Maharana Pratap 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 28th November 2013 Written Update

At Bundi

Bairam Khan praises Surtan Singh for rising doubt to Uday Singh against his son Pratap. Surtan Singh becomes pleased to hear it & he shares to Bairam Khan that Uday Singh has immense belief for Pratap as he overlooked all evidences provided by Surtan Singh. Bairam Khan mentions that a crevice is enough to break even the strongest wall. He also tells that he has some plans to increase problems in between Uday Singh & Pratap. Surtan Singh wants to know about the plan but Bairam Khan refuses to disclose it now.

At Mewar

Uday Singh concludes to Rawatji & others that how Surtan Singh tries to bring baseless imposition against Pratap, he is the main obstacle to uniting the Rajputana. Rawatji agrees with Uday Singh saying how dare to Surtan Singh to bring baseless imposition against Babujiraj at the durbar of Mewar. Uday Singh mentions that he understands Rawatji’s feelings but it’s not time to be emotional rather to think practically. He adds that they have to catch Sakha Veer to take Rao Surtan in favor of Mewar. In whole Rajputana including Mewar & Bundi, they announce huge prize money for giving any information about Sakha Veer or helping to capture him.

Pratap feels very guilty for hiding the truth of Sakha Veer from his father. He expresses his guilt to his mother saying that both of them notice Uday Singh’s faith on Pratap. Jaiwanta Bai considers it as another test for Pratap. Suddenly Jaiwanta Bai notices Pratap in injured. Pratap mentions it’s just a small wound & Guru Raghavendra already gave medicines for it. Jaiwanta Bai still smears the medicines on Pratap’s wounds. At that time one servant informs about return of Sajjya Bai. Jaiwanta Bai & Pratap become very happy to hear it. Pratap wants to welcome her but Jaiwanta Bai tells him to take rest while she is going to welcome Sajjya Bai.

Sajjya Bai enters the palace thinking that no one would welcome her in the dawn as everyone is sleeping. She also mentions that she is an uninvited guest here, no one stops her at the time of her leaving & no one would welcome in her arrival. At that time, Jaiwanta Bai welcomes her. Jaiwanta Bai mentions that everyone misses Sajjya Bai a lot. Sajjya Bai complains that if it’s true then how everyone forgets her in diwali, may be because everyone considers that she never return in the palace. Jaiwanta Bai says it’s not the truth rather she was busy with other problems. Sajjya Bai again complains that Jaiwanta Bai is not just a queen rather great queen of Mewar so she might have not such time to think about Sajjya Bai and Dheerbai can’t think about anyone except Uday Singh. At that time Uday Singh comes there & tells to Sajjya Bai that he hopes her journey was safe without facing difficulties & he also mentions that her room is ready. Jaiwanta Bai & Uday Singh shares a meaningful glance & Uday Singh departs. Sajjya Bai mentions that she is very much angry at Jaiwanta Bai.

In Sajjya Bai’s room, Jaiwanta Bai tries to allay Sajjya Bai’s huff, she mentions that she was in various problems which need not be known to Sajjya Bai & Sajjya Bai becomes more angry saying that no one considers her as worthy to tell everything, probably for these the kids also be learned to away from her. Suddenly Pratap enters there & to see him Sajjya Bai becomes pleased but moment later shows huff on Pratap also. Jaiwanta Bai & Pratap leaves as they understand they can’t allay her huff. Jaiwanta Bai mentions that only Uday Singh can allay her huff.

Uday Singh comes to Sajjya Bai’s room. He expresses his pleasure due to arrival of Sajjya Bai & he feels sorry as he does not try to return of Sajjya Bai. Sajjya Bai becomes very embarrassed & asks him the actual reason of his coming. He tells her that he misses a lot when she is not there after all she is queen of him. He never thinks before that there would be one day when he lives without Sajjya Bai. Hearing all these Sajjya Bai gets very emotional. He requests to forget all those days as those days are not so important to remember & also requests not to leave him again. Sajjya Bai also mentions in teary eyes about her sorrow as she is also away from her husband, her family as well. Uday Singh praises her saying when she smiles, looks more beautiful & Sajjya Bai smiles hearing this. Uday Singh leaves as he has to attend some meeting.

At Bundi

Bairam Khan & Rao Surtan along with the Mughal & Bundi soldiers stand before their flags. Surtan Singh praises their flags looks beautiful. Then he asks to Bairam Khan about the plan. Bairam Khan considers Sakha Veer as rat in front of him. His plan is only to provoke Sakha Veer for coming in front of them & they can easily catch him. Then he can show the actual identity of Sakha Veer to Uday Singh. Bairam Khan thinks if this truth reveals to Uday Singh then he will certainly kill his son.

At Mewar

Rawatji surprisingly tells that in spite of their announcement of huge prize money, no one gives any information about Sakha Veer. Uday Singh mentions that it’s the matter of tension but they have to do something so he decides to go Bundi to find Sakha Veer. Rawatji alerts him by saying he can’t go to Bundi as he is the king of Mewar. Uday Singh mentions that he will go in disguise of common people. He adds that the only way to get out the Mughal from Bundi is to catch Sakha Veer & in that way he can fulfill his commitment to Rao Surtan. Pratap secretly listens their conversation behind door.

At Bundi

Bairam Khan tells to bring together all the children of Bundi. Rao Surtan mentions about his pleasure to see child’s crying & sorrow of his citizens.

At Mewar

Pratap fears if Uday Singh goes there then he certainly comes to know all the truths of Sakha Veer & he also can ask about Sakha Veer to Panna Tai. He determines to stop Uday Singh to go to Bundi.

At that time Uday Singh comes in disguise but Pratap recognises him easily. Uday Singh tries a lot to hide his actual identity to Pratap but he fails to do so.
Then Pratap helps Uday Singh to disguise better way that no one can identify him. But Pratap says Uday Singh can be identified in all disguise.

During this time Uday Singh realizes that time goes so fast as Pratap growing up so early. Pratap mentions that though son grows up but he always bends to his father for taking blessings. He adds that he is lucky that he takes it always.

Uday Singh tells that he disguises himself & no one can identify him. Pratap determines to stop his daajiraj at any cost.

At Bundi

All children are captured by the soldiers. Bairam Khan & Rao Surtan become pleased. Bairam Khan hopes that Sakha Veer certainly comes to save them.

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