Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik learns about complications

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira arguing. Music plays…. they smile. He says baby is making us fight, what will happen after baby comes. She says we needed to remember this, go cook something, I m very hungry, I m going to take rest. He thinks of his dream. He calls doctor Sharma. Nurse says he is busy, can you please call later. Manish says don’t worry, everything will be fine, when it comes to women, I have no idea, but I know how men feel about it, I have experienced this strange fear, you know you feel happy at the same time, especially when the would be mother is unwell, it was similar case with Soumya, she was weak and depressed, I used to think of our home when I was at office, about her well being, but women are well programmed and keep everything inside, they

don’t express, we tend to disbelieve it, women are quite magical, there is only one solution, that’s to sit back and let it happen, don’t overthink, everything will get fine. Kartik asks what if Naira’s clot recurs. Manish says you don’t let the worry weaken you, stay happy and keep her happy. Kartik asks will everything get fine. Manish says if not, you make it fine, never lose courage. Naira calls out Kartik and asks for bread pakora. Manish says make me some toast and coffee. Kartik jokes. Manish says go and fulfill my wish. He hugs Kartik.

Naksh says you don’t need extra glow, you start smiling. Kirti says it was a bad joke and hugs him. She says I m so happy, we are getting double joy. He says I have to practice managing two babies. Naksh jokes. They laugh. Kartik says I m in much pressure, baby is going to taste something prepared by me for the first time, I hope he likes it. She says you don’t care for me. He says behave well. Naira says how dare you. She goes. He asks what happened and goes after her.

She says Dadi, can I ask you something, I had mood swings yesterday, I was feeling nauseous, but its not happening today, am I pregnant, is there anything wrong, tell me. Kartik says we shall go to doctor. Dadi and Surekha laugh. Surekha says you are absolutely fine. Naira says there is no morning sickness. Surekha says its good, relax. Dadi says there should be reason to visit doctor. He says there is a reason. Naira refuses to go. Dadi says you shouldn’t worry more. Kartik says I will check. Naira asks what happened. Kartik says my bread pakora are burning. Kartik says there is no need to worry. Surekha says if you aren’t feeling nauseous, it means it will be a girl. Kartik says remember what pandit told us. Dadi thinks of pandit’s words. Kartik says I have to meet doctor and ask many questions, about your diet, exercise, its imp, you are getting lovey dovey. Naira holds him and says yes.

Dadi calls pandit and says I wish to come and talk to you regarding Naira’s kundli. Sunita calls her and says congrats, you are becoming great grandmum. Dadi asks how did you know this. Sunita says Kartik and Naira told this to everyone, they upload everything on internet these days, God bless them. Dadi shouts Naira. She shows the selfie and asks what’s this. Kartik asks what’s the big deal. Dadi says you don’t need approval of elders, this news isn’t told to people for three months, you have announced it. Akhilesh says they would have not known it. Manish says you explain them. Dadi says everyone got to know this. Naira says sorry, we were happy about it and shared the happiness. Kartik says why would anyone think bad about us. Dadi says I can’t argue with you, when its about Naira, what’s this, we are pregnant? Woman is pregnant, but man. Kartik says I know but gents also become a father, it will be our baby so we are pregnant. Dadi says do what you want. Naira says I will delete this post, don’t get upset. Dadi goes. Manish says Dadi said this as she is concerned for you and baby. Naira says if they have a problem with this, we should neglect these small things.

Kartik and Naira leave in the car. He says I just think about the baby, what will happen after baby comes, schooling, marriage… Naira gets dizzy. He asks what happened, are you feeling unwell, tell me, we are almost there, don’t worry, we have reached the hospital. He takes her inside and asks doctor to check Naira fast. Doctor checks Naira. He asks Kartik to come inside. He asks nurse to give injection to Kartik. Kartik asks why. Doctor says you are creating a panic, Naira is fine, dizziness is normal in pregnancy. Kartik says you scared me Naira. She says I didn’t say anything. Doctor says you two need to grow up, you enroll in expecting fathers class, your gynac will answer you, I m a neurologist, that’s not my dept. He goes. Kartik says I will take gynac appointment and come. Doctor says when a patient and relative panics, you need to calm them down, this case is complicated, we have to be prepared to handle anything. Kartik looks on and says doctor…. what did you say, are there complications in Naira’s pregnancy, tell me, I won’t tell her, she is very happy, I m also happy. Doctor says please come with me. They go. Doctor says take Naira to a reputed gynac. Kartik asks what happened to her. Doctor says nothing, it may happen, why to take chances, we have to be careful, throughout the pregnancy term, what if the clot reoccurs.

Naira asks why are you so upset. Kartik says we can’t have this baby, its a valid point. Naira gets shocked. He says its not possible now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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