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After get to know about Rohit. Khariah and beenish crying like anything everyone handling while Kunj and yuvi worried about twinkle where she is.. Kunj try to calling her again and again but she didn’t picking up his calls.

Yuvi:Kunj where she went?

Kunj:I really don’t know yuvi. I’ll track her location.Kunj try to track her location. She is in hospital.

Yuvi: what hospital what she doing there haan? Something click on Kunj mind he hold his mouth yuvi get shocked.

Kunj: hospital means yuvi she went to for abortion there.

Yuvi: what she is mad.. Kunj run in his room he saw a letter in room keeping near dressing table Kunj rushed towards letter and take in his hands his hands shivering. Yuvi come and stand beside him Kunj open the letter..

{ letter Kunj i love you so much don’t know why you can’t see my love for you.

What making you do this with me tell me the reason I’ll happily leave you and went. Kunj I know you love very much but I never thought you will hate me this much I thought after my pregnancy news you will be happy more but you don’t want our baby wanted to kill him why Kunj what he did with us if you have any issues with me tell clearly at least let me explain myself tell what I have done with you due to this I heart you.I m your wife Kunj we were so happy with each other’s Kunj why so suddenly you changed it. I know in what circumstances our marriage happened but you only said me we have to fulfil all duties of our as a husband and wife. Support each other’s Than why you doing this all things I come back India because itself I saw you and Ovi together you are my husband and you was with her in her room is it good if I does same thing do you really leave me no na Kunj. For my papa sake I stay and bear you each pain because Kunj I can’t lost my papa neither I can’t lost you too. You become my life Kunj. I just marry you for my papa happiness he wanted once Mahi break his heart I don’t have strength he finds me his crown how can I let down him. In this society always girls suffer no one asked what happened actually when a husband leave his wife they always doubt on a girl maybe she does something that’s why her husband leave her Kunj.Due to this all fathers bear humiliation. My papa thought he find you for me best life partner if he get to know about you he can’t bear this itself he put me in hell with his own hands I can’t Kunj let him take this blame on himself.He can’t bear it Kunj.But you didn’t understand my pain and fear.Last night you broke me completely you think I running Khariah di life how can I kunj answer me kunj. Yuvi and Kunj having tears in their eyes while reading letter.I can’t lost my papa and you I love you very much.Maybe your fear win against your love Kunj that I can see in your eyes you having fear for something which you hiding from me.I wish you could tell me everything we both can fight and communicate with each other’s and solve everything this is main problem in life we alone bearing everything and you doing same thing Kunj. I don’t know will your love conquer fear or not but I know my love will conquer my fear Kunj.I going to abort this baby you wanted proof do I love you or not kunj after this don’t think I’ll be with you I leave you kunj and tell my papa and his twinkle will handle him Kunj.But Kunj you will regret Lot when you lost me than you will get to know my value I love you kunj so much.Your baby is my womb I’ll kill him. }

Kunj leave the letter and tears running down from his eyes like anything

Kunj:yuvi what is this all she is mad.

Yuvi:Nahi kunj she loves you Lot she is right you will understand her value after her Kunj.

Kunj:no I can’t lost she is my everything I accept I give her pain just because I thought after see me like a animal she will leave me yuvi. I can’t my baby and twinkle I can’t let this happen I’m coming twinkle Kunj run downstairs he went outside Ovi and sanam try to stop Kunj but he didn’t listen anything just sit in his car and left while yuvi take another car and went.Kunj driving so fast and just praying nothing happened.

Other hand in hospital twinkle fills the form and give to nurse after nurse call her for abortion.Everything is set dr went for some work in Ot twinkle changed her clothes and crying and keeping her hand on her tummy.She lay down bed. Kunj driving like mads..

Soon Kunj Reached hospital and breathing like anything he running in side and asked receptionist about twinkle sarna she tells him about her .

Reception: sir she went for abortion.

Kunj: what where??

Reception: 2 floor.Kunj immediately run.He finding the ward where twinkle is his mind was not working totally freezes if he didn’t reached on time than he will never ever forgive himself. In ward dr come and give smiles to twinkle.

Dr:twinkle I’m asking you lastly are you ready.

Twinkle:hmm in painful voice.

Dr:nurse she take her necessary things for abortion twinkle closed her eyes.

Twinkle:SORRY BABY.. dr and nurse about to start the process just than Kunj push the door they get shocked to see this.

