that sarab has gone looking for Meher. In your face Samira! And I’m glad that samira cleared up that she is not karan’s mother! Finally some happiness and joy!!!!

    1. For small time. I Wanna cry because the worst episodes will come believe me.

  4. Precap😍

    1. It’s beautiful but at the same time scary

  5. i am so happy right now, we’ve been waiting for over a week because of the drag but they finally met

  6. Nilria Muñoz

    I’m not excited because I know they are going to spoil everything again I’m really getting disappointed with this series 😕

    1. that is true, they should let them live in peace for a little bit

    2. I mean no offence, but you should enjoy their reunion at the very least, like yes this isn’t going to last very long from what we can see from the precap, but perhaps put ur self in the writers position. It’s easy for us to watch something for 20 mins and be done but it’s take a lot longer writing the role and having them done, so the most we can do is appreciate the few moments of the show.
      I’m telling you this because I write for fun and I spend months on a small book which people finish within sometimes even a day, and not all enjoy it… so I can tell how difficult it must be to keep everyone engaged to the show or story.
      – Diana Potter

    3. You are right, bit these bad moments are since october of 2020 with this couple. Sometimes , I think why they could be just happy. And too drama is worst.

  7. Omg the precap will it turn true?

  8. OMR, Sarab lucky you,you found your Meher ji now we can breathe a bit. Everyone now know that Seher is sarab’s daughter. I am for now satisfied. Who cares what Tomorrow brings? Me not

    1. Lucky him AND lucky her! She needs to be cornered in order to confront her problems! She has given up and doesn’t understand that there is always another way! She needs to snap out of her insecurity. SHE IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE A HUSBAND LIKE SARAB! He didn’t give up on her!

    2. Very true, indeed she is one luck girl and she should be the happiest. I was just thinking from his side of view because he can have his answers why she run away etc,

    3. @ Ayni DEFINITELY!! I hope he scolds her for staying away, not telling him about his daughter, not revealing herself in Kashmir, dropping off their daughter alone, running away after the surgery…ALL OF IT! He deserves to know why she made such stupid decisions!

  9. I dont wanna in tomorrow and monday because is obvius that Harleen will blame meher of Sarab accident and she will go with kaul or desappear and the lost memory Harleen will manipulate Sarab mind. Why this couple could not be happy. I am happy but at the same O expect the worst on the next episodes

  10. I don’t think Kaul will simply disappear now. He will probably go and find Meher. Very nice guy, this Kaul.
    As for Samaira, she is likely to play a waiting game, which she is playing very well.
    The kids are now likely to be utterly confused, having a mother who keeps on going missing.

  11. What I am actually wondering is, that the kids are now aware that their Meher mama is alive..Will they accept Samaira as their step mother even after knowing that their mom exists. I don’t think Param ever will, Karan and Seher too, will not agree with Samaira being their momo.

  12. Also, did anyone notice the defeated look on Samira’s face when she found out that Seher is Sarab’s daughter and when she had to tell Karan she is not her mother?! I am basking with joy about this!

    1. She is sad because the people who loved always begrayal and she is gonna be evil and Harleen wilm brainwash Sarab. But Meher didnt see negative consequuences.

    2. I have ZERO sympathy for her sadness. She’s delusional! And yes, she will turn evil but don’t worry! If Sarab gets amnesia Harleen/Samira will take advantage BUT the kids all know Meher is alive, that’s their mom and they will help Sarab remember and run interference with Samira. It’s going to be so much fun to watch!

    3. Yes, the future is bright. I too have no sympathy for Samaira, who hold a life for gay, who has not showed interest on her. Today she felt like lost, hopeless and defenseless. For me that showed her the future. She may try to get married to him with Harleen’s help. But the expression she got today, will stay in her back head.

    4. Remember that expression @Anyi! We will see it again when her and harleen’s plan doesn’t work 😂🤣 I wonder how kushi’s entry will be. She always loved Meher. But harleen could always brainwash her. Still unclear what Robbie’s reaction will be in all this!

    5. @MD, yes i will deffently remember it. I did screen shoted her. 😋 Fun begins with this three naughty kids, and Meher telling them not do that. And kushi, I don’t know how may be she will support Meher, may be she started to hate her mother because she sent her away, last time she was saying she was not happy there. And Robbie knows that Sarab loves her, Meher always comes with smart idea that she will end up winning, so is possible that he Team up with her.

