Kawach 1st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kapil’s entry confuses Sandhya’s decision to marry Angad

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Kawach 1st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya looking at the mangalsutra carefully. Pandit ji tells that he has checked the kundalis and the marriage shall happen in one week, else this marriage can’t happen till 2 years. Angad’s father says I can get the marriage done in one day. Dada ji gets up and says their family members marriage happen in their ancient Shiv temple and says if this marriage don’t happen there then we will break the relation with Vinayak and his wife. Angad’s father tells Dada ji that he was young when his father died and tells that marriage will happen wherever you want and asks him not to worry. Vinayak is worried about the arrangements. Angad’s chacha and others tell that they will leave Devlali today and will do the arrangements.

Sandhya thinks how can this mangalsutra be similar to that mangalsutra and leaves message on social media. They reach Devlali. Vinayak tells Chacha that they are doing all the work. He asks them to have food and asks Ankit to make everyone have food. Dada ji asks until where Madhuri and kids reach. Vinayak says they are on the way. Usha asks Karthik to stop the car at the chetrapal temple on the way. Sandhya thinks may be she is seeing strange things as she didn’t bend her head in the temple. The witch is seen sitting on the car roof. They get down from the car and buy coconut from the lady and keep infront of the temple. Sandhya comes last. Usha asks Sandhya to keep the coconut fast and bend her head. Sandhya prays to God to take care of her and is about to present the coconut to God, when witch calls her. Sandhya looks up and drops the coconut in shock. She runs to car and informs that she saw something on the tree. Usha says there is nothing on the tree and asks if she presented the coconut, before Sandhya can say, Usha asks her to come.

Chacha ji tells everyone that they have done arrangements of ring ceremony and marriage in a day. Everyone claps. He says even my friends helped me. He says groom is very excited to marry and there is no mahurat for marriage for 2 years, so they have to do this marriage soon, and tells that they have to do Sakarpura rasam and then ring ceremony. The functions start. Sandhya sees witch in the hall and is shocked. Archana asks what happened? Sandhya says nothing. She sits to get mehendi applied. Chacha ji and other guys come there, but a lady makes her go. The ladies talk about the witch who comes in every marriage in the village. Madhuri asks them to apply mehendi and not to talk. Archana takes Sandhya to room and tells that the color is dark. She asks her to rest and goes. Window opens suddenly. Sandhya peeps out, but there is nobody. She then sees Ranjana and thinks she wants to surprise her. She searches for her and goes behind someone thinking her to be Ranjana. She goes to room and thinks I saw Ranjana coming inside this room, then where did she go. Suddenly the door gets locked. Sandhya knocks on the door. The witch calls Sandhya and says you didn’t call me to your wedding. Sandhya is shocked.

Archana and suman take her outside. Witch makes the table fall down. Sandhya comes to Angad and they sit. Angad looks at her. She asks him not to stare at her and says if anyone sees us then what they will think. Angad says that we are getting married. She says you are seeing me since 2 years. Vinayak tells that they will start the rasam. Angad says this rasam can’t happen until my friend Kapil comes here. He says we are friends since school and don’t do lunch without each other. Kapil is seen coming. Chacha ji says lets do sakarpura and then ring ceremony infront of Kapil. Sandhya asks about Kapil. Angad asks if she wants to replace him. Chacha ji asks the bride to dance. Sandhya says she can’t dance. Angad says you had said that you are a trained dancer. She says you have seen my dance. She danced on the song Jhinak. Kapil is on the way. Witch sees him. Kapil reaches the house on the bike. His friend comes in the car and asks Kapil to change fast. A friend tells Angad that Kapil came. Angad tells Sandhya that he will make her meet Kapil. Electricity goes.

Kapil enters there and greets Sandhya introducing himself as Kapil. She shakes hand with him and says she felt this touch before. She looks at him holding the candle and is shocked to see that he is the man whom she had seen in the temple and who had saved him. Chacha ji asks Angad and Sandhya to stand for the ring ceremony. Sandhya thinks of Ranjana’s words about seeing would be husband. She is confused. Suman asks her to forward her hand. Angad makes her wear ring. Suman gives ring to Sandhya. Sandhya looks at Kapil and drops the ring on the floor. The ring goes towards Kapil. Angad asks him to give the ring. Suman says your friend is slow. She takes the ring and gives to Sandhya. Sandhya makes him wear ring. Angad tells that his grip is tight and he will not let her go from his hold. Everyone claps. Archana misses Ranjana. Sandhya says even she is missing her.

