Daayan 21st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Kills Jananta

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Jahnvi’s family escapes from hotel after stabbing Aakarsh and get into vehicle. Jahnvi pleads family to let her go and save Aakarsh. Prithvi does not let her go, but she pushes him and running back to hotel pulls knife from Aakarsh’s body and saves him. Aakarsh asks why did she come back to save him. Jahnvi says because she…. A romantic song plays in the background. Daayan emerges and laughs that Jahnvi is mad to think her family can escape. Family walks back in. Aakarsh reminisces his daayan mother slapping him and asking to get back red stone. He says what is in that magical stone, they just use it for pleasure. Daayan reveals that if satrupa gets out of that stone, she will create havoc. After sometime, Veer with Jahnvi searches Satrupa and says she should not have saved Aakarsh. Jahnvi says she cannot see Aaakrsh in pain. They see Satrupa and call her. She turns. They ask where mani as king told she knows about it. Satrupa says she is just 1 form of Satrupa, real Satrupa is made of 7 colors and only if 7 colors meet, one can know man’s secret. She runs away. Jahnvi thinks where to find Satrupa now. Veer searches her thinking if they did wrong by freeing her. Satrupa runs around whole palace and seeing Aakarsh falls for his charm. Aakarsh asks who is she, hotel is closed for guests. She says she is not guest and cannot keep her eyes off him and tries to touch him. He resists and she disappears. He is amazed to see her disappearing. She appears behind and calls him. He throws black magic on her and she escapes again. He runs behind her and grips her, but she escapes saying she will return. He thinks she is neither human nor daayan, who is she with so many black magical powers. Veer watches everything hiding.

Veer sees Prachi crying near balcony railing and asks reasons. She says they are trapped in this beautiful hotel and cannot go out. Veer consoles her. Aakarsh goes daayan’s den where he is trapped by daayan’s magical powers. Daayan captures Jahnvi’s family members and insists her to tell where mani is. Jahnvi says she really does not know. Daayan says she will finish her whole family as punishment and tortures them. Narendra pleads to kill him and spare his family. Jahnv watches helplessly. Daayan kills Jananta and turns her into ash. Family stands shocked seeing this. Daayan frees them all disappears saying she will return tomorrow to kill another family member. Family tries to get Harsh out of grief and make him cry, but he does not. Vishakha consoles baby. Prithvi cries loudly seeing his family’s condition and finds magical knife. Vishakha says it is difficult to kill Aakarsh or daayan. After killing, Jananata, Daayan walks in hotel corridor with Kalnemi who praises her and says she thought a right lesion. They hear Satrupa’s voice inside room and walk in. Satrupa with her another form is busy praising each other’s beauty and smell of mogra flowers around. Daayan addresses her as king’s dancer and muse and asks how did she escape from stone. Satrupa says nobody can stop her now. Daayan asks Kalnemi to catch her. Satrupa disappears repeatedly and sits on sofa. Daayan with her superpowers catches Satrupa and says she cannot escape now. Their verbal argument continues. Satrupa escapes again.

Aakarsh thinks maa should not have killed Jananta bhabhi and make her baby orphan, but he cannot stop maa now. Jahnvi with Veer thinks how to get info from Satrupa and thinks about reading ancient book in library. They both read Satrupa’s story and reminisce Satrupa telling they can catcher her only if all her 7 forms are together. They further read that Satrupa is fond of handsome men and think only Aakarsh with his charm and superpowers can help them catch her. Aakarsh walks to them and asks if they are fine. Veer walks away. Jahnvi asks him not to act after what his mother did. He asks how can he help her. She asks if he can help her without questioning. He agrees. She asks him to lure Satrupa with his charm and walk away once she enters. He says he loves her and cannot eye on another woman. She asks to do it for her sake. He agrees. They spread mogra flowers on water and then dance romantically. After a while, Jahnvi hides with Veer. Satrupa enters and seduces Aakarsh. Jahnvi comes out and asks Aakarsh to go now without questioning her. He agrees and leaves. Satrupa asks Jahnvi what she needs from her.

Precap: Aakarsh asks Satrupa where is mani. Satrupa asks what will she get in return. Daayan asks what she needs. Satrupa says Aakarsh, she will marry Aakarsh and gives money.

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