    6. Had u watched this episode??
      If so can u share link??

    7. Facebook. You put the date of show and three pares had posted but you must watch quickly because they erase .

    8. Pls share the link I don’t have fb account

  13. First of all seher ka face Dekh kya unhe pata ni chalaki ye param jese dikhti h….param ne kaha my sister name I thought uske bad sarab ne realize kiya😂

  14. Shruti: Remember Meher was also a step mother to Param in the first place. And of course Sarab is not Karan’s real father and therefore technically a step father too. Only Seher is a child of both of them. So, maybe, having the natural parent around is not too important in this serial. Kid’s are playing a major role post leap and Harleen’s grown up daughter Kushi was also supposed to make an entry. A few actors now seem rather redundant now, like Jito and Gini, who are only occasionally seen.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @AJ what exactly are you suggesting?? And even after watching the show for ao long if you still call mehar as a stepmother and sarab as a stepfather i really dont know what to say🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
      Samaira would definitely be a stepmother…she cannot be like mehar.. mehar didnt earn the position of being params mother overnight… it took 3 months for sarab to register mehars name as params mother in school register.. it was the selfless deeds that she did for param that gave her the right as params mother… same with sarab… he is karans father… though not biological… but still he is karans father.. and not stepfather…
      Has mehar anytime said that param is her stepson?? Or has sarab said that karan is his stepson?? They always adress as mera bacha… then how do we say they are step parents??

    2. Dont mention step it hurts tbe children ..parents are responbility for their own children they take as their own.the love must be pure in heart accept as ours it will last

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Finally watched the episode… i have no words to describe how amazing the episode was… my entire disappointment over the kashmir track vanished away with the gurudwara reunion… TRULY.. what better place for them to meet again than the place where they met for the first time😍😍 also it was also in gurudwara that sarab and mehar had the most important discussion on the very next day of their marriage.. even that day our sardarji was running around to stop mehar from leaving 🤭🤭
      Saran sehar scene was amazing 😍😍😍
      Karan and his stories🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ well our smart param was too quick to ask samairaaunty to tell karan that she is not their mom🤭🤭 a clear indication that param will have this stand in future too🤭😍😍 Live in the moment mehrab… whatever the future throws at them.. i am so happy today..🥳🥳🥳 sarab finally got his meharji🥳🥳 just hope he gets all the pending huggies and kissies too😍😍😍

    4. This will be an episode I will re-watch over and over again. Very clever to have come back full circle. The makers have redeemed themeselves🥳🥳🤩🙌🏼🥰😍😍

    5. Watch the entry Sarabji did awesome .the turning entry walking with ghats awesome awesome speaking with love of param 5 yrs and seher 5 yrs bring his love Meher back

    6. Param is really to rely on. Hope he makes that clear to Harleen, they only wants their Meher mummy. She knows she can’t turn him against Meher, God knows she tried so hard and never succeeded. May be she will change her mind about Meher. The things with her is, when you think she going on her hard, a minute later you see her supporting her adoring her. May be for the first time in her life, she sees her fault as well, that misjugded her.

    7. She also gave Param a part of her liver while she was pregnant, risking her and her unborn child’s life. Her and Sarab are not only the most amazing partners but the most incredible parents. Sarab didn’t even know Seher was his own daughter and went the distance to provide her with medical care at his expense and agreed to Param donating his stem cells!

    8. Bro Meher was a “step mother” to Param because his mother wasn’t there. Sarab became a “step father” because he was married to Meher and cared and provided for the child before he was even born, fighting even his own family for him. But I think Radhika and MD have given plenty of valid explanations to your answer so I’ll just end with that if Meher and Sarab are “step” parents, Bhagwan aise step parents har bacche ko de.

    9. Shru.

      @AJ Shruti here. i can understand your point of view but what i am talking about, is kid’s acceptance. Ok lets agree for one time, Samaira is Married to Sarab, but kids will nrver give her the love and respect that they would have given to their mom. Didnt you watch how Karan took a step back when he was told that samaira isnt his mum. I feel these kids, especially Karan ans Seher will irritate and annoy Samaira to the extent that she might loose her mental peace completely. It will be fun to watch kids in action if, this is to be the case.
      Param accepted Meher as Meher always loved him as his own Child. Even now as he is matured, he is completely aware of the fact that Meher was his Step mother. But still, he calls her a mother, his own..
      Same is the case of Karan and Sarab. Being a step dad Sarab loves karan like his own.
      Althogh, Its downright silly to call them as step’s’.. as their relation is more than pure but to explain it to you in your own way..
      And i know You would agree with me that Samaira would never be that motherly as meher was.
      To conclude, what i implied was that the kids are never going to accept samaira over meher. Stressing upon “kid’s acceptance”