Ranjana’s father is on the way to Dada ji’s house and is worried as Ranjana is missing. He talks to someone on call and tells that he is going to meet Sandhya now. Driver asks him to visit Shetrapal temple. Ranjana’s father tells that he has no time as his daughter is missing and don’t believe in auspicious or inauspicious thing. He comes to Dada ji’s house. Vinayak stops him from meeting Sandhya and tells that she will get worried if she comes to know that Ranjana is missing. Chacha ji hears them and tells that his friend from crime branch will help him. They ask him to stay in the night. Ranjana is seen as the witch behind them.Kapil dances on the song cutie pie with Angad. Sandhya dances with him and smiles. She then looks at Angad. She gets Ranjana’s call and picks the call. The witch asks why you didn’t call me for your marriage. Sandhya switches off the lights and switches on. She sees witch in darkness and not when light is on. She gets shocked.

Angad’s friend Nisha comes to meet him and says she doesn’t like to attend marriages. Angad asks if his marriage? Nisha asks how rude are you and asks him to let bygones be bygones. She says I agree that I loved you and then have moved on. He says you got your true love now and asks him to live in present. She says we shall solve Ranjana’s missing case. Sandhya runs out of house and hugs Kapil thinking him to be Angad. Kapil turns and says I am not Angad. She says she was scared. She asks did we meet before? He says we met in ring ceremony. She asks did you meet before? He says destiny…Angad is very lucky as he found you first. She asks if he believes in destiny. Kapil says he believes in destiny and its conspiracies and says if two people are destined to meet then they unite him. He says destiny bring us face to face, but you are going to Angad now.

Usha comes and asks Sandhya to go and sleep, as tomorrow she has to wake up early for the kuldevi puja. Kapil says we met due to destiny, but the time is wrong. He walks away from there. Sandhya thinks if Angad is right for her, or Kapil is right. She asks if Shiv ji chose Kapil for her then why he sent Angad to her life first. She thinks what is written in her destiny and asks God to give her some sign. She hears Angad telling Nisha that Sandhya shall not know about them. Nisha says shall I lie? Angad says she might feel bad or refuse to marry. Nisha says if she refuses then marry me. Sandhya hears them and misunderstands Angad.

Precap: Sandhya and Angad get romantic, but when she opens her eyes, she finds Kapil infront of her. Ranjana appears infront of father as a witch and asks him to search her. He sees witch standing behind Ranjana and gets more shocked. Sandhya sees Kapil and Nisha together and misunderstands him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though I am little confused with today’s episode as nothing was clear to me, but show is really amazing….

    1. seeing the precap sandhya seems jealous

  2. I’m pretty satisfied with the show right now. Although Sandhya’s grandfather is making me a little confused. Assuming that he knows his only daughter died trying to find out who her groom is during the Mahashivratri night, why does he keep insisting for his granddaughter to get married in that village’s mandir?

    I’m also really confused with Kapil’s entry in the show. I feel like Sandhya should confide with her parents about seeing him at the mandir and in real life. From what I’ve seen so far, her parents give good advice. Although I’m starting to have doubts about Sandhya’s father. A girl—Sandhya’s BEST friend—is missing and he doesn’t want her to get stressed? That’s a little odd considering the fact that Angad wasn’t even ready to do a rasam without Kapil at his side.

  3. Yes,Sandhya’s feelings are confusing ..has she just got disturbed to see Kapil as the prophecy of the ancient temple started taking shape or has she felt some kind of attraction towards him….Love at first sight????? one thing that is clear is she has never felt the same for Angad….anyways I won’t mind if she falls in love with Kapil as he is as handsome as Angad and Angad seems to have a few personal secrets which he doesn’t want to reveal …..I felt sorry for Ranjana who has fallen prey to the cruel witch….Yes,the show is amazing and looking forward to tonight’s.

  4. There is confusion it seems that the one whom we are thinking as kapil is not kapil and the one who was standing beside him was kapil.

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