Naagin Season 3 21st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tamsee ruin Bela’s plan and attempts to kill Mahir

Naagin Season 3 21st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling others that Tamsee drinks something before sunset and she drinks it without any argument. She says maybe it is some herbal liquid. Mahir tells them that Tamsee is not in her room, I have checked the footage just now. Vish says we shall go and check the glass. They come to Tamsee’s room and find the glass. Bela smells it and says I knew it, it is a herbal root which she is drinking to gain strength which she drinks daily. Vish says she will become weak if we don’t let her drink. Vikrant asks Vish not to worry and tells that Bela is Naagrani and will not do anything wrong with anyone. Bela says exactly, I won’t let anything wrong happen with her, but we have to control her until she gets ready to go to her world. Mahir asks if she will agree to go. bela says we have to make her understand that this is not her world. She says we shall stop her from having this herbal juice. Mahir says where we will keep it? Bela says I have an idea. Mahir, Bela, and Vikrant are sitting in the hall when the doorbell rings. Vish opens the door. Some villagers come there and tell that they thought to do Maha yagya because of the recent happenings, and that’s why they came to invite her as she is Naagrani and most powerful. Tamsee comes there and asks do you think Bela is powerful. The men say yes and ask her to go inside and drink water. Tamsee shouts and says she is the most powerful. The man says we don’t know your name. Tamsee says my other name is Andhka and tells that she is evil. They tell that they know Bela as Shakti avatar. Tamsee says she is Kali shakti avatar and tells that she will come there and goes inside. Mahir says everything is happening according to the plan.

Sumitra calls designers to show dresses to Tamsee. Tamsee doesn’t like the dress and throws on the floor. She burns the dress shocking them. Bela says maybe someone is bringing the liquid for her. Designer asks her not to burn the dress as it is costly. Tamsee says I will burn something less expensive and burns the designer. The designer becomes ashes. Tamsee dances. Bela reads some mantras and makes the designer alive and signs her to go. Mahir says Tamsee is very angry. Vikrant says she is like her mother Vish. Other designer shows the dresses and says this will look good. Tamsee tells that she doesn’t like light color dresses. The designer shows the red dress. Tamsee says she likes it. Sumitra asks really and says it is good. Vish says the dress is not good. Bela says her mother’s fashion sense is better than hers. Tamsee asks Designer to run until she counts three. The designer is scared and runs out. Mahir and Vikrant see Rohini bringing some herbs. They sign Vish and Bela. They all go outside the kitchen. Rohini says don’t know what Tamsee drinks, and thinks she has become unpaid Servant. She thinks to add some hot water.

Vikrant comes to the kitchen and tells Rohini that Tamsee is troubling them a lot. He says although we are from different teams, Tamsee has become troubling. Rohini says Sumi made her Servant of Tamsee. Vikrant says Sumi will make her Daai of Tamsee’s children. She says that girl shall be sent to boarding. Vish and Bela come there and try to change the glass. Sumitra comes there and asks why they came there. Vish says there is no Laxman rekha here. Vikrant calls Sumitra as surpanakha. Sumitra asks him to see his face. She asks Vish to turn. Vish keeps the glass and swirls and asks if she got Naagmani, and asks why she wants to get insulted again and again. Rohini mixes hot water and takes the right glass. Vish realizes and tells sorry to Bela. Bela asks them to go and see what she is doing. Alek praises Tamsee’s look. Tamsee is looking at herself in the mirror. Sumitra asks her to drink the juice. Rohini thinks Vikrant is right, everyone has become her servant. She steps on the clothes and falls. The glass falls down on the floor. Tamsee gets angry and asks if she is blind. She says she gets powers by drinking the juice before sunset and scolds her for making the glass fall. Rohini apologizes to her. Tamsee says sorry, you will be punished. Vish feels pity for Rohini. Tamsee snatches Sumitra, Alek and Rohini’s powers.

Mahir, Vish, Vikrant, and Bela discuss that Tamsee didn’t drink any of the juice and snatched Sumitra and others’ powers. Bela says we shall not change the plan and asks them to get ready.

Mahir is resting on the coach, Bela comes to him and says everything will be fine. Mahir asks do you really think? Bela says I won’t let anything happen to you. Mahir says I know that you will risk your life to save me, and says I know you are Naagrani and is not scared of anyone, etc. Bela says everything will be fine. Mahir says no, and tells that he has a feeling that they will not be with each other after today. Bela hugs him and asks him to stop thinking bad. She asks why are you taking tension and says everyone will be fine. Mahir says everyone knows about tamsee’s evil powers and says he is worried for baby and her. He says you are scared too, I can see the fear in your eyes. Bela says she is worried about the practical things, that if her trick will go wrong etc. Mahir asks if she is not thinking about them. Bela says no, and tells that they are always one, and united later. She says nobody can separate us and we belong to each other. She says now we have a baby which will not let us separate. She says you will not get freedom from me. Mahir hugs her.

