Mahabharat 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 4th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1
The episode begins with mamashri telling duryodhan if we wants right over draupadi he needs to win her in the game of dice ,duryodhan on this says i now bet on my wife kashi kanya bhanumati.mamashri calls yudishtir as das yudishtir and orders him to play one more game of dice.

Meanwhile karnas wife(vrishali) requests draupadi to leave the place, and as we have time go protect ur respect , draupadi says im daughter of fire m born out of it i can give away my life but not my pride n respect. Draupadi asks vrishali to leave n pray for her husband . druapadi asks govind(talks to herself) how do i keep calm now..???

Krishna(govind) is shown on war field . in the sabha bheem yells saying this game is not possible and warns his brother yudishtir not to bet on panchali i.e draupadi ,sahadev says brother don’t do this n make my intuitions of wrong go true. Mamashri ignores all this n calls yudishtir to begin the game as its order of duryodhan but yudishtir refuses to bet on draupadi . duryodhan says as u have rights over ur brothers u have right on ur wife as well so bet on her now. Mamashri says its aryavadhs parampara(tradition)tat husband has right over wife so come begin the game.

Here krishana says , brother yudishtir this is not dharma though tradition is dharma all traditions are not dharma . in sabha bheem takes an oath if yudishtir loses draupadi in game he will burn yudishtirs hand. Dushasan says yudishtir cant play the game bcoz who can have pride over such lady, this upsets all the pandavas, bhishma curses duryodhan tat on the time of his death he will go through lot of pain.

Krishna says i will make sure that this curse of duryodhan will surely take place n will go through lot of pain. In the sabha guru drons sun ashvathama says draupadi is like my sister being daughter o my father’s friend, and i feel ashamed of myself to callher so bcoz she has married to 5 of his students. On this guru dron says ashvathama if u wer not my son i would have cursed u for this words of urs. But ur words are so bad that i curse u that ur faul mouth will be filled with insects(kide pade mu main) n krisna says i will let this happen too. Karnas says guru dron u cant do thiswat ashvathama says is right how can a lady with 5 husbands be of good character on this arjun yells at karna saying u who have pride over urself talk like a begger , remember one thing u will die as life of a begger , knowledge less begger. Krishna says karna ur death will symbolise ur life as a useless creature .

Mamashri says this means yudishtir has right but not pride over his wife ,on this yudishtir says i do . i have pride over medi tation, sacrifice an every aspect of her life and i will fight to win her in this game i will not lose her will fight for her as every part of body fights at the time of death.and orders to bring new dice for the game duryodhan says ur a das (slave) now u cant order.

On this yudishtir says either follow this order of mine or give me mrityudand (death penalty) .yudishtir breaks the dice and throws them ,mamshri picks the broken pices saying these were made from asthi(buried body soil) of my father . mamashri calls dushashan and asks him to bring ew dice and meru . dushashan says mamashri ur magical dice has broken now what, mamashri says go bring the new dices i have the heart of humbleness to accept the das (slaves) wish , when dushashan goes to bring new dices he gets shocked as the dices repair themselves magically , and he takes them to mamashri .mamashri says here r ur new dices now bet draupadi and play the game.the game begins and as seen in all games mamashri wins the game he teases yudishtir saying u lost ur wife as well.the whole sabha in favour of dharma are in tears whereas those with duryodhan break into a loud laughter.

Duryodhan says , rajkumari panchali, indraprasts queen ,pride of pandavas draupadi bring her as my dasi in to the sabha, he then turns to bhishma and in sarcastic tone asks bhishma i can call her right,as dasi is allowed in the sabha…!!!!

Bhishma unwilling has to agree with duryodhan . duryodhan now orders as bring that dasi draupadi into the sabha

Duryodhan orders dushasan if draupadi that egoistic lady doesn’t follow my orders bring her to sabha by pulling her hair…and dushasan does so….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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