Let’s begin…

A guy is standing at the edge of the cliff all broken

Guy:i lost everything… I lost my family i lost my dream… Most importantly i lost my self respect… For the thing which i can’t even think in my wildest dreams!Nobody trusts me

He closes his eyes.. Hot tears makes it’s way from his eyes

He is revealed to be Sanskar


A guy was moving to bus stand..
He was on call
And he is Sanskar
Sanskar:Mom… Mom.. our dream is soon going to be true!! (after a pause) Mom i can’t express my feelings…i would be known as Sanskar Grewaal IPS! Can you guess where i am next week(after a pause) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy!!… No no you will not tell dad now.. I am coming with a good news it’s a surprise for dad! Dare you say him.. Haan!….. Haan mom from now only i would start to order i am just one step closer to my dream! Ok ok let me come home first!… Yes mom i am in bus stand now.. Within 45 minutes i would be there in front of you! Bye.. See you soon.. And i deman for motichoor laddu from you…

He smiles and disconnects the call!

The bus comes..

He gets in and sits…

Sanskar was really happy.. He just wanted to go and surprise his dad with this special news..
He just can’t wait to see his reaction when he would disclose this news in front of him.. And his mom.. She would be in a hard state how would she lock her lips until he reach
Sanskar smiles thinking all this

After 15 minutes

The bus gets crowded!

Sanskar sees an old lady standing
He offers her a seat
She accepts it with a warm smile
He smiles back

He stands…

A girl was standing nearby him

It was crowded and speed of bus was also not less.. that it was tough to manage in moving bus..

With a sudden hump.. Sanskar mistakenly dashes with the girl..

He stood straight being guilty to dash with her even if it was not intended

But the girl glares him.. He was guilty he was about to ask the sorry when she turns other side

He was looking out..
But the girl turns to him and was glaring him

There was a sudden jerk.. Due to driver’s sudden break!
But this time sanskar maintained the gap between.. But still his hand smacked her arm!

Girl turns towards him and slaps him hard!

Sanskar was shocked…

While the people in the bus look at them…

Girl:now dash…. Now place your hand…

A man:what happened?

Girl:uncle.. He was deliberately falling over me and placing his hands on my….. (she wipes the tears which has just formed in her eyes)

Sanskar nods in no.. Words aren’t coming out from his mouth:no i…

Girl: but i am not the one who will stay silent for these harassments

Sanskar:but i didn’t do anything!

Girl turns to the lady whom sanskar offered the seat:aunty.. You saw right how he misbehaved and now acting innocent

Lady:yes i saw

Sanskar was shocked:please believe me i didn’t do anything it wasn’t intentional the bus was….

Lady:you intentionally gave the seat to me so that u can have fun in the crowded bus.. Hai na.. Chii

Sanskar:no believe me!

A guy was making the video

Old man:he should be hand overed to police

A man:no he would come out anyhow.. If we people didn’t take a stand against this harassments then it’s a shame on us!

People hit sanskar… He was been dragged out and was been hit badly!

People at last leave him and he was wincing in pain.. Blood were oozing from the side of the forehead and the corner of his lip!

He couldn’t stand properly..
People near him were giving him the disgusted look

He stood and with very difficulty moved

“uncle.. He was deliberately falling over me and placing his hands on my…..”

“you intentionally gave the seat to me so that u can have fun in the crowded bus.. Hai na.. Chii”

Sanskar:meine kuch nahi kiya..
He sits in one place as he couldn’t move due to the pain

It’s night
He reach his home and rings the bell

His sister Suma opens the door
Suma was already in tears:bhaiyya
She was about to hold the stumbling sanskar

When his father Ram came from behind:Suma… What i told you…! Go get in

Suma:dad but bhai…

Ram:i said.. Go inside your room!

She cries and goes


Ram:some hours ago you were my pride but now i am feeling disgusted.. How could you do something to…… (after a pause) when you yourself have a mom and sister in your home… How could you something like that!

Sanskar:dad.. Believe i didn’t…

Sanskar sees the news in the TV

Reporter:this cheap guy wanted to take revenge!!! Will Tara get the justice and other side the video of the bus was playing

Ram:see your cheap doings?

Sanskar:dad trust me…

Reporter asks the injured girl(Tara who blamed sanskar)

Tara:i feel disgusted at myself when he threatened me finding me alone.. (she cries) even after doing those things in the bus.. Still… Still he tried to(cries hard) molest me… He wanted to take the revenge!

Sanskar was shocked:no dad.. Pl…

Ram pushes him out:never ever try to come her.. From now your family is dead for you.. I dont want suma’s life spoiled because of you…

Sanskar looks at his crying mother Sujatha

Sujatha:suniye ji.. Please once listen…

Ram slams the door on his face

Sanskar knocks the door and tells that he is not guilty but none was listening to him…

He comes out of him

A man:good that Ram ji identified his son’s true face…. And we should not let our daughters his side by…

He was not understanding what is this new blame on him!! And most importantly his father disowned him!

There’s always a 3 support for person to live… One the family&friends second the Self respect and third the self trust!

Here sanskar lost his family his self respect and self trust which he is in the verge to lose because of a family we learn to maintain the respects and trusts

Voice:Mr. Sanskar Grewal aren’t you ashamed of your doings?

Sanskar didn’t wanted to listen anything new!

A girl comes to him:Mr. Sanskar say something.. Your dad has clearly ordered that you are dead… Please say something…

She points the mike towards him

He was hurt and her these questions were adding fuel to his inner burning wound

Sanskar:if you by mistakenly dash with some guy… Would it also be called be harassments?
Girl:oh come on Mr Sanskar it’s not only about your crime on bus but the sin you tried to molest her

Sanskar:when there is no one to trust me why should i answer your question…when my own fam…. He closes his eyes…

He turns and goes..

She keeps calling….. :huh…(she turns to the camera) Public what do you think.. Is he trying to runaway from our questions!? Will Tara get the justice? Even the police weren’t taking the response the guy who should be behind the bars.. Is roaming freely.. This is the development of our country.. Anyways stay tuned with us to collect more information… Camera man Sanjay ke saath Reporting Myrah.. NewsNow

Police were searching for sanskar..

As a politician stood with Tara for the justice..
And whole public wants to punish sanskar!

And the night passed into day

Fb ends…

Sanskar:why should i hide?! Why should i when i didn’t do anything! But nobody trusts me… She is right…..

At the time he listens the police siren

Police:if your hide&seek is over..

He puts the handcuffs on Sanskar’s wrist

Sanskar:listen inspector.. I seriously didn’t do anything i didn’t……

Police:speak in the court and even there would be none to listen to you…

They drags him

Sanskar was in the jail for a week.. He lost every hope but didn’t distrust himself when he know that he is not guilty

It was the hearing in the court!

Many people gathered in the court to get justice for tara even an politician

Police brings sanskar.. Who was looking weak he has grown the beard and he didn’t had the food properly in the whole week

Public Prosecutor Mr. Mk Singhvi has a record where he has fought 690 cases in his 20 years of Profession he lost his very first case but later on he made up a rule of winning in his dictionary and from then to now he never lost! His single verdict is enough to prove the guilty a criminal.