  15. What is wrong with karan…will you get choti sardarni as a mother… I feel bad for samaira, she is in the wrong person’s life. What I still don’t understand is sarab has Meyer’s pictures but never showed it to karan

    1. Sarab had also similarly simran picture and never showed it to Param.

  16. OYEEEEE HOYEEEE! I am actually very happy with this episode!! My complaints from yesterday regarding the promo date have vanished! This was a very beautiful scene with Sarab and Seher along with Sarab finding Meher at the Gurudwara! I cannot wait for tomorrows episode. I know soon Sarab will get into an accident but honestly I am kind of looking forward to it. We know that there will be an epic reunion of the two tomorrow, a confrontation and then Sarab’s accident. But now that Meher met Sarab and her sons I doubt she’s going to leave. Post accident I’m looking forward to her caring and fighting for Sarab. She may not do it openly if Sarab loses his memory but she will. I think someone here maybe Radhika Purohit mentioned a couple days back on the positive light hearted moments we’ll get to see after Sarab’s accident and how they’ll recreate some old scenes. I agree with her, lets be positive and look forward to it, we’ll get some epic memorable scenes like today and as long as they’re together, not running around I’m fine with whatever we get to see, I won’t mind seeing Meher slightly jealous of Samaira who is also very beautiful, LOL imagine her getting mad at Mr. Jatt in Toliet. Like real life, TV series also needs villains. Kind of like how we need darkness to appreciate light, we need some villains and drama to enjoy the light hearted and lovely scenes! So lets enjoy and wait for tomorrow!

  17. You know, I think tomorrow I’m going to rewatch this episode before I watch the next. Such a beautiful episode will only add flavor to all the wait.

  18. Radhika: No doubt both Sarab and Meher have earned the right to be called father and mother. No one in the show itself call’s them step-parents. Actually, remember, even Kulwant Kaur insisted to Param’s real nani that she (KK) is the ‘real’ nani, much to the real nani’s annoyance. We are just referring to these titles in the literal sense and this should not be taken to heart. The new Param is excellent. I remain a fan of Sumaira (until, inevitably, she turns negative). She is playing a really good game. As for our Sardarji himself, he is rather naive and can’t recognise his own wife from one feet away. And it takes him an eternity to make out that Seher could be his daughter. I have a feeling that Sumaira will exploit Sardarji’s slow starts. Wonder what will happen if he loses memory after the accident – it is not as if he is sharp with his memory anyway. But you can’t beat his kind heartedness. Though Kaul is a very good second when it comes to kind heartedness. Where have all the villains gone?

  19. Why are so many people feeling sorry for Samira? I’m an empatheic person, but let’s put this into perspective-despite Sarab knowing her from his school days, he married Simran, his first love. So he never had feelings for Samira. Then, Sarab decided to marry Meher after he tested her by leaving Param at the gurdhwara and realized she would be a good match. Again, never thinking of Samira. Why would Samira wait around after knowing Sarab got married and had a child and then re-married and had Karan. DELUSIONAL!!! If she’s going to exact revenge, it should be on Harleen for giving her false hope and trying to get her married to Sarab when he’s clearly not interested! AND she knows it would be one-sided love and doesn’t even seem to care! OR care about the fact that he’s still in love with his current wife! Samira could use some therapy!

    1. Now there is a third child even for her might be too much, to surrounded by step children. She may try to keep Meher and Sarab apart, but what is here for her. Her expression was like oh no, not a third child and this time a girl 😊from a women he adores. No women could allow to be the second best. In her case the third. Befor she is in to deep, she better says thanks and good bye. Have no sympathy for her.

    2. Excellent point @ Anyi! I agree…this would be too much for any NORMAL woman. But like I said, I think Samira is delusional. Maybe doesn’t care about the kids and feels that once she is married to Sarab, she’ll follow in Harleen’s footsteps and send the kids to boarding school!

    3. Soon or later she will realizes it. Did she realized that sarab has not even his engagement ring on his finger!

  20. What happened with update ?? Why didn’t they post yet ..?

    1. Radhika Purohit

      No idea!!!

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