Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 70)

Gowtham opens the diary which he hold and sees abhay’s portrait in it.he remembers Abhay calling him.
Abhay:Gowtham ,how are you ?
Gowtham:bhai,I am fine and wat about you ?
Abhay:today I have taken a decision about my life.

Gowtham:what bhai??
Abhay:I am going to get married to Madhu.I have send her photo to you.
Gowtham:ho,I will pray to god for your welfare in life.
Abhay:but no one here cares for me even our sister.
Gowtham:I am debted to you ,bhai,who will accept their father’s another wife’s son as his own brother,you did it.

Abhay:come on Gowtham you come soon to our wedding .
He comes out his thoughts and closes his eyes thinking of seeing him lying as dead in the house when he comes happily to see abhay.the word madhu remains in his mind ,he asks everyone to give him explanation for this state .the servant says “raju”,he comes out of the past and thinks about what next to be done.he gets idea to go and meet Madhu who is very
much upset due to her son’s missing.
They reaches Rajasthan and asks everyone for sandhya’s of them guides them to Her house.meenakshi gets super excited to see raj and Madhu,she runs from hall to kitchen with more excitement while Sooraj tells some story to Ved and Rohan.Rohan gets blessings from bhabho and praises her home made food,he talks’ you tell the recipe when my mom come,”.bhabho hugs Rohan and smiles.

Bittoji gets down in front of RK mansion and smiles remembering all the good olden days,he enters the house and sees it as same as before without any change.Deepika comes out from the room and sees someone standing in the hall.she comes with smile”welcome,may I know who you are ?”.Bit to gets shocked to see Deepika as a ditto of deeps. He says about him .Shikky comes on hearing the conversation and sees bitto standing with his bags.he thinks about their conversation before years and calls “bittoji”.

Rajini sees someone waiting to see her and signs the particular person to come inside the is chandru,he smiles seeing Rajini and sits in the chair near to the bed.Rajini doesn’t remembers seeing him anywhere .Chander introduced about himself and tells about his sister,her death and everything .Rajini sits shockingly without any emotions,she cannot believe the fact that her aarya loved her only for the name. She shouts at Chandru”get out “and sits crying.Chandru comes out with a smirk.

Gowtham comes to see Madhu but finds the house locked.he enquires about them and comes to know about them went to Rajasthan to find Madhu’s son Rohan.He gets into the car and drives it towards his office .rishbala enters the house and gets happy to see Bittoji and his family.Sunny takes blessings from madhoo ,she. Sees leela and asks her about her life.Sweety stands without any respect to
rishab or Madhoo.

Precap:Sunny and Raj leaves to some shop when he sees ayesha in road waiting for her car.

  1. jasmine Rahul

    Gowtham is Abhay’s dad’s illegal son?But abhay accepted him as his own brother.Abhay had told him abt his luv 4 Madhu too.but he was shocked 2 find him dead.Now gowtham wants 2 meet Madhu?What is in gowtham’s mind?Does he want 2 take revenge on RajBala 4 Abhay’s death or does he know d truth abt Abhay turning negative?loved Bittoo n family meeting Rishbala.But Sweety is so arrogant.Rajbala reached sandhya’s house.Liked Suraj telling story 2 ved n Rohan.I thought Deepika is Avika,so deepika is d look alike of Deepali?Oh…I thought deepika is Avika.I wanted deepika 2 b pretty n cute like Avika as deepika has 2 b pretty to be cast opposite Gurmeet

    1. I didn’t plan deepika to be avika,if you like you can think debina in the role,it will be more perfect.

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