Dr: what is this haan?

Kunj:twinkleeee as soon as twinkle heard Kunj voice she get shocked and get up Kunj see her. He rushed towards her.

Dr: you don’t know you can’t entered like this haan go from here.

Kunj: I can’t twinkle you are here.

Dr; do you know him?

Twinkle:hmm he is my husband. Kunj looking here and there.


Dr: what is this.

Twinkle: Kunj why you come here.

Kunj: you come with me first. You can’t abort my baby koi abortion nahi hoga. And you dr don’t you know with both mother and father permission you can’t do her abortion needed my sign as well it’s a crime.

Twinkle:Kunj why you doing drama here haan.

Kunj:you come with me sorry dr. Nurse and dr get shocked and went from there tears escaping from her eyes.

Twinkle: Kunj go let me abort this happy.

Kunj: I can’t let you kill my baby.

Twinkle: what you saying this now haan.

Kunj: you come after change I’m waiting for you only. He went outside while twinkle is fully shocked she changed her clothes and went outside Kunj see and her hold her hand and take her outside.

Twinkle:Kunj leave my hand.

Kunj: I’ll why you come here.

Twinkle:what you only wanted this na haan?

Kunj:I told you many things do you really do those all things I told you leave me not kill my baby but you get ready to abort baby haan.Chal Everyone is waiting for you at home.Kunj didn’t said anything just take twinkle soon they reached Sarna Mansion everyone wearing white clothes soon twinkle and Kunj reached twinkle get shocked to see this so many peoples are there white clothes and crying so much they went inside.

Twinkle:what is this.Usha and kainaat consoling Khariah twinkle eyes went in

side and get shocked to see Rohit laying down on floor.She hold her mouth.

Tears escaping from her eyes she understands everything and cursing herself Lot she can’t tell them all truth.

This happened feels so bad.Everyone see Rohit face pray for him.Twinkle and Kunj went changed and com down everyone give last ride to Rohit.

@Rohit was laying on wooden he don’t have anyone in this world.Kavin

performed all ritual and hold beenish hands give him fire Khariah screaming his name she about to run Kunj hold her and cuddles she crying so much.All feeling so bad to see Khariah condition.

After sometimes later all went back to home.

At sarna [email protected]

Khariah become lifeless Usha and Manohar take her in room no one think it will happen in just few moments.In whole house silence everywhere.Kunj went in room they all siblings handling Khariah.

Kunj: di please don’t cry..

Khariah: how I’ll leave Kunj after him. What about my beenish.

Kunj:di don’t worry I’m with you na. We all with you and beenish don’t crying jiju leave us but he will be in our hearts always don’t cry he wiped her tears twinkle seeing this from window feeling so bad.She went from there.

After sometimes later while crying Khariah sleep in Kunj lap Kunj lift her and place on bed and kissed on her forehead.They all went from there while Usha and saroj was there only.

Kavin and Kunj make chocolate shake for beenish they cuddles her.

Kavin: chalo beenish drink this milk.

Beenish:I wanted my papa ???.

Kunj:haan we will bring papa first drink this back.Kunj make her drink.She rest her head in Kunj arms and he patting on her back.After sometimes she slept Kavin and kainaat take beenish with them.While Kunj look at here and there he went in kitchen and think about twinkle in this condition staying without having anything it’s not good he take something in plate and went for his room.

Kunj entered in room and find twinkle sitting alone lights were dim.Kunj went ahead twinkle see him and get up. Kunj on the lights.


Twinkle:haan.She controlling her emotions she hugged Kunj tightly and started crying.Kunj keep the plate in side and hugged her back.How this happened Kunj haan.

Kunj:bas shhh.He cupped her face and make her sit and sit beside her.Don’t cry.You have this food and take your medicine first.Twinkle get surprised to see Kunj like this.

Twinkle:Kunj don’t worry nobody is in room why you doing this acting haan and I don’t want anything don’t show this fake concern towards my baby.

Kunj:he is my baby..

Twinkle:acha very soon you get to know about this haan?

Kunj:twinkle I wanted to ask you something.


Kunj: you know what twinkle Rohit don’t have anyone in his life that letter was just fake.He suffering from tumor. Twinkle get shocked how he knows.

Twinkle: what? How you get to know about this. Kunj looking here and there.

Kunj: do you know about this?

Twinkle: what? Kunj hold his hands.

