Shakti 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto determining to make Harman realize the difference between a woman and a kinnar. She says I can’t wait for more time now and wipes her tears. Raavi comes there and says Harman will realize what is woman if he lets Surbhi come closer to him. Preeto asks what do you mean? Raavi tells about hearing Harman and Surbhi’s conversation and says he don’t want to accept her as his wife, it seems Soumya and Surbhi have won and our defeat. We can’t do anything. Chameli tells Saya that she called her at the last min seeing Kareena’s anger. She asks her to do something. Saya says Kareena’s anger is justified and she will understand soon that she is carrying the burden of hopes.

Everyone is sitting and having food. Harman is holding Soumya’s hand while eating. Chintu sees him holding her hand. Preeto asks Surbhi if she is happy in their house. Surbhi asks why you are asking? Preeto says I am your saas. Surbhi says I am very happy. Saya thinks Soumya is still innocent and haven’t done any mistake. She says everyone loves you Soumya here, and asks her to come and see.

Preeto asks Harak Singh to go and check the factory which he is going to open for coming baby. Viren says she is right. Chintu tells that he will go and sleep. Soumya says I will also come with you and frees her hand. Chintu asks Soumya to sing lori. Soumya recalls her mum singing lori for her and sings lori and makes Chintu sleep. Harman comes there and says you have tagged yourself as incomplete woman, but you are more complete than a complete woman. He says we shall adopt him. You was making him hear lori and I was hearing your sweet lori. He holds her hand. Chintu gets up and asks Harman how many times, he will hold her hand. Harman asks him to be friends with him. Chintu asks him to go else he will shout and tell everyone that he held her hand. Harman says blackmailing and goes. Chintu tells Soumya that she is only good in the house and asks her to sing lori. Preeto thinks about Harak Singh’s wish to have a grand child and then Raavi telling her that Harman refused to accept Surbhi as his wife. She comes to Soumya and asks her to come with her. She takes her to Harman’s room and opens the door with keys. Soumya asks what you are doing? They see Harman and Soumya sleeping separately.

Chameli calls Saya and informs her that kareena is not at home. Saya asks her not to take tension and says I will see. Raavi’s sasur Kishan Lal comes to meet Kareena and tells that you wants Soumya and I want that family. Kareena says I don’t want you for my revenge. He says everyone is your enemy, ruin them and make your place in the world. Saya hears them. Soumya asks Surbhi about her relation with Harman. Surbhi says he is my husband and asks why you are asking? Soumya says you are his wife and asks why she is in incomplete relation. She says I know that you are in the room but not together. Preeto is hiding there.

Soumya keeps her hand on her head and says I will accept whatever you tell me. Surbhi says you know naa that my relation is not easy with Harman and we three are in a complicated relationship. Soumya asks her to understand the reason of her marriage with Harman. Surbhi says who told you this,I will explain that person. Soumya says your marriage happened because of heir, and folds her hand asking her to get closer to Harman and make everything fine. Surbhi goes. Preeto comes out and asks Soumya to keep asking Surbhi to get closer to Harman until she succeeds.

Preeto asks Harman how is the Pulao. Harman says it is delicious as usual. Preeto says it is made by Surbhi and asks him to kiss her hand. Harman gets up and goes near Surbhi. Surbhi gets uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When do people realise the identity of soumya. It is very pity to see her love

  2. There is so much drama in this serial. But love story of harman and soumya is so cute

  3. Please anyone kill that Preeto I will arrange u many times we scold her? That stupid Preeto has no work always torturing Soumya.sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pity on Soumya.always she thinks about family welfare.if Soumya once said to Harman that she want to leave that home nd share her new life with him in another place. Harman needs a few seconds to leave all d family members for her.But that stupid Preeto didn’t understand that ND always torturing her with worst behavior.haya seens r veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice.but when will harman know d evil plans of her mom nd Varun , surbhi.pls sent that all Preeto family members along with Kareena to a mental hospital except HAYA nd CHINTU.they will adopt chintu ND live she badly torturing her? There’s a limit for every matter but Preeto stupid cross all limits.pls make Soumya as pregnant.This is the correct solution for d problem.stupid Preeto forced HAYA nd made stupid marriage with stupid surbhi.but in this heir matter also how she can force Soumya ?Worstttttttttttt Preeto, stupid f**k,waste,bevcuff, shameless surbhi ,,,, innocent SOUMYA ,Poor Harman.

    1. The devil queen of crazy madness

      Don’t you think from a mom side she is dng right thng?? ? if am Harman’s mom i may be act like this. She is thnkng abt Harman’s future… thats a true loving mothers duty…
      Am not supporting her bt this is also true rght

  4. Haya scenes awsm……….i knew that chintu will do smthg ….luv u cute…..preeto never turns good mom nd saas…iske harkat bardaas nhi kar shakte me……………..
    Hi frnds… epdi irukinga ellarum.??,..tamil frnds ipo la comment panradhe illa….wat happen…..
    There was a time where we crossed 60 comments a day..but now a days its difficult to cross 10 cmmnts…………
    I hope all do cmmnts nd join soon……

  5. soumya,, harman nd chintu look soooooo cute together…. preeto is horrible

  6. Soumya k enemies badthe jaari hai….writer ji right how many persons u decided to stand against her but not even a one luving person……..

  7. I will prefer also to see harman-surbhi relationship being developed parallel to harman-soumya relation.

  8. Hi uthaya,ippa yepadi iruku fever? R u feeling better now? Take care ma

  9. Hi karthi, wat happened to u dear? Is every thing fine? Y no comments.plz reply . Hope u r fine there.

  10. This serial is getting dragged ,i don’t understand that Surabhi with modern thoughts &a strong is acting like a villager…

  11. What rubbish isaan kya kewal shadi karne or bachha paida karne ke liye janm leta hai.

  12. Get Harman and Surbhi divorced ASAP…

  13. I prefer Harman – surbhi relationship.jow selfish this Soumya she is making her own sister as a puppet to please preeto. Surbhi is a true sister eventhough Harman hates her she still supporta Sowmya and stand against preeto for Soumya’s rights. And this Harman only knows to throw things in anger. At first he hurts Sowmya now it is surbhi. Only if Sowmya stand on her feet problem will get solved otherwise nothing will change in this show. Nowadays it’s irritating to watch this show.

  14. who is chintu ?????????????????????/

    1. Raavi (harman sister) son

  15. Raavi’s(harman sis) son…

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