An Orphan falls for a Goon (Chapter-1)

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Hy Here is the 1st chapter of my ff. I worked really hard on this chapter. And I’ll be working hard on ff to entertain you guys I hope you’ll enjoy it. Just plz comment. Your comment means a lot to me. Plz do comment.
123 here it goes•

A girl is shown sleeping peacefully on her single old bed. When the sharp hot sun rays disturbs her peaceful sleep. She wakes up rubbing her eyes, clearing the vision. She sees her alarm clock and says.” See even today I woke up before this alarm clock, everyone should be punctual” suddenly she panics and shouts:- “oh no. I’ve an interview today.. I don’t have to be late today for this the way I can’t be late after all I’m always on time.” She smiles and goes to bathroom

Scene shifts to a big house. Named Vasu villas!

A Boy is in a deep sleep. Sleeping on his bed under a soft blanket in a master bedroom. Interior design of bedroom is modern. just then a phone call disturbs his deep peaceful sleep. he wakes up and rubs his eyes and receives the call and speaks in anger “why the hell you’re disturbing B for b…..!” The person calling him cuts his words in between and says. “Wake up bro! It’s late in the morning. You should Be a little bit punctual! man”. But the sleepy boy doesn’t gives a damn to his words and he disconnects the call. He Again goes to his bed for a sleep!

A lady wearing designer’s sari of light brown color comes to sit on dining table’s chair. She asks the cook:- “is breakfast ready”
COOK:- “yes”
She then asks him to put breakfast on dining table. Cook nods yes. And he goes to kitchen.

She stops a servant who was cleaning the floor.
LADY:- hey? You listen!
SERVANT:- yes madam.
LADY:- where is bihaan? Is he still sleeping?
SERVANT:- yes he is in his room sleeping peacefully.
LADY(vasu) :- why this boy doesn’t listens to anyone.

just then an old lady comes there She is Dadi maa.

DADI MA:- Vasu bahu why you are so strict to him. he obeys you.

VASU:- yes maa ji you’re right he is a very obedient boy I also love him but this is not the time to sleep. I want him to get up early. And he should concentrate on his business.

DADI MAA:- He will definitely do. Right now let him sleep

VASU:- no i will go to his room and wake him up. He is getting late for work.

DADI MA:- OH OKAY ok but do it with love. And I’m waiting here on table.

VASU:- okay!

Scene shifts to that GIRL’s small apartment.

She is ready to leave for her interview. She is wearing a short blue kurti with white patiala shalwar. Looking fabulous with Loose silky hair and light makeup. simple yet stunning. She Takes her bag and takes blessings from her god.
She leaves for job interview.

(Scene shifts)
Vasu enters in his room and sits beside him. She gently rubs his head and caresses his hair with her old white wrinkled hands.
VASU:- bihaan beta. Bihaan. Get up my good boy! (She speaks lovingly and softly)
Bihaan opens his eyes and hugs her mother.
BIHAAN:- good morning mom.
VASU:- see..the clock! You’re getting late for your work!
Bihaan takes his blanket on him again and says in mischievous way:- “No I wanna sleep more and more”
Vasu drags him out from his bed and pushes him in bathroom.(Forcefully)
Bihaan laughs.
BIHAAN:- Love you ma? thanks for waking me up actually I was feeling lazy to get up. (He laughs)
VASU:- Naughty (she smiles)
She leaves.

After bath he comes in dining room and hugs his dadi ma from behind.
DADI MA:- badmash (Naughty boy) why you never listens to anyone haa???
BIHAAN:- I listens to you only! Because you’re my everything.. I love you both (you and maa).❤️
Dadi and vasu smiles.
He sits for breakfast.
DADI MA:- do your breakfast. And you should quickly leave for office.

