Desh Ki Beti Nandini 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 25th November 2013 Written Update

Uttara tells Nandini to clean her sandals with her dupatta. Nandini has no choice, but to do it. Uttaran feels happy and leaves from there.

A servant gives Rajveer’s ticket to Gayatri. Gayatri gives it to Suryaman and says they will talk about it later. Inderraj listens to their conversation.

Nandini is crying on a side. Rajveer notices her standing alone and goes there. He asks if anything happened as she’s crying. Nandini excuses that something went into her eyes. Rajveer praises Nandini for doing all the arragements for the party and brining smile on his dadi’s face. He says, howerver, smile has disappeared on Nandini’s face. Nandini smiles and then thanks Rajveer. Rajveer asks for what? She smiles again and leaves.

Inderraj talks with Rajveer’s dadi and smartly finds out that Rajveer is going to London for a concert.

The party is over. Nandini is leaving, but she can’t start her scooty. Rajveer is talking on the phone with someone in a balcony and notices Nandini. He tells her it’s late so someone will drop her. Nandini says she will manage and her scooty gets upset sometimes so it doesn’t start. As she still can’t start her scooty, Rajveer goes down and asks her if he can help. As he doesn’t know how to start it, Nandini shows him. He tries but he can’t start it either. It finally starts when both Nandini and Rajveer start it together. Nandini then tells him that she wants to talk about some problem in her area. Rajveer tells her to come to his office tomorrow. Nandini thanks him. Rajveer says first let him do the work and then thank. Nandini smiles and leaves.

Inderrraj calls someone and says this news should spread everyone in the nation tomorrow.

Next day, all Rajveer’s family and Nandini’s family are shocked seeing news about Rajveer leaving for London in newspaper and on TV. Gayatri gets angry when she sees Inderraj on TV. Everyone is now saying that Rajveer also came out like other leaders and lied to the public. At Nandini’s house , Nandini’s brother also says same thing about Rajveer. Nandini asks him if he forgot what all Rajveer did for him and his house. He wouldn’t help them and just ignore if he was like other leaders. Nandini’s brother and sister bet with each other about Rajveer leaving for London or no. Nandini decides to find the truth. Her parents tell her to return home early as a guy and his family is coming to see her. Nandini’s sister teases her saying someone got upset from her yes today.

Gayatri comes to Dadi and shows disappointment with her revealing news of Rajveer going to London to Inderraj. Gayatri says that he just came to find out that. Dadi says she didn’t lie and she has full rights to talk to her son openly. Dadi asks even if this news wasn’t out today, then it would be out when Rajveer would leave. Gayatri says time is important in politics and they could have done something by the time Rajveer leaves for London. Dadi says no one can in between her grandson and his dream. Gayatri leaves.

Abhay comes to Gayatri’s house and tells her that their image is going down and they will have to do something really soon. Gayatri asks him to arrange a press conference.

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