Siddhi Vinayak 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi pregnant with Rudra’s body

Siddhi Vinayak 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi is packing her bags. I was dreaming to be the owner of 3k crores but now I cannot even stay here. I should pack whatever little I have. She begins to keep jewellery in her suitcase when manjari and Gauri come there. Manjari asks her what the rush is. Your Vidaai is due. Gauri keeps a garland of sandals around her neck. Urvashi reminds her that she was following her blindly till today. You changed so suddenly! I will show you who I am. She raises her hand to slap her but Manjari holds her hand. You wanted to be the queen of Kundra Mansion. I will help you become one today. She takes out a razor. I will make go bald and then turn you into an ugly queen. Urvashi runs out of the room.

Siddhi cries holding her parents’ photo. I am missing you very much Baba. I proved that I cannot do

anything wrong. I left that house. I am very tired Baba. She holds the photo close. I want to cry my heart out. You wanted me to marry in a nice house where I stay happy but it did not happen. I gave divorce to my husband today! I am really sorry Baba. Doorbell rings. She opens the door and finds Vin standing there.

Urvashi shouts for help. She begs Shankar to save her. I don’t want to die. Rajvir tells her that her game is up. No drama will be of help now. Urvashi tells Shankar honestly that Manjari and Gauri were with her in every plan till date but have changed sides today. Please say something. Shankar gets up and warns her to be quiet. My family broke apart because of you yet you are giving an explanation to me? I should ideally be handing you over to police but I don’t want to drag the matter. It would be good if you will just leave! Gauri keeps a suitcase next to Urvashi. It would be better if you leave the house now. You aren’t needed here! Urvashi stays put. Gauri pulls her by her hair and pushes her towards the door. Urvashi faints. Manjari stops Shankar from checking on her but Gauri doubts if she passed out for real. She pours water over Urvashi’s face and slaps her as well. Manjari asks the servants to throw her out of the house but Shankar makes Rajvir call doc. Manjari murmurs that Urvashi wont change. Rajvir calls doc.

Doc checks Urvashi in front of everyone and shares that she is pregnant. Everyone is in for a shock.

Vin begs Siddhi to forgive her. I made a very big mistake. Please forgive me. I love you very much. She tells him not to say anything further. I have said and heard enough. I don’t wish to her anything. Just go from here. She starts closing the door even when he requests her to wait. He gets hurt on his hand in the process. She stops her hands mid air from reaching out to him. He too looks at her.

Urvashi too is shocked to hear about her pregnancy. Manjari asks Urvashi whose kid has she brought here. I know many women like you! Shankar and Manjari tell Urvashi to leave the house. Urvashi recalls that Vin dint even touch her. Does it mean? She recalls the first night with Rudra. She ends up realising and saying it loud that this is Rudra’s baby. Manjari is stunned.

Vin says you feel more pained when I get hurt. Why do you wish to go away from me? She says you too loved me very much. How could you point fingers at my characters? I know you have no answer. Leave. You can come back when you have your answer. He requests her to listen to him but she closes the door on his face. He begs her to open the door once. Give me one chance. I will fix everything. They both are crying on either sides of the door. Siddhi asks him to leave. Why are you doing all this? He refuses to go anywhere till she lets him come inside.

Urvashi calls it true. This is Rudra’s baby. No one touched me after Rudra. Vin never tried to even touch me. Shankar asks her how it can be Rudra’s baby. You blamed Vin! I cannot fathom how someone can stoop so low. Urvashi fails in explaining it to him. Urvashi tells Manjari to understand and believe her. It is the same Rudra’s baby who you loved the most. You went mad when he died. Do you remember? Urvashi requests Shankar once again but he refuses to hear anything. Leave from here. Urvashi agrees to leave. I will raise this baby in my area. It is better to abort this baby rather than have another Rudra come and question you after 25 years! I will abort this baby right away! She runs out of the house followed by Manjari. Shankar wonders what she will do now.

Manjari stops Urvashi. Are you mad? Urvashi shouts that no one believes her. I don’t have any other option. Manjari decides to find out if the father of Urvashi’s baby is indeed Rudra or someone else. I cannot just ignore it.

Next morning, Vin has fallen asleep outside the door only. People in the Chawl recognize Vin and rush to his side to meet him / to take selfies. Vin tries to stop them but in vain. He ends up shouting at them to stop them. I agree that I am superstar but I am not your public property. Leave me alone. I also have a personal life. A lady asks everyone to leave. Vin thanks her. Siddhi opens the door and looks at everyone. She asks Vin why he isn’t leaving when he knows the importance of public and private life. Others too have a private life. He requests her to come with him. I have already made a mistake by ignoring you. I cannot do it again. Just come with me for 5 minutes. She closes the door on his face yet again.

Precap: Siddhi tells Rajvir to tell his brother she wont return in his life ever again. Vin tells her that she should also hear him now if she is done. I wont leave from here without my wife! Siddhi stops in her tracks. Manjari tells Urvashi she wont go anywhere. Tell me what you want. Urvashi wants to seek revenge. Manjari asks her what she wants. Urvashi smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Siddhi should tell Vin now everything that Manjiri did since the start of the series, and ask him if he believes her.
    If he believes her, she would forgive him, but if he says “nooo, my mom loves me and can’t do that”, then they better stay away from each other.
    I hate how Manjiri is just chilling in the house after murdering so many people, like human lives don’t matter at all…

    1. Right…👍🙂 Siddhi should tell Vinayak that his mother is a serial killer…every time Manjari is winning the game…

  2. Only liked Siddhi and Vinayak scene…😘 Manjari will go any extend for his son Rudra… Now she will do all the evil things for pagal Urvashi…😠I really don’t like to watch them… now adays I’m watching it only for SidVi…❤️I thought after revealing the truth her character will end.. nothing like happened here…🤔😏

  3. Waiting for tomorrow episode… let’s see what is Vinayak going to do next…

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