Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 12)

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In RM(Rathore mansion)-

At night-

All are doing their dinner.

Aavya : Mumma, Khila do.

She sit in her lap while she start feeding her.

Kaurwaki : Now, done.

Aavya : Hmmmm……Thank you.

She smile at her. She notice Siya was not there. So, she start to leave.

Aicchik : You don’t want to eat.

Kaurwaki : I will do dinner with Siya in her room.

She took two plates & move toward her room. She saw her lying on bed.

Siya (without seeing) : Vrisha (kaurwaki) I don’t want to eat.

She keep plates on nearby table.

Kaurwaki : Why were you lying about Aavya. If she listen word ‘orphan’,then……

Siya : Then, What should I do. Tell me I say that Aavya is your daughter. What about questions they ask about your marriage. I don’t want to trouble you anymore.

Kaurwaki : I take any risk for you……I can fight with society for you……You are not only my friend , you are my strength .

She hug her.

Siya : You do many favour on me.How can I repay it?

Kaurwaki : I don’t do any favour on you. I just fulfil my duty.

Siya : How unlucky I am ?I don’t call Aavya as my daughter.

Kaurwaki : It is necessar to protect her.Mein sab kuch theek kar dungi. phir hum Aavya ko sab sach bata denge.

Siya : I don’t want she never know about truth. I want she become like you who face the problems not like me who run from the problems.

Kaurwaki : You are not coward . It is just the game of fate.

Siya : Hmm…..

She place her head in her lap. Aavya enter in the room.

Aavya : Mumma I want to sleep.

She notice Siya.

Aavya : What happen to Siyu Masi?

Kaurwaki : Nothing, Princess. She is not feeling well. Come You want to sleep.

She leave from there.

In Morning –

Aavya : Superman I want chocolates. But Mumma never know about this.

Yagya : Your Mumma is really Hitler.

Aavya : No, She is Jailor.

Yagya : Right Bacchon par bhi zulm karti hai wo.

Aavya(pouts) : Hmm…

He gave chocolate to her. Both eat the chocolates. Suddenly Kaurwaki enter…

Aavya : Superman chupao chocolate. Mumma kill both of us.

Yagya : What Should I do.

He hide his hand behind.

Kaurwaki : Aavya, Come for breakfast.

He notice Yagya.

Kaurwaki : What are you hiding ? Show me.

They both look at each other.

Aavya : Nothing mumma.

She notice chocolate on her hands.

Kaurwaki : Tumne chocolates khayi.

Yagya : No .

Kaurwaki : I didn’t ask you. Wait a sec you are hiding chocolates.

Both make puppy faces.

Kaurwaki : Give me those chocolates now.

Aavya : Mumma…

Kaurwaki : I said now.

They both give her.

Aavya(murmuring): Jailor.

Yagya ( murmuring) : Hitler.

Kaurwaki : I listen that. What are you both saying.

Both : Nothing……

She start her lecture.

Kaurwaki : How many times I told you not eat chocolates & Mr. Oberoi How could you behave like a child. Bacchon ke saath Baccha banna kaha ki samajdari hai………..

Aavya(in between) : Take this.

Yagya : Why?

Aavya : Because Mumma’s train never stop before half an hour. Sometime it increase also.

Yagya : What! Koi itna kaise bol sakta hai.

They both fitted cotton in their ears. She leave from there. They both relieved

Yagya : Thank God ! It seem like somebody will open the taperecorder. Thanks Doll.

Aavya : It’s ok.

They both give hi-fi to each other.


Yagya & Kaurwaki fight about Aavya……………Yog in the mission to know about Siya’s truth.

I hope you guys like the storyline & Aashi you are right Aavya is Siya’s daughter . Kindly Ignore grammatical & typing errors.
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(Author’s note – It is not Shivika , Rikara & Ruvya ff . It is the story of their childrens. Read Intro for clarification. I hope you guys like this).

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