Kunj:twinkle i wanted to clear each and everything with you.Sorry I told you so much you are responsible for my di.

Twinkle:what are you talking Kunj I didn’t understand.

Kunj: pata nahi twinkle. Sorry for my words.

Twinkle: first you hurt me now saying this haan kunj.You just love you family not me Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:really I didn’t love you haan you know how much I love you.

Twinkle:acha you love really.It’s just fake love I’m thinking it’s true love. At day in Khariah di anniversary I was waiting for you whole night at terrace I was shivering in rain but Kunj you didn’t come you busy with Ovi in party haan.

Kunj: acha I come.

Twinkle:what? When you come.

Kunj:behind you only I Come.what I saw and get shocked.

Twinkle:if you come there I should saw you na.

Kunj:today clear each and everything twinkle.


Kunj:that night I wanted to confess you properly that I love you truly.Twinkle looking at him tears coming from their eyes.

Twinkle:Than why you didn’t come that night if you come there Kunj after that night you totally changed it why she grab his collar and screaming at him.

Kunj:closed his eyes you think about me  after saw my wife in someone embrace what happened to me how I feels twinkle.Twinkle get shocked after listen this. She looking at Kunj in shocking way what he saying. Than she closed her eyes and remember everything.

Twinkle: means you was there only.

Kunj:haan I come while finding you but went back with broken heart twinkle.

Twinkle:what kunjjj.I broke your heart why how Kunj. I don’t know about anything. Say clearly. Kunj take deep breath and hold her shoulders.

Kunj:sun twinkle I come there but I saw you and Rohit together hugging each other’s and i never thought you say something like this for my di. You itself said to Rohit why can’t he leave my sister. Twinkle hold side table after listen this. And he love you.

twinkle:nooo Kunjjjj.

Kunj: haa he too said he loves you. Twinkle completely shocked.

Twinkle:Nahi kunj it’s not like this.Are you sure he said this he loves me.

Kunj: he said he love and I went from there after I don’t know anything twinkle. She closed her eyes and smiled painfully.

Twinkle:waha Kunj now I understand each and everything you doing this all things with me because of this na you thought me and Rohit jiju having something between each other’s haan. That’s why you said I was responsible for Khariah.She started clapping.i was mad who thinking you love me but you toh thought I betraying you haan kunj. In loud voice.

Kunj:nahi I didn’t do because of this Haan I expect this I was with Ovi just because of this only wanted to show it’s feel when your love cheat you.

Twinkle:whatttt. Leave me kunjj. She started crying loudly Kunj hold her hands.

Kunj:see twinkle I don’t know anything whatever I had in my heart I told you. I thought our marriage happened just because of our family you don’t love me I was okay with this but Rohit is my di husband and you know she loves him that breaks me down.

Twinkle:who told you this he loves me I too are you mad totally Kunj.He die Kunj

Wait you didn’t listen everything clearly.

Itself assumed everything and took Rohit and me.So listen carefully mr Kunj Sarna.Today you proof you don’t have mind and heart as well.chii you think this I’ll stoop so low having affair with a married man who is my sister in law husband he had one daughter as well haa.So sunno Kunj.

[email protected]

After listen from Rohit mouth I love. Kunj didn’t wait more immediately run from there.

Rohit:I love Khariah Lot twinkle. And crying twinkle get shocked she push Rohit.

Twinkle:what is this jiju haan. You saying you love di than why you doing this all things. I’ll tell each and everything to Kunj.

Rohit:wait twinkle please don’t I’m begging in front of you.You listen me first.

Twinkle:okay bolo.

Rohit: twinkle I’m suffering from brain tumour she get shocked.

Twinkle:what.. you making me fool I saw you many times with that lady haan you cheating my di.

Rohit:that lady is my dr. He show her his reports twinkle see reports and get shocked.

Twinkle:what Than why you didn’t tell us.

Rohit:twinkle I don’t have time. I was at my last stage drs off their hands.There is no way. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about this.I just wanted to spend my last time with my love and daughter. Because I know my disease will kill me one day I don’t want after knowing about this she will kill everyday she loves me so much i can’t see tears in her eyes that’s why I went New York back to back for my check up.I didn’t love apart from Khariah she is my everything I don’t have family in this world after her I got everything.After listen Rohit words twinkle get shocked fully she itself never thought this.

