Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-2)

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Hello friends..

Hope u all like part-1 and waiting for part-2

So, with out any discussion.. am starting Part-2

Recap: Swara Surprise for Sanskar..

Sanskar swara dance.. she gifts hand made album to him..

Flashback moments..

So, lets starts Part-2 of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

Both swasan looking each other with cute smile..

He turns page..

Swasan emotional Pic present there..

With some lines..

Swara: yaad hai Sanskar.. how we love each other and the way of expressing our love..

Sanskar: thats my life turning point na.. how can I for get..

Swasan lost in each other eyes..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Swasan day by day start liking each other

After some days they realised they are in love with each other..

but they didnt express their feelings..

one day they went some friend house..

while they retuning they saw some place..

Sanskar: Swara.. whats going there..??

Swara: am not antharyami.. chalo kisi se puchenge..

Sanskar: hmm.. something special hoga na..

Swara: haa.. bahut beed hai na..

Swasan asked about that place to some uncle

Uncle: beta.. its lovers spot.. all people believing ki jo girl/boy yha aakar slip me apna lover ki name likkar wish mangta hai.. fir us slip ko waha god k murti k samne ek tree hai.. usko pin karna hai.. kahte hai wish pakka fullfill hojate haiand they always together rahta hai.. thats y this spot always rush rahta hai..

Swasan giving shock look to each other..

Swasan wants to go inside of that place..

But they hide this matter from each other..

Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar: haa..

Swara: wo, my friend msged me to come park.. tum chalo na.. my usse milkar aati hu..

Sanskar: (monologue) thank god.. mje bahana dundne se bachai.. an by toda aage jakar.. shortcut se yaha aajaunga.. swara ko lagti hai ki my gaya hu


Sanskar: okk..

He leaves..

Swara: thank god.. Sanskar gaya..

She rushed inside..

She took slip and start writing..

At the another hand Sanskar reached again that place..

He noticed she is not there..

He took a long breath and rushed inside..

He took slip and start writing..

He going to pin slip to tree..

She also going..

Both coming from in front side of each other..

But they didnt noticed coz of full Rush there.. many people present there..

They are in little distance.. but both are busy in checking their mobiles..

They just about to dash each other..

Some one came between Swasan and dashed..

Person: am sorry..

Person left..

Swasan slips (papers) fallen on floor..

They unknownly took papers of each other..

Sanskar slip in swaras hand..

Swara slip in sanskars hand..

They suddenly ups their faces and shock to see each other..

Both maintain silence.. coz both told lie to each other..

Wind going on heavy.. its evening time..

Suddenly their eyes fallen on papers..

They noticed at the same time ki.. its not their papers..

Swara reads Sanskar paper..

Sanskar reads swara paper..

Both happy and shock too..

Both completed reading with teary eyes..

Both look each other with teary eyes..

Now Swasan ko pata chal gayi ki they are loving each other..

BG Plays..

Swara: (female version)

Oo karam khuda hai..

Tujhe mujh se milaya hai..

Tujh pe marke hi to

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

Oo tere sang yaara

Kush rang bahaaraaaaaa.

Mai raath diwani..

Tu zard sitaara..

Oo tere sang yaara

Kush rang bahaaraaaaaa.

Mai teri hojau..

Jo tu karde ishara..

(swasan came to close each other and wipes each other tears..)

Sanskar: (male version)

Kahi kisi ki gali me jauu my..

Tere kushboo se takrau my..

Har raat jo aata hai mujhe..

Oo quaab tu..

Tera mera milna dastoor hai..

Tere hone se mujh me noor hai..

Mai hu sunaa sae k aasmaan..

Mehtaab tu..

Oo karam kudhaya hai..

Tujhe maine jo paya hai..

Tujh pe marke hi to

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

(he cups her face..

Swara: Sanskar.. tum bhi meri tarahh..

Sanskar nodes as yes..

He open his arms..

She hugs him..

Swara: I love u Sanskar..

He hugs back..

Sanskar: love u too Swara..

Both feeling happy in each other embrace..)

