Daayan 1st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Asha is Daayan

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Daayan 1st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aakarsh feels a dear one is in trouble. He then sees Jahnvi unconscious on floor and wakes her up with his daayan super powers. Jahnvi wakes up and says she knew he would save her. Chandrika hiding nearby fumes thinking even after losing memory, Aakarsh saved Jahnvi. Aakarsh holds Jahnvi’s hand. Jahnvi reminisces their romantic days. Satrupa walks in and asks what is happening here. Chandrika thinks now Satrupa will kill Jahnvi. Aakarsh asks Jahnvi what had happened to her. Jahnvi says someone tried to kill her from behind and it cannot be Satrupa as she does not back stab. Satrupa asks if she thinks she is so weak to back stab. Aakarsh says Satrupa is right. Jahnvi asks how can he trust Satrupa in such a short span. Aakrsh uses his super powers and finds out that a human has tried to kill Jahnvi and smells culprit behind curtain. Satrupa thinks it must be stupid Chandrika. Aakarsh does not find anyone behind curtain and seeing Jahnvi’s blood there says culprit is somewhere around and drags Chandrika out. Chandrika says she is not a culprit. Jahnvi says she had held culprit’s hand and can identify culprit. She holds Chandrika’s hand and says she is the one. Aakarsh says but this is not culprit’s smell. Aakarsh and Jahnvi walk away thinking how can it happen. Satrupa scolds Chandrika to be careful and not make any silly mistakes again and says she changed her smell on time, else she would have been caught. She then walks into Aakarsh’s room and with her emotional drama brainwashes him against Jahnvi that Jahnvi with her black magical powers controlled Aakarsh for many years and Satrupa worked hard to get him out of black magical spell and then marry him.

Veer meets Jahnvi and apologizing her says he cannot break their age old friendship. Jahnvi asks him to return to Prachi as he got his true love after so many years of struggle. Veer says he wants to help her. Jahnvi informs about a secret door to Daayan lok. Veer says she can just follow Aakarsh or Satrupa and reach there. Jahnvi says it is not that easy and they should find door via a special mirror like device. They both search door via mirror like device but fail to find it. Prachi passes by searching Veer. Veer hides. Jahnvi walks into Aasha’s room searching her and finds daayan lok’s door there. Her shadow speaks to her and says she can enter daayan lok only as shadow. Her shadow enters daayan look and she sees Betalini reviving Daayan to her original form. She is shocked to see Aasha as Daayan who was fooled her till now and even Aakarsh fooled her hiding his mother’s identity. She thinks of finishing daayan, but then stops reminiscing saint telling she lost all her powers and need to return to paatal lok to get them back via meditation. Betalini takes back crown from Daayan saying she has not given dear one’s sacrifice yet. She sees Jahnvi’s shadow there and informs daayan. Daayan says she is not worried about Jahnvi and knows how to handle her.

Veer walks into Asha’s room and gets tensed seeing Jahnvi unconscious on bed. He realizes that her shadow must have gone to daayan alone. He cries seeing her condition and shakes her pleading to wake up. He then hears someone coming and gets tensed seeing Aakarsh. Aakarsh thinks Satrupa cannot be wrong regarding Jahnvi and he needs to spy on Jahnvi to know her true identity. Veer hides him and Jahnvi under bed. Aakarsh does not find anyone and walks out. Veer closes door and sits besides Jahnvi. Daayan lok’s door opens and Jahnvi returns, feeling weak and holding back device. Veer holding her hand asks if she is fine now. Prachi walks in and alleges Veer that he loves Jahnvi. Veer tries to convince her that after he found out that Jahnvi loves Aakarsh, he never saw Jahnvi as his partner but as a best friend. Prachi does not trust him and continues alleging him. He slaps her and walks out. Brijesh Chachu meets Jahnvi, and Jahnvi informs him that Aasha is daayan explaining her whole story. Brijesh is shocked to hear that. They both pass by corridor and see Asha shouting in pain after cutting her hand by mistake. Family gathers and rush to get first-aid for her. Brijesh warns Asha that they know she is daayan. Asha acts and complains Jahnvi. Jahnvi says she cannot mislead them. Asha says she can prove she is not daayan and asks to accompany her. Brijesh warns Jahnvi not to trust Asha. Jahnvi thinks she needs to trap Asha in her own game and accompanies with her. Asha pushes Jahnvi on floor and gets back into her daayan form, informs she will make Jahnvi a bali band/scapegoat and will sacrifice her. She uses her black magical powers on Jahnvi to sacrifice her when Brijesh enters and throws device towards Jahnvi. Jahnvi catches it and shows it to Daayan. Daayan burns and shouting in pain escapes from there. She reaches her den and thinks someone is helping Jahnvi use her own power to kill her, she will kill Jahnvi supports first. Betalini in her den thinks if Jhahnvi can defeat daayan and get back mani. Daayan reaches there and punishing Betalini stuffs her in ground till neck shouting she helped Jahnvi and now she will see her daughter Janhvi’s sacrifice, creating a mirror to watch all her acts.

Precap: Asha/daayan hypnotizes Prachi who gets device and breaks it. Jahnvi tells Brijesh that she wants to meet Aakarsh once, and he says she should not. Asha walks in saying to meet her first. Aakarsh alleges Jahnvi that she repeatedly tries to come near her even after knowing he is married. Jahnvi says she will never disturb him again.

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