Twinkle:what jiju.Chalo we will tell about this to dadi Maa she will do something don’t worry about this.You love her even she too.

Rohit: nahi twinkle. Please I beg you don’t disclose about this to anyone.

Twinkle: no I can’t. Jiju.

Rohit:you have swear of Kunj.Please understand me drs trying when right time will come I’ll tell her for sure.

Twinkle: really di is very lucky you love her this much bearing this pain all alone Haan jiju.

Rohit:I love her like anything twinkle. Pata hai mujhe she will be sad after me but I will give her so much love before that.Enough for her.

Twinkle: but the way you doing now you away di from you. You know others tell her so much.

Rohit: let them twinkle.I can give them back but I know I don’t have time she has to stay without me forever I’m doing this because she become used to stay without me.Twinkle just smile till now she see people break each other’s for their MATLAB.but today she seeing just for his love happy he breaking her heart.Flash back end.After listen twinkle words Kunj get shocked.

Twinkle:hope Kunj you get to know whole truth you didn’t wait he loves your sister like anything today he wasn’t in this world. He just pretending.He knows di can’t see him in pain even she too itself he bear everything and went from this world.You misunderstood him Kunj. Kunj fully shocked he don’t know what to say how to react. He sit in side.

Kunj: what twinkle??

Twinkle:haan kunj.Like you even I too

misunderstood jiju many times I Saw him with a lady I thought same likes you wanted to tell you about this but I scared you love di this much.Disheartened even he gives me swear of yours I was helpless Kunj.I lied with he will tell di but he didn’t and went from here and leave that letter.

Everything is wrong Kunj he does after this di will started hating him. He is more happy with this rather than she suffers and cry for her everyday and miss him.

Kunj just freezes.

Kunj:I miss understood everything twinkle.

Twinkle: at least try to ask me once I’ll tell you everything Kunj.

A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it make us forget the hundred loveable moments..

You know misunderstanding in love is just like a poison but if the two lover have this power that they talk about it and clear everything then how much the poison is strong they have a antidote to fight with it.

Kunj itself just assumed everything about twinkle and Rohit fit false story in his mind never try to ask them once what actually is it.That’s why today they are here and end up with misunderstanding. Communication is very important thing in a relationship.If not than like a slow poison everything is finished.A third person never creates misunderstanding between two people,But misunderstandings between two people creates space for a third person.. Rohit leave a perfect explain for true love he went from this world leave his love and others but for rest of life his name and love will com when people talk about love.his disease took him but his goodness never. No matter how carefully you choose your words they will always end up being twisted by others. Kunj caught by misunderstanding poison.

Twinkle:Kunj I thought perfect couple only exist in books and movies, but that changed after I saw di and Rohit jiju.kunh very coin has two side you just see one side of coin and today you end up with misunderstanding. Kunj look at twinkle he don’t have wordsfrom which mouth he talk to twinkle feels so bad. Cursing himself Lot for his deeds without knowing truth he assumed all things.

It’s perfect shuj se Bhuj achi hai.Kunj never try to ask twinkle once if he does it today situations maybe different.

@The world biggest fight between heart and mind.Mind always wanted to win over heart those flow with minds.Mind running fast while heart go in slow processes understand each and everything step by step.Mind don’t have feelings while heart has feelings.God created both heart and mind in a human body together to take decision perfectly used both things.Mind help you how to work and understand while heart emotionally helpless make you understand feelings all ups and downs.

Kunj using his mind more than his heart maybe his heart saying twinkle is innocent but his mind powerful than his heart somewhere that’s why today he standing here if everything is not come on correct moment he will not go and stop twinkle for a abortion due to this misunderstanding he will lost his unborn baby.Rohit life end up but at least open Kunj eyes.JO HOTA HAI AACHE KE LIYA HOTA HAI GOD KNOWS KISH ME ACHAI HAI AUR BURI HAI.Kunj went towards twinkle.

Kunj:twinkle….in shaking voice. I don’t know how I look into your eyes. I m shameless on myself twinkle.She looking down turned her face. I did so much wrong with you twinkle I don’t have words for my deeds..

Twinkle:kunjjj why you saying this to me haan.He hold her hand and make her turns towards himself.

Kunj:after see you with him I thought like others you cheating me.It was my mistake I didn’t try to ask you once.

Twinkle: why you didn’t ask me once. Bg song.