Swara: (Female Version)

Maine chodi hai bhaki sare raaste..

Bas aayi hu tere paas re..

Meri ankhon tera naam hai..

Pehchaan le..

Sab kuch mere liye ek baat kai..

Sou baton ki ek baat hai..

Mai na jaungi kabhi tujhe chodke..

Ye jaan le..

Oo karam kudhaya hai..

Tera pyaar jo paaya hai..

Tujh pe marke hi to

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

Oo tere sang yaara

Kush rang bahaaraaaaaa.

Tu behta musaafir..

Mai tehra kinaara..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara hugs him..

Sanskar: love u my princess..

Swara: love u too my prince..

He turned another page..

Swasan with mobiles picture present there..

Some lines are there

Sanskar: haha swara.. tum ne ye pic bhi collet ki.. its awsme na..

Swara: haan Sanskar.. my wishes.. loll

Sanskar: but madam.. I never ignore na..

Swara: haa Mr. Maheshwari u always did what I say to u..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Swasan is always close.. coz they ware friends na..

So, both know each other perfectly..

One day swasan went film..

They both enjoyed a lot..

When they returning home in car

Swasan watching a couple who are fighting

They are lovers.. but fighting a lot..

Swara want to tease sanskar..

She think something in her mind and giggles..

Sanskar: what happen..? y r u giggling..?

Swara: nothing

Sanskar: wahh.. when u started hiding matters from me..

Swara: ohhnnoo.. nothing like that Sanskar.. I just.. (interrupted)

Sanskar: bas bas.. not need to any safai

Swara: leave it.. tell onething..

Sanskar: haa..

Swara: from today na am giving a task to u..

Sanskar: task? Kaisi task.. and why..?

Swara: ohho Sanskar.. dont ask many questions at one time.. ask one by one na..

Sanskar: this time I asked na.. tell first..

Swara: okk okk relax.. u first concentrate on driving..

Sanskar: haan..

Swara: task isliye.. I want to know how much u loves me and how much u respects my talks..

Sanskar: u mean u r testing my love..?

Swara: (beats him playfully..) sanskaarrr.. faltu bate na kar.. I told na.. its just know how much u loves me.. I want to know how much me imp in ur life..

Sanskar: not bad.. acha tell task.. Sanskar Maheshwari can do anything for his love.. (he smirks proudly)

Swara: toh ur task issss.

Sanskar: tell..

Swara: leave it.. tum se nahi hoga..

Sanskar: (angry look) y r u teasing me.. tell na..

Swara: so, from today I will msg u anytime.. u have to reply with in seconds..

Sanskar: but am doing now same na

Swara: listen complete task Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar: okk okk..

Swara: u have to reply me where I msg u.. when we are chating

If I send u msg in fb.. u have to rply in fb..

If I send u msg at the same time in whatsaap.. u have to rply there with in minuets..

If I continue chat in twitter u have to rply in twitter..

Like this.. where I msg u.. u have to reply me there only..

Iam using all social sites..

Gmail, fb, whatsaap, twitter, skype, telegram, whatpad, we chat, instagram, TU, IF, Blogger, hangouts, messenger any where..

(guyz.. if u didnt understand this type chat.. afterwards u will know well.. with an example)

I know u have all accounts.. if u dont have.. open account asap..

Sanskar suddenly stops car by sudden break..

Swara: kya hua..??

Sanskar: swara.. r u okk..?? (shock face)

Swara: am perfectly fine..

Sanskar: then u know what u r telling..?

Swara: hahaha.. ya I know..

Sanskar: ye mjse nhi hoga.. how can I rply at the same time where u msg me..

I mean I want to know na ki where u r messaging me..

Swara: wo to my b nhi janti hu.. ki my kaha msg karne wali hu tumko..
Sanskar: its mad task.. huhhh

Swara: hello Mr.Maheshwari.. listen full na..

Sanskar: what aur bhi hai..??

Swara: car start karo..

He started..

Swara: haa.. task is completed.. but u have to know na.. if u didnt reply me where I msg u..