He comes to the court

Many news reporter’s asks him the various question about the case

Mk:the case is under control.. Only the submission is required.. And Ms. Tara Mehera would get the justice… And i am sure about it!

Myrah:sir is the judgement cleared?

Mk:about this question.. It’s cleared!! And judgement would be on Ms.Tara Mehera and the state’s favour

He goes..

Myrah:sir sir… One last question!

But he has already left followed by his junior lawyer’s

He enters the court and assures Tara and a politician Raghu tiwari

Sanskar was made to stand in accused

Judge comes….

Within few minutes

Judge:the case on The state vs Sanskar Grewal’s hearing starts on this date… And the Public Prosecutor you may proceed..

Mk:Thankyou your honour… Mr. Sanskar Grewal just started his move by offering the seat to the lady who was standing next to Ms. Tara Mehera.. Just to stay in the good books am i right Mr. Sanskar Grewal!?!

Sanskar :no…

Mk interrupted :but your main target was Ms. Tara Mehera.. And when you get caught you had a one motive that is REVENGE… On the innocent who raised her voice.. You tried to molest her…

Mk:i would like to call Victim Ms. Tara Mehera on the witness box

Judge grants the permission

Mk questions her… And she kept on blaming sanskar and asks for the justice from the judge

Sanskar didn’t utter a single word! As he himself was shocked about the blames

Mk: I want the permission to present an audio in the court.. Which would come to the final judgement

Judge:permission granted!

The audio was been presented where tara was crying for help

Sanskar was about to say something but stops as if he tries too he would not be proved innocent and After all he lost everything…. Till when he would stand for himself when none trust him

Mk:Ms. Tara wants the justice the public wants the justice.. And according to the section 375 376 Mr. Sanskar Grewal is guilty

A girl hurriedly gets down her scooty collecting files

Mk:now the court has to do the fair judgement!

Mk smiles Victoriously…

Judge looks towards sanskar :is any lawyer there to defend you?

Sanskar nods in no..

A lawyer who was present there :who would take such case your honour to protect a criminal!! There’s no one th…..

Interrupted by voice:mein hoon… Mein hoon… Your honour

A hand was raised behind the people

Girl:excuse me.. Excuse me please… Please…

She comes front

She is breathing heavily

She looks at Mk Singhvi and smiles

While Mk murmurs :RAGINI SHARMA

Sanskar was shocked to find her AGAIN


Sanskar was standing near the cliff when he felt a strong pull

Raginj has pulled him… They were so close that there was an inch gap between them

Ragini:sanskar have you lost it? What are you trying to do!

Sanskar:you!!! What are you doing here?

Ragini looks at all the wounds on his face hand.. She felt hurt seeing him like that
Ragini:i got to know about…

Sanskar:so you came to ask me about that!! Waise you hate me so you would be happy right!

Ragini:yes I hate you!! But i trust you.. And i know you can’t do this ever!

Sanskar for a moment was froze because her eyes showed the true concern for him and the immense trust on him.. The same thing which he heartily wished to get from his dad!

Ragini held his hand:look sanskar forget about the childhood rivalry.. But this time i am here to help you out.. To support you to stand by you!

He frees his hand:please leave!

Ragini:Sanskar listen to me!!

Sanskar:Ragini you would be stuck.. Let me be myself leave me alone sanskar

Ragini:ok.. You want me to leave right…. But tell me where is that sanskar who used to fight with me when i used to put small small blames of teasing me… Where is that strong bold sanskar who cleared his IPS exam by conquering the 8th Rank in the will let those hard work fall into the water.. Now you are DENIGRATED Sanskar.. Wake up yourself.. If you don’t take a stand for yourself how can you expect other’s to trust you….

Sanskar:leave me alone… Please go!

Ragini:ok fine.. I will go now but won’t leave your side! And remember one thing sanskar I Ragini Sharma promising you that chahe kuch bhi… Kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi ho jaye tumhe aise haar ne nahi doongi!! (whatever may be… Whatever means whatever may happen i will not let you loose like this)

She goes from there.. But she listens the siren of police…

She was about to go and stop them to not arrest sanskar but she thought it would be good only he may do something to himself if he is out!

In a week she checked on him from far

She explained it to her friends Saher and Diksha about the case

Saher:are you out of your mind Ragini… Do you know who is fighting the case…

Diksha:exactly it’s senior lawyer and our Professor once MK Singhvi

Ragini was silent

Saher:think Ragini.. You don’t even have the experience how you would do this!! You just completed your law

Ragini:it’s enough for me saher… I would definitely free sanskar

Diksha:what if he beh….

Ragini interrupts:diksha no…. I don’t want to listen anything against him.. I thought you both would support me but it’s alright if you don’t want to.. No force!! But please let me do this and don’t even try to stop me!

Ragini then goes to her home where her father shekar was waiting for her
Shekar is a lecturer in school where both Ragini and Sanskar studied

Shekar:what happened is everything fine

Ragini:dad… Would i be able to?

Shekar:i trust you and i know the truth wins and…

Ragini:believe on God and yourself.

Shekar smiles

Ragini:dad!! When Sanskar’s own family disowned him and didn’t trusted him.. How come you….

Shekar interrupt :i was his teacher Ragini.. You know what a teacher understands a student by their behaviour.. And Sanskar was the best student I ever had!! May be there’s misunderstanding you have to open up the truth!

Ragini:but dad.. It is my first case and i have no experience…

Shekar :experience doesn’t wins always.. The smartness and confidence in you will make you win it..

Ragini:i have to prepare for the case… And the public prosecutor was our former principal.. And who doesnt even like me

Shekar:then it’s more easy for you!!

Ragini worked hard and consulted many lawyers but didn’t help her!!
She at last went to an retired old aged lawyer with a hope to get some advice.. And he helped her

Old lawyer:read the cases and listen to her(tara) interviews until you will get some clues! Don’t ever leave in the middle thinking you know about it.. Know it so deeply that it.. Itself give you many more clues

Ragini:thank you so much sir

Old lawyer:hope the truth wins

Ragini nods

She did as he said in the whole week! But was sad not having her friends beside her who was always her greatest support after her dad

Fb ends

A lawyer:how can you take this case!

Ragini was nervous but her main motive was to save sanskar whom she know can never do anything bad like this

Ragini:why not i can take this case? When Rajeev Gandhi was killed in front of numerous people even after knowing who is the culprit still we lawyer’s saved them defended them and our parliament had a bomb blast and even we know the culprit even after more than the 12 years still the case is going on and here too credit goes to obviously we lawyers!!and your honour there’s many more cases if i go on telling then there would be no end to it! There are many criminals who are roaming freely after the murders here also the credit goes to we lawyers!

There comes diksha and saher all dressed with files takes their seat

Rag smiles widely see her 2 friends and now she is getting the confidence to talk… She was nervous but not anymore but still there’s a fear

Ragini :here we don’t know the exact culprit(she sees many were objecting her when they were about to shoot her with yells point outing sanskar)and one more thing any person would not be a culprit or a criminal until the final judgement the person is only ACCUSED and don’t worry the final truth would be out! And my client Mr. Sanskar Grewal is innocent… (Ragini faces the judge) and i hope the honourable court is giving me the permission to defend Mr. Sanskar Grewal! Here are my documents
(she gives her documents to the court registrar)

Sanskar was looking at her with a blank face.. She stayed with her words!! And he?! He was himself backing off!

