A day to remember Chapter 26: Will SwaRagSanLak’s plan succeed

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Chapter 26: Will SwaRagSanLak’s plan succeed

Before I start, I wanna say thanks to the people, who read, love, like, dislike, hate, comment or vote for my story in Watty or TU, you guys are fantastic, fabulous, awesome, superb and you guys rock, but not as much as my masked mental sisters, cause they are out of the world type of people and they are: Nidhi, Sinzo(if you are reading it), Malika, Anjali akka baby doll, Jazzy, Cutie, Ruch, Kia, Ashnoor, Astha, Halima, Fairy, Diya and Fizzo????

Laksh’s pov
Soon the K bros left, three brothers were leaving happilly and rest weren’t happy at all, cause they are leaving tomorrow for America for TiK and GG’s engagement. TiK looked like an souless body without any means to live, cause of GG and his father, who ruined his life, but do not worry my dear jeeju(brother-in-law) your Sinzo will save you soon. I was smirking to myself only my Swara noticed it. “Laksh, why are smirking like that?” “Cause the K bros, will have a smile on their faces soon, cause of our masked angels!” I answered back to her. “My Lucky, you are a genious!” She said and kissed my cheek.
End of his pov

Swara’s pov
I went to my soon to be sister-in-laws and told them, that we are sending them away for a few days to America, so that they can stop TiK’s engagement. “When’s our flight?” Malika asked me. “Tonight, so you guys should start packing.” I told them. “Yes, we should go and pack.” They said together. “Where are you going?” My parents asked them. “We are going to America for our new mission?” “What’s your new mission?” RP uncle asked. “To save SwaRagini from Goldie Gupta akka Rahul Gupta’s sister, cause she wants to take revenge!” Nidhi answered the question. “Good luck! We all wished them. “Before you go, please give this chocolatemilk to Nidhi and Astha, cause they are very busy with studies.” Sujata chachi said.
End of Swara’s pov

After AstIdhi(Astha + Nidhi) convo + masked angels convo(will be shown in Why me?) They came down with packed bags and hugged their family and went with happy faces, cause they were allready planning, how the destrucktion of GG(my fav Villain) will beginn.

Sanky’s pov + convo with whole family
“I’m already missing my sisters!” I said to the rest. “We do as well!” “Nothing will happen to them, cause when they are together, then they are unstoppable.” Mom and Dad said together. “They will stop Goldie, like they stopped Rahul and Parvati Gadodia, I believe in them!” Lucky said confidently. “Come on guys they are the masked angels.” Ragini said, while she served everyone tea. “And they all are so sweet.” Swara said.
End of his pov

Ragsan romance scene
“I need your help baby between these three sarees.”

Saree 1

Saree 2

Saree 3

Sanskar’s chosen saree

“This saree will be perfect for you my Jaan.” Sanskar said, while he gave her a new Saree. “This saree is beautiful Sanky.” “But not as beautiful as you.” Ragini blushed very hard and Sanskar said: “please change into this saree, my queen?” “Yes, I will my king!” Then Ragini went to change her dress and background music played(Jab Tak, please listen to this song while reading this chapter). Sanskar was mesmerised with her beauty. “My queen, you look like an angel, in this dress!” Sanky said very romantically and Rags realised his intentions, so she said: “Sanky baby, I want to tell you something!” “What my jaan?” “I love you!” “I love you too, my angel!” After saying that, he kissed Rags very passionatly, which got intense untill they lacked of breath. “Can I have dance?” “Yes, you can!” She said, they danced with passion, intencity, care and love.
End of their scene

Swalak nokh-jokh(fight) scene
“Lucky you are an idiot!” “What did I do now?” He asked Swara. “You ruined my favourite dress, dumbo!” “I’m not a dumbo baby, but you are one!” “What, I’m a dumbo?” “Yes, you are a big moti(fat) one!” “I’m not fat, you langoor idiot(tall idiot).” “Kali chudhail(black witch), you are dead now.” “Me and a kali chudhail, then you are a kale kutte(black dog). “Then I’m only your kale kutte, my baby doll!” “Yes, you are only mine.” Swara said to him. “I’m sorry Shona, I bought a new dress for you!”

Lucky’s present for her

“This dress is so fabulous, thank you Lucky.” She said and he answered back: “anything for you my princess.” “Oh, so now I’m your princess again?” “You always were paagal.” “I was just joking my darling, cause I wanted to annoy you.” After saying that, he got hit by a pillow and so the pillow fight started, untill both of them were tired, but someone didn’t let them sleep and it was AP. “You both made a mess of this room, if you want to sleep then clean this room and it should be perfect.” She shouted(fake) at them.
“Yes mam!” The sayed like that???, then AP went and Swara said: “it’s your fault!” “No, it’s your fault. After argueeing for an hour, they cleaned the room.
End of their scene

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