OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 5)

In case u hv missed the earlier episode…
Episode 4


A tall building is shown,a black BMW parks right in front of it.
“Sir has come!” says a man dressed in a blue shirt.
“Prakash,get the umbrella plz.. Make it fast” he says.. And we see the security rush up towards the car.
The driver opens the door. A man (face not seen) wearing glasses comes out of the car.
“Why was it so late?” he enquires agitatedly…and rushes up the staircase…
Here, Sonakshi was waiting at the bus stand, waiting impatiently for the Delhi bus.
As the bus arrives, everyone in the bus stand rushes to get into the bus… and Sona was left out.
Irritated,she goes back to the stand and sits waiting,when a car drives up in front of her.. She was shocked yet surprised seeing the person driving the car…pleasantly smiling..

The person inside says “get in, delicate and tender flowers should be handled carefully.. Coz they can’t survive the battle”

She rushes inside and exclaims with joy… “dada,how came you are here??”
The man is revealed to be Saurabh..
“Mom called up and said you were going to Delhi…so I thought why not drop you to the railway and get you a better seat…near the window…as you always liked??? Here’s your train ticket.. And here’s your starbucks”

“Aww, That’s so nice of you!!!!! What would have happened if I would have boarded the bus earlier??”

“Donkey! I already called up the dus conductor and told them not to pick up any single chashmish donkey from Howrah bus stand”

“That’s not nice, dada” Sona said sulking

“You really think I would have said that??”

Sona smiles as her brother drives towards the railway.

Meanwhile, Mr.Devrath Dixit is seen walking carelessly down the road.The cars keep honking behind him. But that does not affect him in any way. He finds a roadside bench to sit on.
Clumsy and tired, he walks up to a roadside shop drinks a glass of water and sits on the bench… watching the cars speed by.
He checks his phone only to find out that it was dead..
“Vaiya, may I know what time it is??”
“9:45 a.m.” said a passerby looking irritated…
“9:45???” “Gosh!!” “Ma!” he was having disturbed thoughts…
He starts walking hastily towards his home.

Sona is seen getting up the train,bidding goodbye to her brother, as the train leaves the station.

A beautiful house is shown, a girl is seen getting out of it, bidding good bye to her dad.
She turns around and hits Devrath.
“Sorry,I did not notice”
Both looked into each others eyes and were lost.. Memories flew past them.. Devrath could not hold on to his emotions.
“Natasha! How are you?”
“Dev! Do u always forget or should i remind u always??? You are my past, get over it?” she says patting over his cheeks
“How could–”
“Shut up!!” she says slapping him hard… as he falls down due to imbalance.
She laughs harder…And says loudly..
“The youngest business tycoon,Dev has fallen on his knees??”
Saying so she goes off to her car.
Dev watches her helplessly.
He gets up from the ground.. And walks ahead silently crying.

Sona sits looking out of the window..sipping into her coffee.
“I can’t wait to reach Delhi”she thought.

As the train comes to halt, it was dark outside.
Sona gets down the train…and rushes to get a cab.
Failing to get a cab, she starts walking down the lane…she comes and stands in front of the building (earlier shown in the beginning) and awaits to get a taxi to her friend’s home.

That same man earlier shown getting into the building is now shown getting down the stairs, Sona was startled the car honks and the bright light that shone on her,as she turned her face to look towards the car..
The man stares at her mesmerized by her beauty. He comes towards her… And says
“Hi! Are you waiting for someone?”
“Uh no..yeah”
“It’s absolutely ok..you can relax.. I am Dr. Ritwick Sen, and this is where I work.. The health ministry on the 18th floor… you get–”
“Plz… I m not interested in hearing your story.I have other important business.”
Meanwhile another car drives up in front and a short haired tomboy girl calls out
“Sona di!!!!!”
Sona rushes up to her excited to see her cousin after a long time..as Elena gets off the car and opens the door for Sona to enter.
Both leave in the car together happily chatting about their times without each other…
While Dr. Ritwick kept staring into the car until it disappears..
“Sona… Lovely name..” he murmurs to himself.
“I want all details about her” he leaves smirking happily repeating the word “Sona”.

It was late, Devrath sneaks into his home and quietly sleeps..tucking himself on his bed.

Next morning, Sona wakes up early and gets ready in a beautiful maroon dress with golden buttons and light red dupatta with thin golden lace. She wears dark black kajal…and puts up her glasses. Then putting beautiful light red matte lipstick…she takes her bag..and wakes Elena up saying she has to leave for an interview..
Elena opens one of her eyes and wishes her good luck and tells her to leave the keys under the flowerpot.

Sona notices that it has got actually late and starts rushing through the road…ready for her destiny when she hits a middle aged woman.
She turns around and apologises…
The woman irritated at her thinks “what an ill mannered girl! As if sorry mends everything”
Sona starts walking towards her dream.
While we see that woman calling someone up saying
“Please see if Dev has woken up.. He has to appoint a new health product advisor for the company”
“He is already awake and has just left.”says the voice from the other end.
The woman prays to God to keep her son happy always and make his worries disappear.The woman is revealed to be Ishwari.
The episode ends with Sona walking towards her own destination.Ishwari staring at her from far and Dev looking out of his window.

Sona enters into Devs’ office for the job interview… she gets shocked and nervous seeing all the other people in there.
Devs’ assistant calls out one by one for interview as they all come failing miserably.
Sona was the only one remaining and she walks up to the door and knocks politely
“May i come in?”
Dev seemed startled to hear her voice.

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