Judge:this is your first case and have no experience Ms. Sharma

Ragini smiles:Your honour court asks for the truth and i accept about me not been experienced but i would try my best one of my Professor told me that if you point an aim then you will definitely reach it and my aim is to bring out the truth!

Mk remembered his words which Ragini just now told it.. he never liked her she is always a cross questioner and never punctual in class

Judge:you may proceed!

Ragini:Thankyou your honour.. I would to cross examine Tara Mehera

Tara’s face had the tension and fear and also she was sweating. She wipes her sweat

Ragini:so first of all how are you Ms. Tara Mehera

Tara:how.. Would i be? When these incidents happen to any girl how could she have a peace..
She wipes tears

Ragini:is the person standing before you(pointing towards sanskar) is the one who behind all the things happened with you!


Ragini:are you sure!

Mk:I objection your honour… Defence is wasting the time of the court.. When everyone know the truth

Judge:objection overruled

Ragini:thankyou your honour… So he was the person in the bus who has harrased you by touching your body! So can you tell me how was the state of bus.. Like is it crowded!!

Tara:it was crowded

Ragini:bus would be moving in speed obviously.. Right?

She nodded

Ragini:aap jaa sakti hai…

Tara went and sat

Mk:your honour what the defence lawyer is trying to prove?

Ragini smiles:i am trying to prove that.. It was a mistake that can happen with anyone… Your honour please note that the bus was crowded and also in speed

Mk:but where does it proves that Mr. Sanskar Grewal is innocent?

Ragini:exactly the same.. Where does it prove Mr. Sanskar Grewal is guilty?

Judge notes down!

Mk:mujhe lagta hai mere kaabil dosth yeh nahin jaante ki Mr. Sanskar Grewal ne badla lene ke iraade se Ms. Tara Mehera ko balaathkaar karne ki koshish ki thi!
(i think my capable friend doesn’t know about Mr sanskar Grewal to take revenge on Ms Tara he tried to molest her)
Sanskar couldn’t listen it!
Ragini who was sitting.. Stands

Ragini:your honour.. The audio only has Ms. Tara’s voice and not a Single utter of Mr. Sanskar Grewal… So how it proves that my client Sanskar is behind in all this!!

Mk:court asks for the proof Ms. Sharma..

Judge:defence lawyer Ms. Ragini sharma do you have any proofs regarding the accused Mr. Sanskar Grewal is not guilty!?

Ragini had no answer

While Mk smirks

And judge asks her again…

Ragini:no.. No your honour..

Judge writes:so the next hearing would be on 28th and defence lawyer should present the proof to the court! The court is adjourned!

Judge leaves from there and police takes samskar with them…

Ragini was sitting confused

Saher:Ragini don’t worry

Diksha:you would do it!

Mk moves towards them:so Ms. Ragini Sharma… How was your first day of your first case?

She stands:well it was indeed good sir!

Mk:oh but aisa na ho ki aapko phir se law college join karna pade
(oh but lest… You may have to again join the law college)
Ragini smiles

Mk:and you would have know about me how many cases i have won

Ragini smiles :yes sir i know… Aur aisa na ho ki mein aapko apke pehli case ki yaad diladoon!
(lest i may make you remember your first case)

Mk looks at her.. Actually he had no words

Ragini:have a good day sir!! And ghar jaake coffee zaroor pijiyega.. Dimag ko thanda rakta hai! (do drink the coffee definitely it keeps the mind cool)

She goes followed by Diksha and saher

Outside Myrah:Ms. Ragini sharma why are you supporting an rapist?
Ragini:what did you just say?
Myrah:he would be the one if Ms tara didn’t
Ragini interrupts:wait one minute.. Do you trust your camera man?
Myrah:what type of question is this.. Yes of course i trust him Afterall i am working with him from past 2 years!
While the camera man karan looks at them
Ragini:if i blame him he is a rapist and he don’t know to respect girls.. What would you say about this?
Myrah:no he can never do such things.. Because i know it till now there was…
Ragini smiles and interrupt :see you yourself answered your question!
Ragini goes followed by her friend’s

Later Ragini and her friends goes to police station for the bail of sanskar

Sanskar comes out and sees Ragini

He goes out


She follows him :oh mister..TT.. THE Tiffin Thief! (he stops) she murmurs TT
She smirks

Sanskar turns and looks at her.. Then was about to go!!

Ragini :if you didn’t stop i will kidnap you then

Saher to diksha:what is happening there?

Diksha:the same thing which is not happening with me?

Saher looks at her confused?

Ragini:let’s go!

Sanskar:why are you doing this?

Ragini acts thinking:hmm… Because.. Wait i will only tell you when you will come with me

Sanskar turns and goes

Amd ragini signs her friends

And both:yes boss…

They goes

Sanskar himself:when she is hates me why she is helping…………………
Suddenly felt the pull

He finds himself in the car.. And sees Ragini who is raising her eye brows with smirk crawling on her lips!

While he sees diksha driving the car and saher in passenger seat!

Sanskar:why are you doing this? I don’t want to come with you anywhere… (and to diksha) you girl stop the car right now!

Diksha puts the 4th gear and speeds the car….

Sanskar was continuously asking Ragini to stop but she is playing stick swing in her iPad

They reach Ragini’s home

Where shekar is standing outside!

Sanskar gets down the car! Shekar comes to him

Shekar:don’t worry sanskar.. Everything would be fine

Sanskar was shocked he didn’t expected his teacher to trust him.. He thought he lost everyone in his life and nobody trust him.. But he was wrong!

Sanskar:but.. Sir.. You.. (he was lacking the words)

Shekar:you are going to ask why i am trusting you.. Am i right?

Sanskar nods slowly

He smiles :you will not understand.. Let it be.. Come.. You look so pale.. Janki is making the food for you

Behind janki(Ragini’s mother) :it is your favourite aaloo ke parathe!

They take him in…

Ragini smiles:hope MY SANSKAR turns like before

Both saher & diksha shocked:hein? My sanskar??

Ragini:em… What? I said sanskar turns like before

Saher:no you said..

Ragini interrupted immediately :i am tired and hungry
She goes in better to say escaped from her friends

Here Suma;mom.. Atleast you could have understood bhaiyya.. He can never do such things mom…
Sujatha:we can’t do anything in front of your dad suma
Suma:isn’t bhaiyya your son that you can’t do anything? She asked angrily

Sujatha was silent!
Suma feels disgusted and storms from there!

Here sanskar was overwhelmed by shekar & janki’s trust and love for him..

Sanskar all of a sudden hugs skekar!

Shekar was shocked but reciprocates and pats him

While Ragini back hugs janki and admires sanskar

Sanskar :i don’t know sir how would i repay… When nobody trusts me…

Shekar interrupts him:you know what?! We should take everything lightly and positively and whatever happened with you is sign to not feel defeated but to feel it is your exam where you have to top it! And truth wins and you will win it definitely! And now no more talks you should rest!

He shows him the room:get fresh & take rest

Sanskar smiles a bit and nods!

