D4- a new tale- chp-9

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Recap- Nethra makes Baby fall. But Mik catches her.

In the evening Baby and her friends head to leave from the college. Baby forgets some books in her class.
Baby- guys you people go.. I will get my books.
Her friends leave.

She goes to her class and gets her books. While coming back she hears some music from the rehearsal hall. She goes there and sees Mik dancing. He is dancing for the song humnava. . Mik is unaware of her presence. After his dance ends he notices baby. Baby leaves the place without saying a word. Mik smiles.

Baby comes out. Her friends are waiting for her.
Tara- what took you so long? ?
Baby- nothing. . I was just. .
Sonam- it’s okay… let’s go shopping now. .
Jeah- you always think of shopping.
Amar- she can never think of anything other than that.
Sonam- you both can never think anything other than teasing me. .
Baby- stop fighting now. . Let’s go.

Nethra Harry Dia and Mik come to the mall. Mik is still thinking about Baby.
Harry- dude where are you lost? ?
Dia- I guess he is thinking about her. .
Mik- why will I think about Baby??
Dia- I didn’t tell her name..
Nethra- can we just stop discussing about her please.
Baby and her friends come to the same mall.

Precap- Mik sees Baby. He goes to talk to her.

  1. awesome navi. good goin.
    hope netra doesnt spoil d magic b/w baby n mike.
    amazing story line. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Awsome episode navi

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