Pehle ke jaisa kuch bhi nahi hai
Din raat aankhon mein ik nami hai

Pehle ke jaisa kuch bhi nahi hai
Din raat aankhon mein ik nami hai
Pehle ke jaise mausam nahi hai
Baadal toh hai par barish nahi hai
Iss mod pe aa gaye hum batao
Raahein toh hain, humsafar hi nahi ha

Kunj:I was scared twinkle if I open this matter what will happen with my di she loves Rohit Lot I don’t have strength. But why you stop.

Twinkle:hehe Kunj even I was too. Before knowing truth I too took him wrong and thought If this truth will come out Rohit was with someone else di will breaks down. It’s happened in my family Mahi take a decision of her life and leave us and went with whom she loves. My papa try to explain that man is not right for her but she didn’t listen Kunj and left us with humiliation.After Mahi this stunt my papa bear so much pain. I don’t want even your family bear that’s why I stop when I get to know than I’m helpless Kunj. But I never knew you doing this with me because this all.Arey Kunj I toh love you more than my life.

Kabhi nahi Socha ta mere some enemy se I’ll love this much.Can’t see myself without you kunj. Yeh bhi janti ti after Rohit di will breaks down anyhow and I can’t see my love too. He loves his sister lot. But my pati was ready to kill his own baby due to this misconception. Haan.

Did you ever think about me what happened on me when you behaving like mads with me. When you become so harsh towards my baby I broke down Kunj. For Khariah di you get ready to give me divorce Kunj haan m I right.

Kunj:no twinkle I didn’t do anything with you because of di.Yes somewhere I hating you for that but never take this things in my heart and give you pain no never I can’t even try to do. If I love my sister than I love you too more than anything else. To leave you and abortion there is different matter.


Aao chalein hum phir se wahaan pe
Jahaan pe kabhi khushbuon se miley the
Shayad wahin pe kahin kuch bacha ho
Jahaan pe kabhi saath hum tum chale thhe
Jisey kho diya hai
Khatam ho gaya hai
Uss pyar ko zindagi denge phir se


Twinkle: today tell me kunj everything. Agar Hum mile toh but ek hone ke liye nahi koi na I’ll be happy at least koi regression nahi hoga Kunj.I’ll toh you were not in my destiny Kunj.

Kunj:nahi twinkle I don’t wanted you lost you forever.If you go away from myself at least you will be happy somewhere not worry where you were with whom you are. But at least happy in your life. I wanted this only. Whatever I told about baby it just for some reason I thought after become so bad and tell you this yo get ready to leave me. I try my level best you itself leave me that’s why I send you divorce paper twinkle in said voice he saying. I don’t wanted to put your life in danger twinkle.

Twinkle: what???

Kunj:Haan twinkle.After marry me every time something happened with you.This all happened because of me only that I don’t wanted I’ll be more happy become your enemy twinkle.

Twinkle: kunjj.

Kunj:I don’t know whether you will be believe in me or not but this is truth twinkle.I’m feeling so good I reached on time and stop you.For my each words I never mean it twinkle.A mother always chose her baby over everyone I thought this only. But I was wrong how could you get ready for abortion.

Twinkle:because your happiness in this only na.When his father wasn’t happy with him what I’ll do Kunj.He is in my womb our love was the reason. That love don’t want him.


Kunj:nahi twinkle I’m helpless I don’t know anything what I have done it.Rohit went and leave di due to his disease but I m going to kill my baby with my own hands if something happened wrong how I’ll leave twinkle.Trust me I love you Lot. Meri nafart me tere liye beintehaa mohabbat hai. Tum haasi ho Khushi mujhe hoti hai tum rootho toh ankhen meri roti hai twinkle. Tu door jati hai toh bechani mujhe hoti hai. Meri life is like a puzzle I don’t wanted you stuck with me.

Twinkle:why Kunj we promise each other’s we will always support each other’s and stand beside each other no matter Than why this things come between each other’s.You took me wrong Kunj I never thought in my wildest dream you will thought about me this. Before destroying anyone life I’ll destroy myself and how and why?? I get ready to kill my baby because Kunj I love you and you wanted proof im ready to give you to kill our baby it’s proofing that my love for you it’s true or not. If you ask my life I can ready Kunj.Your mind always over your heart but my heart over mind. We both just thought about our beloved once in this process we didn’t think about our love neglected ready to kill our love and the weapon is misunderstanding.