Shekar comes outside he sees ragini and janki

Shekar:i assured him but if i was in his place i don’t know what would i have did to myself! (he looks at Ragini) now it’s on you Ragini.. Bring the truth out and free Sanskar give back him his respect!

Ragini smiles and nods:i will come back in an hour

She goes out

Ragini meet her friends in cafe

Ragini:from where would i bring the proof?
Saher:don’t worry you….
Ragini interrupts :we don’t have enough time.. In 6 days it’s the hearing! But if we found the cc tv footage of the MG road junction then we might get something

Diksha thinks and suddenly smiles:Samiya can help us!

Saher:sami but how?

Ragini:adi bhaiyya???

Trio goes in triple ride in scooty…

They reach a college wait there

Classes finishes and students come out…

Trio looks for Samiya

Someone pats Ragini from behind

Trio turns


Trio closes their eyes at once

They heard the laughing voice

They opens their eyes and finds samiya

Later all 4 were sitting in college garden

Samiya scared:no no.. Do you all want me to die.. No ways!

Ragini:please yaar sami.. Please! Pretty please

Samiya Sarcastically :at first i have to go bhaiyya’s office and then i have to fool him and i have to steal the footage.. No ways! It is like placing head in lion’s mouth

Saher:please sami only you can help us!

Sami:but you can directly go and ask him only!

Ragini:we would have and you know how strict your brother is!! And in this he may not help us! please it’s about someone’s life… If you wish to you can do this..

Sami: let me think.. BA(bhabhi amma?) tu chal

Diksha:mein!! But where?

Sami:to your future husband

Diksha:oh i am always ready!

Traffic police head quarters!

Adi:sami what are you doing here?
Sami:woh bhaiyya… Diksha
Adi angrily:don’t take her name?
Sami:actually she wanted to talk to you urgently.. She was crying like she is in hell! ??
Adi:sab drama hai uska
Sami herself:how to send him!
Adi:now you go him!
Sami:she was going to drink poison bhaiyya.. (she crosses her fingers) i didn’t knew my bhaiyya would turn like this a stone hearted??
Adi:bass bass.. Where is she?
Adi:hmm.. He goes
Sami:oh ho BA.. Plan workout.. She sends text to diksha

“BA…drink the poison” diksha reads the text

Diksha:haww she wants to kill me!
She sees adi coming…
She suddenly turns:sami.. What did you told him!
Adi from behind:what was that… You were going to drink poison!

Here sami fastly searches the CD’s of the day when the incident happened .. Ragini was also there with her who has hidden there when sami was talking to him…
They gets in computer folder and Ragini applies a cd and copy it!

Here adi:get lost!
He goes in
Diksha gets scared:please please

Ragini:57%…please please… Fast fast
She was praying

At the time adi enters:what are you doing here?

Both Ragini and sami were shocked

He move to them and sees they were copying the CD

Ragini:please bhaiyya.. This proof can only help us
Adi:leave from here before i take actions on you! And sami…. So this was a plan
Sami:bhaiyya listen you would have not helped us in this case
Adi:exactly i would have never!
He pulls them out
Ragini angrily:if you were wrongly accused and if you were in the accused place then….
Adi stops
Ragini:please bhaiyya i support the truth even you can see what have happened.. You can help us you are a public servant

Ragini smiles :thankyou
Adi smiles a bit..

He only shows the footage…

And after fast forwarding for few minutes.. They sees sanskar they zoom it..
And watches it!

Later Ragini: Thank you…
Adi:no that’s fine and i should be grateful to you even i had a negative thought!
Ragini smiles:thankyou so much sami… Thanks for your help
Sami:no it’s ok and ha faad dena!
Ragini smiles

Later ragini drops diksha and goes to her home!

In her room…

Ragini was one side watching the cctv footage again and again and other side she was watching the Tara’s interviews

She wasn’t getting much clues which could give her the strong evidence

Just then she remembered

“Don’t ever leave in the middle thinking you know about it.. Know it so deeply that it.. Itself give you many more clues” the retired old lawyers words

She watched it again and again!

Next day

Sanskar was sitting outside lost
Ragini sees him!

She goes to him!

Ragini:what are you thinking?
Sanskar sees her and nods in no

Ragini:no you can tell me.. I am not that bad!

Sanskar:nothing li….
Ragini interrupts:i know that! Now tell!
Sanskar:i was thinking that if you were not there.. I would have been in jail now for the deed which i haven’t done! The deed which i can’t even imagine in my wildest dream too!

He said with the pain and hurt! And Ragini could feel it!

Ragini:i don’t know how to say or what to say but i can understand your pain!
She held his hand:trust yourself Sanskar!! These things cannot break you!

Sanskar looks at her:i don’t know i trust myself or not but i trust you!!

The shock of happiness!! It’s not surprising but a shock to Ragini!! She felt really very happy that he trust her! They had a deep eye lock!

Ragini breaks it:u know what?
Sanskar:what? If you say i would know
Ragini remembered sanskar used to say this mockingly whenever he used to talk to her but this time he said it with calmness

Ragini:we are talking so freely! TT
He smiles :jhalli!

Ragini was determined to bring back the old sanskar so she has already planned something!


Few kids were present there

Ragini has tied the cloth on her eyes and was moving to hold them

Saher was also with the group of kids!

And diksha was sitting with a book but her main intention was something else! Within a minute sanskar coming outside

Diksha in low tone:aagaya aagaya aagaya!
She was saying in the Bluetooth device even Ragini has wore the one

Sanskar was about to move

Diksha:go go.. Straight
Ragini was moving to him
Sanskar moves other side
Diksha:move left left
Sanskar moves another side
Diksha:move right
Ragini moves to him

Sanskar looks at her suspiciously.. He simply started to move another side just to check on her she came to his side!
Sanskar all of a sudden picks the cactus plant pot and forwards it a little

While the kids and saher widens their eyes
Kids:didi.. Goo go catch!
Kids laughs

Diksha:Ragu.. He held a cactus

Ragini screams:whaaaatttt!
She removed the cloth
Ragini:hawww cheater you held cactus! Say kids sanskar is a cheater!
Sanskar:ahaan.. Who is a cheater? Ragini is a cheater!

Saher along with kids:cheater cheater Ragini is a cheater!
Sanskar:no no say jhalli is a cheater!
All:jhalli is a cheater jhalli is a cheater!

Ragini points finger:aeee.. TT stop it!
Sanskar:no ways!! Cheater cheater
All:jhalli is a cheater
Sanskar:cheater cheater
All:jhalli is a cheater!!

Ragini:ha ha i know… You are the biggest cheater in the world
Sanskar:you are agreeing you are the biggest cheater in the world

Ragini:haha with whom i am talking.. The one who used to complete the notes through other students just for one chocolate
Sanskar:i didn’t do it for free i gave chocolate in return… And see who is talking the one who slept in open eyes and just acted to be attentive in class He laughs
Ragini:it is called art.. And i am the artist… I never got caught unlike you who gets caught red handed while sleeping!
Sanskar :because in my dictionary there ain’t any word called cheating
Ragini:ok give your dictionary i will change it and give
Sanskar points his finger and glares her:you…..
Ragini points her finger to him:yes me so what?!
Sanskar:i hate you!
Ragini:but I……. (she stops)

She goes in…

Ragini was moving here and there

Ragini herself :what i was going to do? Ragini be careful!

