Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th April 2014 Written Update

Pushpdant praises Shiva…’oh Uma Maheshwar…who has understood your doing…how much ever I have understood of you with my limited knowledge..have described you in this stotra’ and asks her forgiveness..
Shiva says that the strota that Pushpdant just uttered..will be a sidh chants…and whoever sings it with devotion, selflessness will be dear to him..stay blessed.
The king says he can never punish the devote for whom Mahadev himself has come ..he apologizes to Pushpdant, but Pushpdant dos instead as he was mistaken..he thought the delusion of devotion to be devotion…it was his fault to mistake others things as his and offer the same to Mahadev..which no one has any right to do.
Pushpdant requests Maahdev to guide all towards the true devotion.. so that others dnt repeat his mistake..Shiva says the bases of mukti is..devotion..and offering or dedication is the path for devotion…dedication doesn’t mean flowers, clothes or jewels, or riches or some prayer procedures…but to offer ones mind…what flowers that are dear to him…the control over sense..kindness, tap, meditation, compassion and truth..and if one prays him with those flowers, he’d surely find Shiva…devotion doesn’t need luxuries… it becomes tough for a devote to understand the subtle line btw devotion n moh (attachment)
Then those two thieves confess their mistake of robbing the golden things n clothes from the temple…they seek the redemption of the mistake..Shiva says they should take care of the temple…and focus the devotee’s eye on its divinity and not its flamboyance…

The wise minister does chance pay dance and suggests his king that its of no use keeping so much of wealth in the temple..why dnt they use it for a better purpose…
The king asks Mahadev himself as to who will take care of that duty…then Kaalbeet comes and says he’d do it…Parents are proud. The kid says Natbharav and Natesh were Mahadev and Ganesh themselves (resp).. Gannu bhyya too comes there…ek darshan ke saath ek aur dasha of Sidhivinaya free free free

At the Kailash everyone is preparing for Shiva n Parvati ma’s return…Nandi disciplines everyone for being hopeless..Kartkeya listens to Nandu’s stroy

Shiva and Ganesh arrive at Kaliash…K feels glad abt the Pushdant epy..Nandi invites Ganesh for meals…Ganesh says he’ll wait until Parvati ma feeds him wid her hand..aMahadev assures that he’ll get Parvati back soon as her tapasaya days are completing..They are prepare for Parvati ma’s arrival.

Meanwhile Shiva goes into meditation too…the energies combine..Narayanji says that Mahadev n sis Parvati’s energies are combing with each other…
Adi Shakti too is assured as the world has restored balance and so is positivity- which means her reason for penance is complete and she can come back from her penance.

Mahadev tells to parvati ma that her time to come bac has come..she says he was waiting for his say.
The world rejoices on prakriti’s activation…Parvati devi comes back from her penance…
Shiv n Shakti reunite…she says she missed him…she wishes to be a normal woman and not Adi Shakti at that moment..
Even Shiva says he misses her too…recalling her memories..realizes how alone he finds himself without her.

Parvati devi tells she misses K, Gannu bhayyan AS…Mahadev tells her the truth ab AS..he narrates the whole drama of how Nahush becomes the devraj and becomes arrogant and out of which he commits a grave sin and gets cursed for it…
She feels terrible abt this but was right..if AS wished she would have stayed back at Kailash but she is v glad that AS followed her dharma as a wife.

Shiv Parvati arrive at the Kailash..and is welcomed by everyone…K n Nandi takes their arti the whole place is echoed with chants of ‘har har Mahadev’

Nandi tells taht he missed them and now he so doesn’t want them to leave Kailash at all…and he doesn’t want it to change..
Shiva says change is the rule of nature…if there is no change there is no detachment..Nandi says he feels attached to them..and is attachment towards ones’ own parents how is it possible?
He is anath without them both/..says Nandi..
Parvati ma assurse him that they won’t ever leave Kailash …

Brhmdev talks to Narayan as there testing times in the future..where Shiv SHakti’s penance has benefited the world..but there is a trouble coming..and whatever be Jagdama’s decision the world will be affected by it including Kailash..

Parvati ma taks abt a devotee’s penance tenure completion..and that Mahadev has to go n give his boon…
Narayan ji says to Mahadev that this one act of his will change the world..its gonna be difficult for the world to take..Shiva replies that he has no option left.

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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