When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 49

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Sanyukta: blue
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Anusuya: jalebi colour
Aliza: rose pink

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Colour 49

Celebrations are always grand in OM, not only in terms of their decoration & grandeur but also with the lovely cooperation of the family members too. After all they get time to chill together in these occasions.

The janmashtami pujas are mainly performed by Gouri & Priyanka as it’s a special event for both the carrying mothers.

Gouri was coming downstairs along with Jhanvi & Prinku. Jhanvi was overwhelmed as she’s going to be a double granny at the same time.She was so enthusiastically taking care of both the ladies.

As they were coming down, they saw Aniket aka chotu, dressed up Kanha, in yellow clothes made by Gouri with a small crown & flute, running here & there.

Anika & cherry came running to him. They took him & were making his foot prints on the floor with butter , by making him walk on the floor.

Gouri was amused seeing this.
G: didi, what is this? Why do u make him walk with butter applied under the feet?
A: woh kya hai Na chutki, his foot prints with butter is considered as that of Kanhaiyya. When Lord Kanh come to our home today to visit us, he’ll see these footprints & come inside to our family.

Gouri smiled hearing this.
A: chutki, who knows maybe he might come to our family as your child….so pray to him to get a good child like Natkhat Lal….( laughing)

Gouri was pleasured to hear this.She kept on looking at the foot prints when suddenly she saw a small kids running to her , by calling aayi. She was surprised to see this & almost bend to take the kid when suddenly the kid disappeared.She looked around the whole place only to find out that it was her imagination.She stood smiling there, when she felt a familiar warmth enclosing her.
O: kuch hua pagli? Why are you laughing?
G: what if someone see us, leave me…( she tried to slither away)

Om hugged her from back more tightly as she tried to move away.
G: Omkaraji…( complaining)
O: tell me, what were you thinking??
G: woh….I actually saw a small child coming to me.I was about to take the baby, but the baby disappeared…
He smiled…
G: why are u smiling? U might be thinking I’m mad, but it’s true.Maybe… maybe it was Lord Krishna who might have come.
O: but I want a girl child.
G:( smiling) girl or boy , the baby is a blessing of the Lord. We should take care of our kid in the best way….But …
Om frowned .

O: but what gouri??
G: what if something like last time happen??

She couldn’t complete the sentence as he turned her & stopped her by keeping a finger on her lips.
O: don’t you trust me Gouri??
G:( tears) more than myself…
G: then don’t have any worries, it’ll affect our baby. I’m always there to protect both my kids from any danger or bad sight. You get it??

She knew he’s being emotional, to change the mood she suddenly asked him.
G: 2 kids?
O: ha…, u & my honey….

Gouri smiled hearing this & was about to hug him, while he stopped her.She was surprised.
O: I’ll hug you on a condition. You’ll have to drink this milk!!!!

Gouri was amazed,so he had come for this.
G: not fair Omkaraji, I can’t do this.
O: this is kesar badam milk gouri, you should have this now, else you’ll be hungry when the function ends. My baby will starve.

“not at all, because I’ve brought laddoos for chulbul bhabhi & honey” came Rudy’s voice.
Gouri jumped with happiness.
G: you brought this for me rudra?
R:( smiling) yes bhabhi,I had ordered for Bareilly wali laddoos from motilal’s shop. You remember, when your aayi came from Bareilly last month you forcefully made me eat those laddoos. I just loved it & decided to order them for all our special occasions. Anyway it’s a chest day for me today so I thought I’d share it with you also.
O: no gouri don’t have these fat filled foods, it’s not healthy , have this milk only.

She was confused, but didn’t want to upset him so she drank the whole milk to make him happy.
O: good chiraiyya. Rudra, now you should distribute these sweets to others. Gouri, u r not supposed to have it as ur sugar level is already a bit abnormal ok, I’ve to go & keep ready the idols for puja.

As Om went away, she helplessly looked at Rudra, who winked & ask her to have the laddoos as many as she wants. While Om was busy with arrangements,she had had enough of laddoos until she was full. The bhabhi devar duo shared a hi-fi after having their fare share of Bareilly laddoos.

It was the puja time. Both om- gouri & Ranveer – Prinku couples bathed the Kanha idol , made by Om himself, in milk, sandal, rose water & then water. They made Kanha wear cute little clothes made by Gouri, adorned him with flute, jewels & peacock feather.The family was so happy to see Lord Krishna showering blessings on them.

Later each couple did the aarti for Krishna; cherry & chotu dressed as Krishna also did the aarti.Special pujas were also done after that.

Then the Lord was kept on a golden cradle & swinged by all the members. Gouri’s beautiful lullaby on NandLaal was appreciated by all gathered there.

In the afternoon, all had a grand feast as prasad, after offering the food to the Lord. Special feast was arranged for kids from an orphanage in which the family members served the food for them.Since gouri’s condition didn’t permit her to serve, she fed the food to few kids by making them sit along with her & Om. The family rejoiced seeing this sweet gesture of Gouri.

All the functions were over & Om entered the room , being tired. He knew Gouri was waiting for him to share her happiness. He’d observed that in spite of her weak condition, she took part in all the arrangements & was really found jolly the whole day. Usually whenever she’s found happy like this, she’d sit near him to share her feelings.

But as he closed the door of their room, he smiled seeing that view.Gouri had already slept on the bed even without changing her outfit, hugging the picture which was drawn by Om, long back; the picture of him, her & their baby in the middle. Her hands were covering Om & the baby in the picture & she had a small smile on her face while sleeping.

Om slowly took away the portrait from her & covered her with quilt. After freshening up, he too laid down near her, slowly covering her with his strong arms , dreaming of the beautiful life ahead….

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