She goes out and sees sanskar was removing the bandage from his forehead
He was wincing a little

Ragini moves to him and makes him sit

Sanskar:arey Ragini.. What are you doing?
Ragini :shh

She removes the bandage slowly.. He winces a little
She gets panicked and blows air she was too close to him
For a moment he was lost in her care and concern
She applies medicine on his wound.. It burned him but he was lost in her concern filled face
She applies the bandage..
Then she looks at him who was already looking at her…
He immediately looks other side:thanks!
She nods and suddenly she gets something and goes

Sanskar himself:what were you doing? You were staring her like maniac
He brushes off his thoughts

Here Ragini looks at the cc tv footage

Next day

Ragini was writing down about the case!! When it was raining heavily!
She looks outside and sees sanskar standing outside and drenching in the rain!!

She immediately goes out picking up the umbrella!

Ragini:Sanskar… You would get cold…

She shaded the umbrella over him
He had bent his head

She held his hand and was about to drag him with her

She stopped listening his painful voice which froze her and she got a goosebumps of his pain

Sanskar:would i get justice?

Ragini was lacking words as still she didn’t got any strong evidence which would prove sanskar as innocent!!

Ragini assures him:Sanskar you will…….
Sanskar interrupts:but why i need it!? I don’t need it

Grip on the umbrella loosened it fell down from her hands

Now both Ragsan were facing eachother

Ragini held his hands:sanskar why are you talking like this!!

Sanskar to the fact was crying silently it was hard for Ragini to figure out that his emotions in this heavy rain but still she knew he was crying

Sanskar:A Self Respect is also like a heavy rain.In this heavy rain many loses their shelters land crops etc after the rain stops and comes next year too people talk about the damages happened but nobody thinks we were in the need of water few days back or what essence the rain took place.. Yes people pray for the rain but they don’t remember it when the damages takes place but the damages would always be remembered…. The same way tomorrow even if i proved innocent too but the incident would never be erased.. It would follow me wherever i go!

Ragini just looks at him as he was pouring whatever pain he has stored in the heart

Sanskar:a person’s self respect is everything and i lost it without my mistake!! People see me as a culprit and tomorrow they would see you as the one too.. After all you are trying to save me!!

Ragini:sanskar… It’s not like the way you are thinking.. If you care only people takes the chance as opportunities.. You know what?! This is an experience for you and i promise you and see there would be one day when the same people would cherish your name.. And remember one thing you are fighting this for yourself neither for the family nor for the peoples.. Its only you!! You fighting for yourself and also i want to add that you are not alone in this fight i am with you!

Sanskar:why do you trust me to this extent?

Ragini smiles a bit

Hum jo har mausam pe marne laage

I am dying in every season

Wajah tum ho.. wajah tum ho

You are the reason for that…

Hum jo sher-o-shaayari karne lage..

I have started writing poems-songs

Wajah tum ho… Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason for that

Ragini:i would definitely tell you but not now! Now let’s go in you would catch cold and you will also make me sick

Sanskar:how i will repay you?

Ragini acts thinking:the future IPS officer is asking this so…. I should ask something big!

Sanskar was about to say something against her comment but Ragini interrupts:you should spend a day with me fully uniformed! What say?

Sanskar smiles a bit
Bikhre bikhre se thein hum pehle ab sawarne laage…

I was so messed up before, but now I’m imporving

Tumhari galiyon se rozana jo hum guzarne laage..

Since I started roaming around your lane daily

Wajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason…

Wajah tum ho….. Wajah tum ho….

You are the reason…. You are the reason….

Ragini:wide the smile.. What would cost you?

Sanskar smiles

Ragini moves back stands in attention and salutes him:Ragini Sharma is officially honouring the soon to be IPS officer Sanskar…

Sanskar laughs a bit seeing her cute antics

Ragini:and waise i can only talk to you now.. Then you would not see e only because IPS officer ho phir shayad mujhe appointment lena padega tumse ladne…… TT…

Sanskar:now let’s go even the rain stopped but sadly not your dramas.. Ms drama queen urf jhalli

Ragini catches her hips and fake glares him

But soon both laughs

They were going in with a small distance in between them
Sanskar remembered the times when they were in school


Ragini was distributing sweets to whole class except sanskar

Aise pehle na thei.. jaise hain hum aaj kal..

I wasn’t the person I am nowadays

Aise pehle na thei.. jaise hain hum aaj kal…

I wasn’t the person I am nowadays

Later sanskar theft her tiffin and ate the sweets

And was about to go.. He sees Ragini glaring him

He gives her an attitude look and moves from there
While Ragini laughs seeing him left but she was wrong he saw her laughing

From then she used to call him TT/TIFFIN THIEF
Fb ends

Sanskar looks at Raginj who was in deep thoughts
He remembered all the incidents happened recently and how Ragini stood by him

Tumhare siwa kisi aur se hain milte kam aaj kal…

I don’t usually meet anyone except you nowadays

Tumhare siwa kisi aur se hain milte kam aaj kal…

I don’t usually meet anyone except you nowadays

Ragini felt his gaze sanskar immediately turns and bites his lower lip

Ragini remembered a flashbacks
Zara zara se hum.. badalne lage..

Little by little I have started to change

Wajah tum ho… Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason for that

Wajah tum ho… Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason for that


Sanskar was standing with his friends and when Ragini was passing by he forward his leg
And Ragini eho noticed it stood on his leg and passes
She turns and winks at him
While he wincing glares her
Once after she turned his lips turned into a smile
Fb ends

Ragini was smiling looking at Sanskar..when he looks at her
He signs her what and she shrugs her shoulders mentally slapping her for staring him

And they looks front

when their hands interacted.. They look at each other.. They have a deep eye lock.. Each could see some emotions for each other… They immediately looks other side as they felt the different thing happening!

Wajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason..

Sanskar looks at her:Thankyou for being with me!

Wajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho…

You are the reason…

She looks at him and smiles!

Days flew and there was only one day for the hearing!!
If Ragini doesn’t Present any proof’s and sanskar would definitely be punished! But how to prove his innocence!! She have collected some proof but it would not be the strong one!

At the time she gets the call from samiya!

Sami:Ragu…. U should go to jaipur!!


Sami tells her something which is muted

Sami:adi bhai told me and you don’t have enough time too!
Ragini :thankyou so much Sami if you weren’t there…
Sami:thank me later with a treat at dominoes but now go!

Ragini immediately goes to shekar and tells him something

She goes out and in one spot saher and diksha were waiting for her!

Next day…

Afternoon at 3

It was the hearing

Sanskar was brought by the police where he sees his sister Suma and sujatha.. They smiles through tears at him and he smiles back
Myrah too comes and takes a seat!

Mk singhvi too comes…

Later the politician Raghu Tiwari and Tara comes there!

Ragini comes there followed by diksha and saher

Ragini tells something to diksha.. Diksha nods and goes out!

Judge comes there and after honouring him everyone gets back to their seat

Judge:public prosecutor do you want to say something?

