You got that one thing (Part 2)

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As she stepped in, she looked at a big photo frame of Virat Kohli,Kriti and her mom .
Ragini’s POV
Wait… what Virat !!!He is a Indian cricketer and Swara has wild obsession towards him. Maybe kriti is like Swara. Mad girls .Why I’m not so obsessed with cricket and not obsessed with any cricketer. Okay I’ll never be.
She came out of the thoughts when kriti called her and showed a room which was of kriti.
Kriti : So Ragu you’re gonna stay with me. We’ll study day and night and make our parents and brothers happy.
Ragini : As you say riti. By the way can I call you riti.
Kriti : Okay . Even my bro calls the same. Get fresh we’ll eat something. Mom must be making special as you have come.
Ragini : Hmmm

Ragini goes to washroom and shocked to see a big ,a big washroom . She thought was it required to be this much big.
She freshens up and come. She sees kriti sleeping and wakes kriti up and both go to kitchen where mom was still cooking.
Ragini helped her. Mom toh was full impressed. They ate the dinner.
Kriti and ragini discussed about the coaching class and decided to go there tomo and get admission. But the thing was it was 1 hour from the house.
Kriti : Don’t worry rago bro or driver will come to leave and take us from there.
Ragini : Okay…your bro??I didn’t see him..
Kriti :He is in Bengaluru. .he’ll come tomo I think..
Ragini : Okay. I’m sleeping
And loudly she said Gn mom

Mom (in mind): She is best for my Virat…she just met me 12 hrs ago..but stole my heart..Virat you’ll also get mesmerised when you see her
Mom gets a call.Its Virat .She picks up.
Mom :I was thinking about you only
Virat: I got to know. .so only called
Mom: U have surprise tomo
Virat :Hmm..okay ..He also loudly say Gn mom
Here Ragini comes to mom’s room
And asks why you didn’t reply me
Virat hears new voice
Virat :Mom who is that??
Mom: Gn beta..bye and cuts the phone

In Bengaluru
Virat :Who was that??Let it be..but it was a sweet voice..Tomo I’ll see her

In Delhi
Mom :Sorry for not replying. .gotta a call from kriti’s bro..Gn beta
Ragini : Gn Maa
Ragini(in mind) Who is kriti’s bro??
Let it be..I should sleep now and she slept..

How is it guys. ..shd I continue

  1. Its superb..continue

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  6. Awesome

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