Kunj:you are absolutely right twinkle yaar. I’m sorry please forgive me.

Twinkle:Kya sorry Kunj. She cupped his face me kal bhi tumse apni jaan she jada pyaar karti ti aur aaj bhi aage bhi karugi but I’m sad Kunj you hurt me Lot.

Tell me the reason please..?? Why you will poison for me Kunj.

Kunj:twinkle all I can say if you with me you are our baby wouldn’t safe.

Twinkle:why I need a answer.

Kunj:how I tell you.

Twinkle: why Kunj tell me.

Kunj:twinkle years back after our college me and yuvi was in car and I was driving we both busy in talks I didn’t see at road and someone bumped with my car.

Twinkle: what??

Kunj:Haan twinkle. Me and yuvi shocked I was about to go out of the car but yuvi didn’t let me we both scared of this. Due to heavy rain I told yuvi whoever is we should take him to hospital but yuvi deny. He takes me from there.

Twinkle: what about that person.

Kunj:we didn’t see how is that person.

Twinkle: kunjj it’s wrong how can you leave someone on road she and he bumped with your car it’s your duty.

Kunj: haa twinkle but yuvi didn’t listen to me.

Twinkle: Than Kunj??

Kunj:twinkle next day I was about to going to tell dadi Maa.Yuvi told me if anyone get to know about this we both will be in jail. And you know my dadi and family. After few days later suddenly me and yuvi getting warning mails we both get shocked twinkle.This scared me and yuvi more after that we both never went to America. Finished our work and come back to London.There also that mails coming  yuvi didn’t took it in serious way and due to this things I’m going in depression and started taking pills didn’t get sleeps always stay in fear if this come out than what will happen.I was the reason someone not in this world.I don’t have guts to tell anyone about this. Started staying alone.Make myself busy in works.Than that mails stop and yuvi make me understand that was a bad past I should move ahead I listen him.After dadi Maa behind my marriage.A beautiful phase come in my life its you I met with you and shocked my family finds you for myself. I get ready to marry you.You know rest of things after that. After knowing about Rohit and you i disheartened Than again I get messages and I get shocked firstly I didn’t believe it.

Twinkle:what write in that Kunj?

Kunj:yeh hi now she will take her revenge from me to hurt you.I was shocked.Even things started happening same with you

I get scared twinkle. I don’t wanted you get punishment of my mistakes.Yeh hi ek reason hai because of this I wanted to leave you if you stay with me than whoever is wanted to hurt you after apart from me you will be safe.

Twinkle: kunjj why you didn’t tell me anything haan.

Kunj: this is only my mistakes I thought I’ll handle everything you are I can’t handle anything you aren’t a siyappa queen but I’m only.After get to know you are pregnant I was so happy but kill my

happiness.Already because of me your life is in danger don’t wanted even our baby too suffers I just thought about you only twinkle swear of our love I never hurt you because of di matter I did you leave me.

Qismat humein leke aayi kahaan pe
Samay chal raha hai magar hum ruke hain
Mere khwaab sab aakhiri saans leke
Gehraaiyon mein dafan ho chuke hain
Na awaaz koi hai hum tak pahuchti
Badi door khud se hum ja chuke hain
Rishton mein khamoshiyan aa gayi hain
Seene mein bhi dhadkano ki kami hai

Pehle ke jaise mere paas aao
Zaroorat hai humko gale se lagaao
Nahin raas aate hain humko andhere
Chalo chheen laayein phir woh savere
Chalo chheen laayein phir woh savere


Im afraid of letting you get close enough to notice the cracks in my flawed heart.

I scared of lose you twinkle. Haan it’s true my fear win over my love.. always asked myself will my love conquers this fear but I can’t. Both is in shocked. Twinkle hugged Kunj tightly he too her both hugging each other’s and crying in each other’s arms.

Fear and love- there are two basic motivating forces fear and love. When we afraid we pull back from life when we are in love we open to all that life has to offer with passion excitement and acceptance we need to learn to love ourselves first,,

Scene freezes…


How was the shot??

Hope you all like my Story almost end..

just wanted to show game just between mind and heart. Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels.

All truth come out why Kunj is doing this all. Rohit does for his love and Kunj too he don’t have time but Kunj get.. let’s see what will happened next??

Give your review please

Thanks love you all for showing your love for story till now.

Bye allahafiz. ?

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