Mk:yes your honour… I have already presented my verdict and it clearly states Mr. Sanskar Grewal guilty.. I request the court to give the justice to Ms. Tara Mehera without delaying anymore…

He sits back in his seat

Judge:defence lawyer proceed

Ragini:Thankyou your honour… I would like question Mr. Sanskar Grewal

Ragini moves to him:Mr. Sanskar Grewal would you tell me where you were going?

Sanskar:i was going back to home
Ragini:why were you out? Hmm wait….

She takes out the paper of a month back….
Ragini:your honour.. This paper is of last month where it has given the toppers of IPS exams!! And Mr. Sanskar Grewal got 8th rank in the state
She submits to judge

Mk:but how does it connect here?

Ragini:it doesn’t connect but i just s…..
Mk:oh Ms sharma you may have time for this but the honourable court doesn’t

Ragini turns towards saher and saher with a worried expression nods in no!

Ragini was scared

Mk:you honour the defence doesnt have the proof so she’s trying….

Ragini:your honour.. I would present the evidence but before that i want to cross examine Ms. Tara Mehera

Tara was been called

Ragini:Ms. Tara… I would like to ask about your family where are they? After these many thing happened why aren’t they here? The news has spread almost all over the India where are they?

Tara fears!
While the audience there starts to talk!
Mk looks at Tara

Ragini:ok leave mentioned it’s almost around 7 pm when sanskar tried to force you.. Am i right?

Tara nods
Ragini:can you tell again.. Which place it was?
Tara:i.. I couldn’t find the place.. I was in the fear
Ragini:oh… So where you were going…

Mk:i objection your honour.. The defence is asking the same question again and again and wasting the time of honourable court!
Judge:objection sustained

Ragini:your honour i would provide the the evidence but i want to continue with these questions…
Tara:iii.. I was going to my home
Ragini:when all this happened even people there hit him right
Tara nods!

Ragini:for now you can get back to the seat!

Tara goes and Ragini looks at saher she shows thumbs!

Ragini:i want to present a witness..your honour

Mk:i objection your honour the defence is literally dragging the case

Judge:objection overruled

Ragini:thankyou your honour.. I would like to call Dr Aliya on the witness box

Aliya enters the court room and stands in the witness box and she was made to take the oath of telling only truth

Mk:can you brief…

Ragini interrupts:i would definitely clear all the doubts!

Sanskar sees Aliya and identified her as she was the one who came and treated him in the jail!

Ragini:Dr Aliya is the one who treated sanskar in the jail!


Samiya:adi bhaiyya’s friend Dr Aliya who is in jaipur now.. She can help you out..
Ragini:but jaipur?
Samiya:or at least you can talk to her!

Later Ragini called aliya told about the case

Aliya:but how can it be possible? His medical reports are different which i have given!
Ragini:do you have the original copies!
Aliya:yes i have the one but it’s in my lab and i am out for my cousin’s marriage!
Ragini:please could you help me with it a innocent would be punished!
Aliya:it’s not possible for me to come…
Ragini:please.. Try to understand a life is dependent on your one reports! And if you be present here then……..
Voice which was audible to Ragini:aliya is everything fine?
Aliya:u can collect the reports in my lab…. I would inform it..
Ragini:see alya once it is changed and…
Aliya:i would call you back in some minutes

Fb ends

Ragini:is this the medical report of sanskar that you made it!
Aliya:no it’s not the one which i made it…

Audience there starts to talk

Ragini:point to be noted your honour
And there the politician’s and tara’s face turned pale

Aliya:i was in a holiday so i submitted the reports to my assistant..
Aliya gives the reports

Ragini submits it to the judge

Aliya:Mr. Sanskar Grewal wasn’t in the condition that he could attack or force someone
Ragini:dr Aliya you can go now.. your honour please note that Mr. Sanskar Grewal wasn’t in the condition to force someone
Aliya sits

Saher looks at aliya and she nods!

Judge notes down it

Mk:i objection your honour…the medical was from after Mr. Sanskar was taken in hostage.. Where does it prove him not guilty
Ragini:seriously today you are helping me a lot!

Mk looks at her

Ragini:your honour i want to as some Questions with Ms. Tara mehera

She was been called

Ragini moves to her

Ragini:Ms. Tara what day is today?
Ragini smiles:aha… Today there’s something special..!
Tara:no.. There’s nothing like that
Ragini: okay…today let me make you remember some old memories

Sanskar had a fear but he still had a trust on Ragini that she would definitely not let him being accused for the crime which he didn’t
Myrah was noting all those points

Ragini:see you had a friend whom you were dependant on with sharing everything
Tara:n.. No… T.. There’s no one!
Ragini:no there’s one may be you forgot! Today was her wedding!
Tara:no.. There’s no one
Ragini:ok so there’s no one!!? Wait i will tell you her name…. Her name is Nasreen
Tara was shocked!!
Ragini:you can get back to your seat

Ragini:your honour i would like to call Nasreen on the witness box

Every audience there turns to the door
Where diksha was standing with a beautiful bride!
Who is revealed to be Nasreen!


Aliya:nasreen… You
Nasreen :is there any problem?
Aliya tells her about the problem occurred ..
Aliya:and now the reports have been changed
Nasreen:what name you said about the girl?
Aliya:tara… Something wa..
Nasreen interrupt :tara mehera?
Aliya :i guess so
Aliya immediately types in Google about the incident and shows her the picture’s of Tara
Nasreen :Tara!

Aliya:you know her..
Nasreen:Yes of course i know her that too very closely
Her expression described something like hate & hurt!

Later aliya called Ragini and informed her that she will help her
And Ragini tells her about the departure to her(aliya’s) place

Aliya:great then…. I have something else to say you regarding the case and it’s favour to your case

In some hours Ragini and her friends reach the place!
They meet aliya

Ragini:please aliya hel…
Aliya:not only me my cousin would help you

Aliya introduce them to Nasreen

Nasreen gives them a laptop:this is Tara’s laptop!!
Ragini:but how did you get her……
Nasreen interrupts:i was her friend from childhood and tara is a girl who can do anything for publicity popularity and of course money status and it got more a madness when she was rejected from becoming a model! Everyday her mission was to make some rich guy fall in love with her.. She didn’t used to listen to her parents or me!! And in one of the accident she lost her parents 2 year’s back and she mentally decided of achieving everything which she wish to as she isn’t having any barrier her parents to stop from doing wrong and she used target the rich make them fall in love with her later she criticise them and later when i tried to stop her she left the place and i didn’t find her anywhere it’s been one year and now i got to know this!
And this laptop will help you to uncover her truth.. She had a habbit of writing like an article with making her as popularity!
Ragini:can you come please… This would be the best evidence… And Sanskar would be saved please do me a favour please come with me! If you yourself will present.. As you know tara is in thr
Nasreen:i understand… But tomorrow is my Nikaah.. I can’t….

Later they left as aliya said them that she is having some important work and she would reach by tomorrow evening

And next day noon aliya informed Ragini that she and nasreen both would be coming!

Fb ends!

Nasreen stands in the witness box!

