Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts… GD says to RV the way he won Nandini’s heart he will also win public’s heart…Abhay in some thoughts… Divya comes to him and ask what happen ? Abhay says nothing then Divya ask Abhay and Sid to come with her… she takes them to RV and Nandini’s bedroom as she wants to decorate there room and surprise them.. they decorateing room.. Abhay not happy and thinking about RV – Nandini’s merriage… Divya and sid again start there nok jhok… Abhay in thoughts says that Nandini is only his and he loves her and deservs her more then RV.. Abhay angryly throw out curtain… and says to divya that he have some work and leaves from there… Divya is takeing credit for all decoretion and her plan Rid teas her they argue and then patch up and promise each other not to fight again Nandini’s prents leaveing RV assure them that Nandini will never feel lonely here and will always be happy… Anchal and pandey ji happy and leaves from there… Nandini ask RV that what he said to her prents… RV says all that is true and he can prove it… Nandini says how … RV says he will spend his life with her… give her love…and some romantic diloges… Nandini feel shy and going from there but RV hold her hand and stop her… Abhay watching them and he is jealouse… RV getting more close to Nandini… Nandini says that if someone will see them… RV says that doesn’t matter case she is his wife … Nandini blushed and leves from there… Abhay angry.. Uttara ask Nandini why she blushing so much she is not new bride… and they already merride couple… Swaroop also join Uttara and taunt Nandini GD ask Nandini to complete handle household work and ask RV to come with her as she want to discuss something… Dadisa interfere and ask GD to let RV and Nandini to spend time together… Divya don’t want her surprise to reavel at the moment she tell this to dadisa and then dadisa ask RV to take Nandini for lunch… RV happyly agree GD says to divya that there was no need to do all this divya replise she did it for RV and Nandini’s happiness… GD’s selftalk that she will make sure That RV and Nandini don’t spend time together… RV and Nandini in car Nandini haveing tears in her eyes… RV ask Nandini that is she trust him ? Nandini says that she trust him… RV ask Nandini never to cry again… Nandini says this tears are of happiness Abhay thinking about Nandini… GD calls him and discuss something (mute mode convo)… RV – Nandini at Raghuvanshi mansion… divya teasing them… and she ask for her nag… if they want to go there room… Uttara also join divya… RV gives them nag(money)… Swaroop angry on Uttara RV-Nandini in there bedroom… surprise to see the decoretiones… RV-Nandini looking at each other romanticly… RV kisses Nandini’s hands and hugs her (BG song Tumhi dekhona) GD suddenly step into there bedroom and ask RV to come with her… as she want to discuss important thing… Nandini and GD looking at each other… episode ends..

Precap Abhay informing RV about something… and ask him to come.. RV agrees… Nandini waiting for RV… someone comeing towards her room

Update Credit to: divya.d

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