Thapki comes out from an auto rickshaw she pays money to auto driver and auto leaves.
She sees towards the Big Company and sighs. And prays to her god.
THAPKI:- Plz plz plz god I want this job at any cost for my career as an accountant plz help me god and bless plz!
she enters in company and asks receptionist.
THAPKI:-where is boss’ room? I’m here for a job interview.
Receptionist calls a girl and ask her to take thapki to the room where interviews are being taken. She takes her.
She knocks the glassed door and takes permission.
A 23 years old boy sitting on chair and looking at file.
GIRL:- Sir! This is another girl for job.
SIR:- okay you may leave and miss…umm what’s your name?
He sees up towards thapki. And he just looses his senses looking at such a cute beautiful girl.
Before thapki could answer his question he interrupts.
SIR:- have a seat first.
THAPKI:- hmm. (She sits) my name is thapki.

SIR:- okayy okay! So you’re miss thapki chaturvedi right?

THAPKI:- yes

SIR:- I read your form. You filled for the job.

He takes her interview.

After few minutes.

He appoints her for the job. Thapki becomes so much happy she jumps in joy. Then she thanks him and comes out from the room.
She was jumping in joy and starts moving towards the exit door. When she suddenly collides with a boy. Due to the collision a small bottle of expensive wine falls from the boy’s coat. He also looses his senses looking at her beauty. Then comes back to his senses and takes his bottle from ground but Seeing this thapki becomes furious. And she starts scolding.
THAPKI:- don’t you think it’s a peaceful working place. How dare you to take this type of shit (wine) in this company. Who are you. I think nobody payed attention on you before but let me join once. I’ll complaint about you to the big boss of this company.

BOY:- o hello madam, you aren’t a teacher and I’m not a kid. Just get lost.

THAPKI:- but I’ll definitely teach you lesson.. I’m going to join from tomorrow. You just wait and watch. (She doesn’t stammers this time because of anger)

She huffs, and walks out from there.

the boy goes to the big boss’ room and he sits there. he calls the man who appointed thapki.
The man comes there and sits on chair and asks what happend?

BOY:- just shut up SAMAR why the appointed such a rude girl?

(The boy who appointed thapki is Samar)

SAMAR:- actually bihaan I appointed her because of her dedication. And of course she is a talented girl.

(yes bihaan is the owner of the company)

BIHAAN:- okay whatever she is. She is rude. Send her to my cabin when she will come tomorrow.

SAMAR:- But bihaan I’ve already taken her interview. She is good.

(Bihaan interrupts his words)

BIHAAN:- just do what I’ve said.

SAMAR:- Okay!
He leaves

BIHAAN (playing with his ball point):- I’ll talk to her. Let’s see how intelligent that rude girl is that she got this job in which she will earn heavy amount of money. Hmm.

Here thapki comes back to her home. She throws her bag on chair and jumps on bed she starts jumping and shouting in joy.

THAPKI:- Thank you, Thank you, thank you soooo so so much. Yayyy I got the job ?

She thanks god for the job and calls someone from her phone.
She tells the person that she got the job and narrates him/her everything.
THAPKI:- And I’m so happy that I got this job as you know this job is a great way for my successful career. By the way when are you coming back.
PERSON:- i do know my princess. Good luck for tomorrow. I’ll be back in few days. Work hard and take care.
THAPKI:- Thanks! And I will see that bad guy too. You also take care of your self.
PERSON:- okay. See you soon princess. Bye tc.
she disconnects the call.

THAPKI (in mind):- and I hope that there nobody will make fun of my stammering problem. But this problem can not stop me from achieving my goals. Well, the man who took interview didn’t make fun of mine at all. Humm!! Ohh I’m feeling hungry. Let’s make delicious dish.

she goes to kitchen to make food.

This was the first:-
1#EPISODE chapter-“introduction to characters” of “An orphan falls for a goon”

Hope you guys enjoyed it. And tomorrow will be the first meeting of thapki and bihaan. Let’s see what will be thapk’s reaction when she will get to know that boy is bihaan.!
(Wait n watch. & read)?
Next part will be updated asap. (On Wednesday or Thursday”)
-plz do comment.

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      Stay tuned

  5. loved it superb yar amazing too good love ThaHaan excited to read further episodes all the best

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  11. Simrank

    This was bang on ? sry for being late i loved it to the core and hope samar dnt intrrfare’s in thahaan ‘s love btw u really r a good writer i loved ur previous stories and this one ‘s also amazing ?? love u girl good job ???

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