Nimki Mukhiya 1st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi proposes to Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 1st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says to Mai that if we can lose respect to Nimki. Ritu says I have done something that will make Nimki hide her face. Rekha says you always say this and nothing happens. Ritu says everyone will know that Nimki is pregnant but what if we say its BDO’s kid and not Babbu’s. Mai says thats good idea. Ritu shows poster saying Nimki is carrying Abhi’s baby. Babbu smirks. He stops Dublo and shows him poster. He asks if everything is fine with it? Mai says how is it? Dublo says it will show people that Babbu is not a man, he claimed to love Nimki in court but what this poster shows? that Nimki had someone’s else baby when Babbu was her husband? People will ask what kind of man Babbu is? Dublo leaves. Babbu says to Ritu that this poster will not be shown in village, it will be an insult for me. Mai says dont come in Dublo’s trap, that kid will destroy our family name and I wont let it happen.

Abhi comes to Nimki’s house. They hear noises from her room. Nimki says to Abhi that Babbu is inside my body, I cant bring this baby in world, I am scared, I cant raise him, this is not a baby, its a thorn which is pricking me. Abhi says we will do as you say. Nimki says I will cry.. I didnt cry when my mother and father died but this made me cry.. Muaha brings water for her. Nimki says I will die, Abhi says dont say like that. Nimki says nothing is left for me, I will see my rape everyday if this baby is here. Mauha says end this Babbu’s identity. Abhi says we are with you Nimki whatever you decide. Nimki says what to do about thorn in my belly? Abhi my life is destroyed, what if I dont see happiness in life? Abhi says I wont let you lose, I love you a lot.. Nimki and others are emotional. Abhi says I want to marry you Nimki, will you marry me right now? Nimki says my belly.. Abhi says I dont care, you do what you want, I just love you. Dumri says dont think much, say yes. Muaha says yes start a new life. Abhi says dont think I am pitying you, I love you a lot, I need a life partner, will you be with me? Nimki wipes her tears and says I dont get things on time, what about thorn in my belly? Its pricking me? what will I do? Tunee comes there and asks what happened? did you people know.. they have put posters in village that Nimki is pregnant and Abhi is her baby’s father.

Nimki comes out of house and sees posters everywhere. Abhi says they will never change. Villager says that Tettar did this against Nimki. Woman says but ask Nimki whats truth? people are talking that she is pregnant. Tunee shouts at them. Nimki says I am pregnant. Villager says then these posters are right? tell us Abhi, is this baby yours? Nimki says its Babbu’s baby, its outcome of the rape he did.

PRECAP- Rekha says to family that people follow Nimki a lot in that village, she can come here anytime. Mai says she wont come here now or else I will break her legs. Nimki and Tunee enters their house at same time. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. well done abhi this society needs men like you # stand for justice babbu is a same in manhood name

    1. This whole thing is garbage. Story ended long time ago but sheeet continue in this crap!

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