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Dev Reads the story in book which is got from Buddha Statue..Sona,Dev’s frnd Shiv,childrens Anu,Jaan n Mio,the Cat r  listening the Story..

In the Story from the book,
Dev reads,”A Thief(Dev!!) is trying to stole A MagicWoman’s(Tat too,Sona!!) house..She tries to catch him”..

ThiefDev’s name-“You”..n MagicWSona’s name-!!

Thief(Dev):”U r trying to catch me”(smiles)…
N touches her painting’s lips(She draw herself) by his fingers..The lips turned into curved smile lips..
In painting,her
MagicW(thinks):”How did he do magic..?”(seeing her painting)..
N waves her magic towards him..
The thief(see TheMagicW sharply):”Yaara..Lock(smile n stops her magic n catch) n Key”

MagicW(think):”How Did He know my name…”(BigEyes)

N see Thief(“You”)..
The thief see Yaara with a smile..
His hands turn into a mixture of butterflies..

…Actually he disappear..slowly..
The butterflies surrounded him fully..
The thief with a smile(show his right hand):”Bye Yaara!!”…

TheMagicW(Sona) Yaara shocked by his magic..n thinks “I didn’t know about him earlier”..

Her eyes turns shock while seeing a paper on surface…
Yaara(shock):” What????”…
Taking the paper n see that….
Yaara(angry big eyes):”He stole my “5pages of Life”…
The paper in her hand falls below..her eyes seem shock..

Thief is sitting very cool in the top of the building..n opens the 1st page of Life…
Its Empty…
The 2nd,3rd,4th,5th…
All r Empty..
Thief(Shock):” I m So much Magical..BT Y I m unable to see the pages?”…
The clock sound comes…
“You” see the clocktower…
You(think):”Itz 1.00 am”..

Thief see the pages again…
The 1st page seem Something new..
Some words appear on it…
You surprised n see the page…
In 1st page “U stole from her..If She believe U,U ll able to see 1stPage”…

You:” Ya..I m theThief..I ll find a way to see U without her”…
In page the word “Deal?!” Appear…

At the Back,
A voice comes…
“What Deal?!” (Voice of Yaara,The magical Woman(Sona))

Yaara(shock):”What!!??He too hadn’t the pages”…
You(think):”U tried to read my mind?”

Hope U like tiz frndzz…

Frndzz!!!!I think itz 2 too Short..Unexpectl
Like the previous Sunday,Got a call from offc..
Finally escaped from those BigFiles..after working Today too..
Got Headache in tiz whole week..Now 2..Bcoz of Today’s OffcGoin..

Sent by Today to the Receiv..

A lot of Mistakes by Promises..I m unable to pass that promises..I lost Bcoz of Work..I wrote a little..BT It didn’t mingle with the Story..So writing again…

Hope U forgive my mistake frndzz..Tanqq frndzz..Take Care…


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  1. Awesome

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Princess..

  2. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..

  3. Omg so cool

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shama..

  4. Hey bro!
    Okay, now I know you must be terribly mad at me for having been disappeared all this while and I’m really very sorry for it! But, please do try to understand; I’ve been having severe cold and there’s a hell lot of work that is to be done at school. Honestly, I’ve been silently reading all your episode. The only thing is that I could never get enough time to comment.
    Coming to the episode, precisely all the episodes on which I’ve not commented, they’re all fantastic! Really splendid! And, the best thing I’ve noticed is the wonderful change in your writing! As compared to earlier, your writing seems to have improved a lot, really. I’m glad to see that more people have started understanding and appreciating your work as well. After all, you truly do deserve all those applauses.
    Please do post the next part really soon!
    Take care!<3

    1. HarSHaN

      Hw R U Sissy???S..Terribly mad..I think Examz r running..U,Pari n Nikki r missing..I know my late Epis..made Angry in our frndzz…Before that all,Hw R U sissy?Are U Alright now??!Take meds n full rest whenever U get free hours..Plzz..Health makes us Joy..n Gud..Mm..Sure Sissy!!VVSoon I ll make the next Epi..

      1. HarSHaN

        Bcoz of thinking about Examz,I thought I ll wait for our Frndzz comingcoming..Tatsy I didn’t ask though I thought..

  5. amazing harshan today only i read ur whole ff out standing,

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anah..Sorry for the late in Clown n Artist story….U 2 write very Gud..especially well portray of Expressions..I think I missed to see the story after Anika comes to hospital..I wish to read all our frndzz stories..Bt I get time to read full stories sometimes only..I will try to change my time..for it..Om(clown) story is already posted for review in morng….Still now it doesn’t come..I think I didn’t post correctly..

  6. don’t be sorry and i think u didn’t miss any part this is the next…..and thank u so much for compliment……

    1. HarSHaN

      S!!I didn’t miss the Epi!!

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