Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nargis tortures Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Salim feeling restless. Khanam pities Anarkali and says she has no idea about Nargis, who will take Anarkali’s life. Nargis asks the girl not to feel shy, the dancers have to shed their shyness. She says I have given you this talent to win people. The women drag Anarkali and get her there. Anarkali says let me go. Nargis looks at her and praises her beauty. She asks Anarkali to see the girls, fate has chosen them to come here, but Anarkali is chosen by Akbar, she must be proud, not upset. Salim looks for his taweez. She asks Anarkali to obey her, and remove her clothes. Anarkali asks here in front of everyone. Nargis says yes, you will lose your shame as well. Anarkali asks what kind of woman are you, how can you do this, I won’t remove. Nargis gets angry and slaps

Anarkali. Salim says I feel like Anarkali is in danger. Mahabat says I m sure that she is fine. Salim says I can just hope this is true. Nargis scolds her and pulls off Anarkali’s dupatta. Salim gets worried when the glass bowl falls. He picks the glass and gets hurt. Nargis removes Anarkali’s clothes. Anarkali gets shocked and cries. Salim sees Anarkali’s pic.

Nargis says you will become a Raqasa from today, you are a property of this Husna Mahal. Salim says I feel Anarkali is in danger, I should be with her. A hot iron stamp is made for Anarkali. Nargis tortures Anarkali and asks her to forget her old relations, life and love. Anarkali recalls Khala and Salim. She gets dizzy and faints.

Jodha says I m unhappy with your decision about Anarkali, its a stain on your justice, you did injustice with an innocent girl, did you forget what favors she did on us. Akbar shouts on her. She cries and says I thought I have come to my husband, but I was wrong, you are doing wrong, I won’t let you do this, you can’t do this torture. He asks will you threaten to give your life again, this time you can do anything, my decision won’t change, Anarkali is Raqasa, its her fate, enough now, matter ended, you may leave now. She cries and goes. Anarkali sees the stamp and cries recalling nargis’ words. She screams in anger. Salim is preparing for the battle. Someone advises him to learn fighting battles. Salim throws a knife and kills a man. He says maybe I don’t know fighting battles, I know winning battles without fighting, this is my battle and army, if you object, you can go. Khan apologizes to them. Salim says take this spy’s dead body, I have to win this battle and return to Agra. Nargis takes Anarkali and says people here want two things, good talent and raw body. Khanam comes to Rukaiya and says Nargis is torturing Anarkali, but Anarkali is so stubborn, I m afraid that Nargis loses to her. Rukaiya says Anarkali is very adamant, I give you this responsibility to break her down. Khanam gets glad and smiles. She thinks I will help Anarkali now. Nargis asks Anarkali to walk on hot coal.

Murad comes there and holds Anarkali. Anarkali gets shocked. Murad says I got you after waiting for long time. She says I will tell Salim. Murad says no dancer or her voice can go out, you are an item to entertain us now, you were just of Salim before, I also have a right on you now. She pushes him. He says no one can save you today. She steps back. She steps on hot coal and cries. Murad goes to her. He gets back from the hot coal. Nargis looks on. Khanam comes and holds Anarkali. Khanam stops Murad and says it will be fun when she becomes a dancer. Murad says then make her a Raqasa soon, I can’t wait more. Jhillan sees Anarkali and cries for her. She wishes she gave poison to Anarkali before.

Anarkali is given ghungroos. Nargis hurts her. Anarkali gets tortured. Rukaiya says Jhillan is in prison, Jodha is caged in her own palace. Anarkali agrees to become Raqasa but on one condition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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