Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 26th November 2013 Written Update

Nandini is leaving to go to PRP office. Her sister comes to her and asks if she thinks Rajveer will go to London or no. Nadini shows confidence that Rajveer won’t leave, but says she will find out the truth.

Dadi has called Inderraj to their house and is questioning him why he’s involving personal matters into politics. Inderraj blames Gayatri for starting it. Gayatri comes and has an argument with Inderraj. Gayatri says that she is doing everything to fulfill her husband’s dream. Inderraj tells her she can use her dead husband’s name in front of media and fool them, but she can’t fool him. Gayatri asks him why he was busy in taking all credits on his name after her husband’s death and that is why she had to take everything under her control. They continue arguing and in end Dadi asks them to stop it. When Inderraj is leaving, Rajveer comes and tries to take blessings from him, but Inderraj ignores him and leaves. Gayatri tells Dadi that she knows Inderraj is her elder son, but she will be happy if he stays away from this house.

Later, Abhay, Gayatri, and Suryaman are discussing what they will do next to maintain their reputation. Gayatri tells them whatever they have to do, they will have to do fast as Rajveer is leaving for London tomorrow night. Nandini hears it and is shocked. She leaves from there. She receives a call from her father to remind her that a guy and his family is coming in the evening. Nandini tells him about what she heard. Her father asks her to see positives in everything and maintains saying that Rajveer is different than other leaders. Nandini agrees but says it would have been better if he had stayed here.

In a press conference, Gayatri announces that Rajveer is going nowhere and Inderraj is misinformed. Media ask her why Inderraj would lie. Gayatri says many people can’t see Rajveer making impression by helping people. Everyone is laughing at Inderraj there. Inderraj watches it on TV and gets angry, but is hopeful that same people who’s laughing today will call gayatri a liar tomorrow when Rajveer has left. Rajveer and his family are shocked when they see this on TV.

While Rajveer is complaining to Dadi, Gayatri comes there and he stops. Gayatri asks him why he stopped and says that she is doing all this for Rajveer’s father. She continues that she is still alive to see Rajveer fulfilling his father’s dream and they are doing no wrong. In fact they are helping people and there can’t be any greater thing than that. Dadi says but Rajveer also has his dreams and no one can force anyone to do anything. other family members also take rajveer’s side. Gayatri feels alone and hurt and tells Rajveer that he can go to London and she won’t be upset with him or say anything. Rajveer says, but you already announced in media that I am not going. What about that? Gayatri tells him not to care about all that.. she has been struggling and will continue struggling. People will call her liar and all, but Rajveer won’t be here to see all that. Rajveer feels somewhat angry and leaves from there. Everyone is a bit surprised.

After he leaves, CBI and cops arrive at Rajveer’s house with a search warrant. They say they will have to question Gayatri and search their house and they doubt that there was a fraud in elections money. Until investigation is completed, no one will be able to leave the house. And in case if this is true, then they will have to arrest Gayatri. Everyone’s shocked.

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