They come to the Maha yagya place in the village. Vish asks the villager man if all the arrangements are done. Villager man says yes. He asks where is she? Alek and Rohini bring Tamsee in the palanquin and says Andhka ki Jai…He asks them to bend their heads in front of Tamsee as she is more powerful than Bela. The villagers start dancing. Music bajega … plays…Tamsee is dancing as well. Bela asks others to remember what to do when Tamsee comes near them. The villager men bring the chair and make Tamsee sit on it. They say Andhka ki Jai, Tamsee ki Jai. They take Tamsee near the Holika…Bela comes there and asks Tamsee to come with her. Tamsee says ok Bela Maasi. Bela says you will agree to my saying after looking at there. Vish and Vikrant take the fire arrows. Bela says Vish and Vikrant will burn this bonfire. Tamsee says she is Andhka and nothing can harm her. Bela says you will die in this powers, only Agni can burn you. She asks her to silently come with her. Tamsee looks at Vish and Vikrant and smiles. She brushes off Bela’s hand and tells that she is small, but not very small. She asks her where is your husband? Bela sees Mahir hanging in the air on a crane. Bela gets shocked. Tamsee says his body is having bel patr on him, now you will get his body. Bela is shocked and says no.

Tamsee says just 1 min is left, how you can save him in 1 min. She says my plan is I will throw Mahir in this burning fire and says then you will get his ashes. She asks her to fill her maang with his ashes. Bela says no and runs to stop Vish and Vikrant. Vish and Vikrant are holding the fire arrow. Bela runs towards them. Heavy wind is blown. Tamsee tells the countdown. Vish and Vikrant fire the arrow at the havan/bonfire. Bela tries to stop the arrows, but in vain. Sumitra drives the bulldozer to throw Mahir in the fire. Vish and Vikrant see Mahir and get shocked. Vish shouts Mahir and says he is on the crane. Mahir sees Sumitra driving the crane. Vikrant says Sumitra. Sumitra says I am your mum, but thankfully I am clever and says I used my mind and came here. Vish says we have to get Mahir down from the crane. Bela shouts calling Vish and Vikrant and says Mahir ji….Everyone panic and runs. Bela sees Sumitra stopping the crane near the bonfire. The men say that their plan backfired. Tamsee hits them and says nobody will get a chance to be saved. She puts more fire to the burning fire so that the fire catches Mahir. She laughs. Bela is shocked.

Precap: Bela comes to the temple and tells Bholenath that she needs Naagmani to give to Tamsee. She dances.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What about Rithvik, mahir cousin, he came to help Bela right!? Where he went suddenly when Hukum captures vish..

    Upto now, we don’t know about his .. simply showing different characters and confusing the people without story.. non sense

    Naavin 3 finale video

    How come, Yuvi is alive again..

    Now again one more twist and they will not give clarity for that also

    No interest and no story to watch

  2. Such an ass f**king story ,to be true the director and the story writers are andhigaands…with noo logic in their brain!!naagin 3-chutiyapaa

  3. Please save Mahir.

  4. Can i please know which somg was playing in background when mahir and bela hugged today? 🙂

  5. Pathetic serial atleast don’t involve children in this superstition

  6. To which world hukum belongs to ?
    how does husoor took Ruhi’s form ?
    Shivangi’s death was shown in the beginning. Will this relate to the story in future with Bela? And what is the reason for her death?

  7. Wow..again twist.. Ab tak ki saari raaz abhitak solve nahi kiya aur ab naya..
    Us rithvik ko guest appearance keliye bulaya..? Huzoor kaun hai..? Hukum pehle kaha dha ki usse nagmani nahi nagrani chahiye..Par ab uski bachi ko bhi nagmani chahiye..muche laga shayad andka need belas child who’s special..par kya iss stone lene ko hukum yeh sab drama kiya..Isse behatar sab ke beech direct nagmani ki fight dhi.. Sumitra thi achi villain..iss hukum ki sarrorath bhi nahi dha.. This andkar story was such a flop concept.. Also when hukum learns its not bela but vish..,it doesn’t matter him..omg Kya logic.. Toh unka itna mehnath or drama kis bath keliye dha..iski chakkar mein 2weekend barbad kiya..just showing nonsense for 2hrs..
    Still having TRP only bcz of cast like behir and vishkrant.. Now killing them.. God karo yeh story..yehi acha hai.. Pehle shivanya,phir sivangi ab bela ko marega.. Uss idiot story writer ko maaro..wohi acha hoga..
    Guys.. I have a terrific dbt.. Nagin have yrs of life,but they were killed in each season.. Rithik is human.. Still he is alive..? Kya Usse nagin se amrit mila..
    Before season4..please ekta ma’am just make sure a proper story line instead of changing and lagging story according to unavailability of actress or business problems.. If story is stron,who ever casts it will lead the TRP..
    Love you bela mahir..

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