Shades of love # a shivika is episode 6

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Sorry guys for the delay.
Actually I have had a hand fracture .
But I’ll try to be regular.

Shivay and anika married………….
Rudra saved by ishana from romi………….

Current track

Shivika take blessings from elders
Anika touches dadi feet and dadi feels its anika and is super happy
Omru sees her and get shocked as dadi always wanted shivika marriage.
They too hug anika and feel her presence.
They look at dadi who replies in positive and wish them a shivika a happy marriage life .

Shivika come to Oberoi mansion and dadi does their grahpravesh.
Shivika stand for aarti.
Anika goes farer and shivay comes closer.
Anika leaves her hand stamp on the wall.
Dadi does her much dikhai and whole Oberoi are shocked to see anika in the veil.
Dadi asks shivay whether he got married to anika and he say yes shocking all

Dadi actually tia ran away……….
All are shocked. He shows the letter as proof.
So to save the Oberoi reputation I tried marriage with aggarwals but this most smart, intelligent, beautiful and gyany anika baba gave her marriage gyan and she ran away.

Omru , soumya smoke hearing beautiful. Shivay notices that and says tongue slip.

So I married her.

Pinky comes and slaps anika and says you can never be an Oberoi bahu middle class worker.

Tears come down from anika eyes but she controls it.

He continues…………….. But anika interrupts………

Mr shivay Singh Oberoi you said as soon as we come home you will hand over my brother custody and divorce papers and I go home

We have reached home an hour before .
I fulfilled my promise. Now your turn.

Saying this she forwards her hand.

All are shocked.

Dadi says whether you like it or not anika now you are MRS. ANIKA SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI
Accept it!

No one can divorce in this home till I’m alive. If u want I’ll die and then u too divorce.

Shivika says no dadi.

Then dadi says then do what you two have to and give me a kanji ankho vale great grandchildren.

Shivika look at each other embarrassed and anger.

Shivika go to their room Rudy comes with two milk glass.
Shivika refuses.
Rudy says yeh rivaj hai. I’ll call o and dadi.
Shivika quickly gulp the milk in a go .
He smile victoriously

Shivika feel dizzy.

Actually Rudy had mixed alcohol in it on dadi instructions .

Shivika room.
Anika takes a hair bath and comes out in a night wear .
By that time shivay also changes his outfit and is lying on bed and staring at anika who was drying her hair.
Her mangalsutra gets stuck in her hair and she shouts ouchhhhh!!!!
Im n jiffy some warm hands remove the mangalsutra from her neck. Yes it was shivay.
He turns anika kneels down holds his ears and says sorry for doubting her.
She hides her smile.

He gets up and makes her wear her mangalsutra and promises to support , stay and trust her all life.

Anika nods no and says till she is here he has time to win her trust.

He says that much time is enough to prove himself worthy for his lady love.

Anika is shocked.

They both sleep on either sides of bed with pillow in between.


Daksh come to Oberoi mansion…..

More info about ishana

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  1. Sat

    It is very nice dear
    Dadi ordering annika and asking them children was really good
    And please update the next epi ASAP

  2. Wow. superb episode dear…’s so cute and romantic hahhh

  3. Anjaly

    amazing episode dear

  4. Jayashree


  5. Anujohnson

    Pls add some romance in shivika yaar….but today’s episode I should say it was awesome….update soon!!!

  6. Akshaya

    Wow that was amazing dear

  7. Shivika

    Fantastic episode….

  8. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode…… Eagerly waiting for next episode….

  9. Mukta

    Superb….. waiting for the next part!!!!

  10. ShubhangiRokxx

    omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg waesome

  11. Awesome episode….

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