Nasreen tells about tara and Ragini present the laptop as evidence and where it had all tara’s motives of targeting rich guys and the notes written by tara and pictures

Nasreen turns to Tara:Tara… Change for good.. Dont know how many lives you have ruined but tell the truth

Tara stands:i don’t know her… Its a plan against me…

Mk:i objection your honour.. How come this be possible! A random person comes and says this…

Ragini smiles:truly Mk sir you are helping me a lot today.. Your honour i want to present one more evidence which would prove Sanskar an innocent

She looks at myrah with smile

And present the video where tara joined hand with politician Raghu tiwari
Raghu tiwari was telling about the election and people would be proud of him and vote for him!

The politician’s purpose was to gain the trust from people just for the elections
And tara’s purpose was to be a fake feminine and money and publicity with popularity!


When Ragini reached the court..
Ragini:you! Please no questions now i have already answered you
Myrah:no but this time i am here to help you!
She gives a cd
Myrah:it may help you to prove sanskar not guilty

Myrah leaves
Ragini plays it in her lapto and sees
Diksha:wow! Case is with you Ragini…
Ragini had some determined expression like something else is running her mind
Fb ends

Sanskar was looking at Ragini

judge:Public procecutor your submission

Mk stands:thankyou your honour…. I wish for the fair judgement your honour

He sits back.. He had a satisfied smile on his face

He sees Ragini and goes into fb

Ragini was always cross question him in middle of class in fun manner

And once Mk:Ragini you are my student and don’t act like i am your friend

Ragini:sir teacher’s and students should behave like friends.. Then only we can understand each other’s thinking so that a teacher can understand a student and vice versa

Mk nods his head in disbelief :i never had such type of student in my 20 years experience

Ragini smiles:oh then the pen is mine!
Mk confused :which pen!?
Ragini:the pen which your professor gave you!
Mk:soch na bhi mat.. Its for the best student not the worst student like
Ragini pouts:but still there would be one day where you yourself will admit that i am your best student!
Mk:let’s see…

Fb ends

Mk smiles

Judge:defence your submission!

Ragini stands:thankyou your honour! I have a lot thinks to say your honour i have a lot… a person’s self respect is everything it is the main purpose of living(she looks at sanskar and remembered his painful conversation) mostly what happens is the women’s get harassed even in some place there’s no women empowerment! But that doesn’t mean every women should be sympathised in our society women’s like tara mehera is also present! But now 80% of our country favour on women… Not to go far even in our law! The first to favour is women, even in the time i was studying i have learnt the many section’s favoured to women and for men there’s in vice versa but not specifically mentioned, i am not saying this is wrong but many take it as advantage… And crime won’t be erased from the innocent person who is accused and the person stays in hurt pain and he feels life is not worthy to him(while saying this she said with emotions and her voice has raised.. She covers it) i am sorry!! I can’t explain the feelings because i haven’t went though… Men’s were always thought from they understand the world that he should not cry it is for girls if you cry then you are coward… Why isn’t men having any emotions?are they emotionless?! Mard ko bhi dard hota bahari zakhm se zyada andhar ki zakhm bohoth badi hoti hai.. To which they can’t express even(she remembered sanskar tried to hide his tears standing in a rain)

She takes a deep breath…

Ragini with a Sarcastic smile:And why men is guilty until he is proved innocent and why the women is innocent until she proved guilty!…. (after a long pause) That’s all your honour

She calms herself she never gave such long speech but Sanskar’s situation made to!!she felt his pain

While Mk stands and claps joined by all the audience!
Myrah smiles nodding her head remembering her very first interview with her
While suma and sujatha had a happy tears and they were clapping
Saher and diksha were clapping feeling proud that Ragini is their friend!

Judge:on the case the State vs Sanskar Grewal….. (everybody knew the result but Ragini was waiting to hear sanskar being not guilty)Sanskar Grewal found not guilty

Ragini takes deep breath which she had stopped for a second

Judge:for the false accusation on Sanskar Grewal… Ms Tara mehera would be imprisoned for 3 years and Raghu tiwari would be imprisoned for 6 months and 55,000 penalty and he would be removed from all his present and upcoming positions!

Judge:aur Mr Sanskar Grewal ko baizzath rihaa kar diya jaata hai! And Sanskar Grewal is asked to join the National Police Academy

Ragini smiles looking and sanskar
And sanskar was in the mixed feeling of emotions!
They have an eye lock he was really grateful to her how would he thank her!

Judge:the court is adjourned!!!

Police arrest Tara and the politician!

Ragini saher and diksha have the group hug!
Sanskar goes to his mom and hugs her and he joins suma in the hug!

All go out!

Tara was been questioned by media
Later she was about to be taken
Ragini:one minute

They stop
Ragini turns to sanskar:something is still left.. Would you?
Ragini:itna bada case cross kiya hai.. Tho…

Sanskar slaps tara

Tara stumbled back and held her cheeks being shocked

Ragini:bravo sansiii

After few minutes

Ragini:thankyou so much Nasreen and Aliya..
Nasreen:it’s not needed.. And if someone to be thanked here then my husband, after the nikah when i told him about this without wasting time he brought us here!
Aliya :yes absolutely! And now we should go.. Nasreen jeeju would be waiting

Ragini:thankyou again and thank your husband from my side!
Aliya:it’s ok…

Both leaves

Ragini was about to go

Voice:tumhari amanath mere paas hai… Ab tumhe hi use sambhalna hai

Ragini turns:sir aap!
Mk smiles and takes out the pen:would Mk Singhvi’s best student mind to give me an autograph!
Ragini:siiiiir(she literally dragged the word)
Mk places the pen on her pocket
Mk:autograph please
Ragini smiles:no sir! Aap
Mk interrupts:you know what your oppnent has slept taking sleeping pill with your submission and now your sir is asking atleast….
Ragini nods and gives him an autograph

Myrah:Mr. Mk singhvi you are taking an autograph
Mk singhvi:because today a teacher won! May be i have lost the case but i literally won when my student Ragini sharma.. And i don’t need any other thing than this!
Ragini smiles and then looks at sanskar smiling and talking with sujatha and suma and then at the pen
Ragini murmurs:mission complete

And while going ragini turns:sir!
Mk turns to her
Ragini:do you agree now teacher’s and student’s should….
Mk continue :have friends relation!
Ragini smiles mischievously:but.. Meine kaha tha na worst se best.. She raises her eyebrows
Mk:Ms. Ragini Sharma you are really a…….
He laughs..
Ragini winks at him
Mk:Ms. Sharma.. U will never ever change!

She runs from there

Diksha screams in Ragini’s ear:partyyyyy
Ragini hits her head!

Sujatha and suma thanks Ragini

Sanskar admires Ragini
When he sees his dad Ram there

Sanskar remembers Ram not trusting him…. He was not hurt of all those but his dad not trusting him was much more then the hurt! Which he can’t describe what he was feeling!

Ram:can you please give one chance to your dad to rectify!! I am really sorry son…
He folds his hand and was about to bend in front of sanskar when he held him in nick of time
Sanskar:no dad… Please
Ram:i am the worst dad still you…..
Sanskar:dad.. Don’t please.. Now everything is fine
Sujatha and suma too joins them

Ragini saw sanskar and admires him

And she then leaves from there

She sits in her scooty she starts and accelerates but couldn’t move.. She tries hard but couldn’t move
Voice:jhalli.. Look back atleast!