Sanskar: haa.. tell.. if i.

Swara: if u didnt reply.. samjlo.. hamare rishta katam.. (breakup)

Sanskar again stopped car..

Swara: hahhaha..

Sanskar: r u mad swara.. rishta katam.. what u mean.. haa..

Swara: punishment Sanskar..

Sanskar: ek reply ke liye itna bada saza..

Swara: tabhi maza ayega Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari..

She came out from car..

Sanskar also..

Sanskar: kya mazaa.. haan..? its love.. not a game..

Swara: u have to do it Sanskar.. for me.. for ur love.. (she giggling)

Sanskar: toda to reham karo..

Swara: u was telling ki.. Sanskar maheshwari can do anything for his love..

Sanskar: haa but ye..

She came little close to him..

Swara: U know na.. ur Swaras Mind is Very Sharp

Sanskar: I know..

Swara: (pulling his cheeks) awww.. Task sunkar hosh udh gaya kya..??

Sanskar pulls her more close to him.. by her waist..

She just numb to see his act..

Sanskar: (upping his eyebrows) aap ko kya lagta hai..?

Swara: (tries to free herself) sanskarrrr what r u doing.. leave na.. (blushing)

Sanskar: tell na.. if Swara can give a task to prove Sanskars how much loves her.. Sanskar can complete this task.. and any task for his love.. just wait and watch..

Swara: lets see.. how much u have concern on me..

Sanskar: achaa.. but ye task kab tak..??

Swara: till our marriage..

Sanskar: if u happy in this.. I can do this task life long for u..

She smiles

Snaskar: and one more thing..

Swara: haa..

Sanskar: if I win this task mujhe kya milega..??

Swara: hamare pyaar continue hogi..

Sanskar: (pulls more close her on him) wo to hogi.. and u have to give me what I want from u..

Swara: what u want..??

Sanskar: I will tell u after I won this task

Swara: but..

Sanskar: no but but.. u have to give me what I want.. otherwise.. forget this task..

Swara: acha baba okk.. I will..

Sanskar: pakka na..??

Swara: haa pakka..

Both have a sweet eyelock..

BG plays..

Kaise kab jud gaye hum..

Honton pe khili sargam..

Aage rab ki marzii..

Ansu de aa hasi..

Apne tizori se..

Do dil bande.. ek dori se..

Do dil bande.. ek dori se..

Do dil bande.. bande ek dori se..

Do dil bande.. Bnade ek dori se..

Suddenly she pushes him and start running..

Swara: (loudly.. while running) be ready Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar giggles..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Both swasan giggling..

Swara: that day ur face hahahaha.. dekne k layak nahi ti sansakr

Sanskar: haha.. and u know.. when I was chating one laksh came into my room..

Swara: ohh.. fir..

Sanskar: I was busy in chating with u.. in different Social sites.. with concern..

I completed just .. laksh stood there.. he start teasing me.. I told him about task.. he opend his mouth widely and stood like a statue..

Swara: haha..

Sanskar: he told me.. before marriage bhabhi gave u task.. na jaane after marriage kya hoga..

Swara: what u reply him..?

Sanskar: I said.. if love is there.. sab kuch manjoor hota hai..

Swara smiles..

Sanskar: I said right na..?

Swara: perfectly..

Both share a side hug with a bright smile..

The Episode Ends..

Precap: sanskar trying his best to win task.. Swasan date..

So, friends.. how was the episode??

Hope u all will like..

I will upload part-3 soon as possible..

Dont forget to leave comments..

Am really feeling very very very much happy after reading ur big big comments..

Keep reading.. keep liking.. keep commenting..


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  3. Simin

    Its just amazing
    Swara from where do u got this idea of task
    Its fab maza aayega

    1. AshiSai

      Not swara’s dear.. This is AngelAshu’s idea

  4. SNY

    Amazing ashu…..
    Nxt one soon…

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    Its fabulous Ashu… I just love your stories ???

    1. AshiSai

      Thanx a lot

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    hahaha….what a task! Paapam sanky. Awesome ep

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