Ragini turns:you TT…
Sanskar smiles:jhalli ki jhalli hi rahoge
Ragini:now everything is fine so we can continue Teri meri dushmani!
But Ragini herself:kaash teri meri prem kahani hoti?

He leaves her scooty:thanks! Thankyou so much Ragini… I don’t…
Ragini interrupt :you remember my wish right..

Sanskar nods..

He turns to go

Ragini smiles :how many days months or year?
Sanskar:for what?
Ragini:arey the day you will spend with me!
Sanskar himself:a day? I want to spend my whole life with you!

Ragini smacks her finger in front of him :where are you lost?
Sanskar:no where!!

Ragini:ok.. Now say
Sanskar:may be after 10 years
Ragini was like????
Sanskar laughs:after my training and posting
Ragini:hmm… Ok bye

She leaves

While sanskar looks at her until her disappearing figure

After 3 years

Ragini was angrily bangs a door angrily
And outside sanskar laughs

Ragini:Mujhe Tumse Hai Itne Gile
(I have so many complaints for You)
Tum Kitne din Baad Mile
(You’ve met me after such a long time)
Bolo Itne Din Kya Kiya
(What did You do all these days?)
Kya Kiya, Kya Kiya, Kya Kiya
(What did You do?)
She was banging the door continuously and at last kicks the door but still didn’t open and to the fact she was taking out her anger!

While sanskar :Tera Naam Liya Ho Oo…
(I took Your name)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya Ho Oo…
(I remembered You)
Tera Naam Liya, Tujhe Yaad Kiya
(I took Your name, I remembered You)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya, Tera Naam Liya
(I remembered You, I took Your name)

She opens the door and glares him and moves out

While outside 4 girls were standing shocked….

Ragini:Apni Mummy Se Meri Baat Ki
(Did You talk to Your mother about me?)
Ragini: Nahi? No?
Sanskar :Nahi
Sanskar:Mere Dady Se Mulakat Ki
(Did You meet my father?)
Sanskar :Nahi
Ragini:Nahi? (she pouts angrily)
Sanskar: Nahi

RaginkHera Pheri Mere Saath Ki
(Did You cheat behind my back?)
Sanskar:No Never
Ragini:Fir Aur Bhala Kya Kiya
(If not any of this, then what did You do?)

Sanskar :Tera Naam Liya Ho Oo…
(I took Your name)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya Ho Oo…
(I remembered You)
Tera Naam Liya, Tujhe Yaad Kiya
(I took Your name, I remembered You)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya, Tera Naam Liya
(I remembered You, I took Your name)

Ragini smiles and hugs:Kab Banungi Main Shehzaadi
When will I become a princess,
Ragini:Kab Milegi Humein Aazadi
When will we get freedom
Ragini:Kab Hogi Humari Shaadi
(When will we get married?)
Sanskar:Abhi Yahi Chalo
Right now, let’s go
Sanskar:Ab Dil Kyon Tham Liya, Tham Liya
Why did You stop Your heart now?

Before Ragini could answer
The veiled 4 girls :Tera Naam Liya Ho Oo…
(I took Your name)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya Ho Oo…
(I remembered You)
Tera Naam Liya, Tujhe Yaad Kiya
(I took Your name, I remembered You)
Tujhe Yaad Kiya, Tera Naam Liya
(I remembered You, I took Your name)

Both Ragsan looks shocked!
And the girls dance around them!

They reveals themselves diksha saher samiya and suma
Diksha:see i told you saher
Suma:bolo sanskar bhaiyya ki
Suma:Ragini bhabhi ki
Sami:mein bhi.. Mein bhi…. Bolo Ragini jeeji ki
Sami:bolo sanskar jeeja ji ki

Sanskar facepalms
Ragini:you all!

Sujatha from behind:what you thought then?

Ragsan were shocked to find their whole family

Janki:ragini u didnt even told me?
Ragini:i told dad

Janki looks at shekar.. While he looks other side

Suma:but when did this happen.. You hated eachother!

Ragsan looks at eachother


After went to the training.. Sanskar always used to call ragini
Sanskar achieved gold medals in in the trainings!

But this time ragini called him
Ragini:Sanskar Grewal IPS batch no. 76 cadet no. 35762
Sanskar:you know much more about me
Ragini:then what… It’s been 11 months
Ragini:ok.. Ghar se
Sanskar:no want to keep surprise and hope this time my surprise works
Ragini:so no one knows about it
Sanskar:i wished.. If i had a wife or a gf?
Sanskar:so she would be there with me.. Wearing a beautiful black saree
Ragink:saree? ?
Sanskar:ok i will call you back later!

He disconnects

Sanskar:now want to see you soon Ms jhalli.. ?

Here Ragini:saree… Mumma…

She goes to her mom and brings a saree

She goes to her room:but how to wear this?

Shekar:what nakedness?

Ragini:woh i love sanskar so i want to wear a saree for him

Shekar :hein?
Ragini bites her toungue realising what she said!

Shekar:so this was……
Ragini interrupts:papa.. I
Shekar:it’s all ok from my side?
Ragini:but please don’t tell too anyone even sanskar doesn’t know..

Next day
Ragini went to hyderabad wearing a saree

It was so difficult for her to manage

Sanskar was bern honoured with gold medals..

He sees Ragini in black saree he smiles

After the function

Sanskar :you here?
Ragini:i thought to cheer you
Sanskar:oh but saree
Ragini:ae… Mr. Sanskar Grewal.. You are acting like…. She pouts
While he controls his laughter
Ragini??:sans… Sanskaaaaaaaar
Ragini:i love you
Sanskar:hawww.. From when?
Ragini??:you were my first crush and now i love you madly.. You can reject me but i don’t want to stay with guilt that i didnt express my feelings
Sanskar:i didn’t expected it..
Sanskar:arey listen.. I didn’t expected it because i already knew it from your dad
Ragini:hein what dad?
Sanskar:he couldn’t control his excitement seems…
Sanskar :so.. I would think and tell you
Sanskar pinching her cheeks:you are so cute! And I love you from the time i realised what love is! And you were also my one and only crush
Ragini was shocked :you also!
Sanskar nods
She has him immediately and he his her back
Fb ends

Before the day of him getting honoured with medals

Shekar:i was.. I was thinking that we should get them married!
Ram:yeah… You are right!

Ragini:you people decide it and it’s our… Hey TT
Sanskar goes to his bike and starts
Ragini goes and sits
Shekar:arey.. Let us decide…
Ragini strictly:i am going with my would be husband any problem?
Shekar scared a bit :go go..
Ragini smiles :aww… Thankyou

Later RagSan roam all over the city and yes sanskar obviously was in the uniform.. It was next day to join the duty today he wore it only for Ragini’s wish!

And they were sitting in the bus as Ragini wished to go in it

When a girl slaps a boy
And a boy was shocked
Everyone looks at them

The boy immediately move front and stood but due to sudden jerk the girl hits his back and boy turns and slaps her.. The girl was shocked!

Boy:galti kisi se bhi ho sakti hai

While Ragini looks at sanskar
While sanskar brushes his hair and shruggs his shoulders and gives a sheepish look


How was this?

So sorry that i couldnt able to update my stories due to my busy schedules!!

This os i have written for an group competition

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