Crazy love of thahaan (part-54)

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this part is starting from on evening shraddha looks at thapki room.she sees nobody Is there.kushi sleeps in bed. shraddha places that magical remote wood in bed.she sticks bed mattress in that wood. she thinks sorry kushi Darling I need you for my plan.she smiles and goes from there.after few minutes thapki comes to her room.kushi opens her eyes.she smiles at thapki.thapki gets happy.she lifts kushi.she kisses baby.suddenly thapki gets call from her friend.she makes baby to lying on that locker wood.shradha hides from door.shraddha smiles.thapki takes the phone.she attends the call.she goes to balcony.she speaks to her friend.shraddha presses the remote.that wood becomes locker.from four sides wood comes and covers baby.shraddha says now it will be real fun. she smiles.
thapki finishes talking she comes there.she gets shocked.thapki says,where is kushi….??I makes her to lie her only.she looks at locker.she says,what is this???how it will come..?it’s looks like locker.
suddenly kushi crying sound comes from locker.kushi started crying a lot.thapki gets shocked.
she says,ku…Ku…kushi…beta…how it was happend??.
she cries.she tries to opens that locker.but she can’t able to open the locker.suman,preethi and shraddha hides from door.they laughs.they shakes their hands.
thapki cries and shraddha comes to thapki.
thapki tries to tell about kushi.
shraddha:thapki why you done like this???
thapki:(shocked)wh… wh… what I done?..please help me shraddha.kushi was there in inside of locker.
everyone’s comes there.bihaan comes to room.thapki runs to bihaan.she hugs him and cries

bihaan:what happend??why are you crying thapki?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan kushi was there inside of locker.
bihaan gets shocked.he comes near to locker.bihaan hears kushi crying sound.he gets tensed.everyone’s gets tensed.
bihaan:go and bring some tools here.
thapki searches that tool.but she didn’t get any tool to open that locker.she comes back to him.
thapki:(cries) I didn’t get any tool bihaan.suddenly shraddha says something to preethi secretly.preethi goes from there.
shraddha lifts that locker.she runs to downstairs with locker.
everyone’s gets shocked.
thapki:sh…sh…shraddha what are you doing??
shraddha reaches that god idel.suddenly preethi presses that becomes like wood plate.everyone’s comes to god idel.shraddha says to god,thanks a lot my saved kushi.she acts like praying for kushi.

everyone’s gets shocked.they looks at shraddha.shraddha lifts kushi in her hands.she hugs kushi.she turns at vasu.
shraddha:see mummyji I prays for god saves her.
bihaan takes kushi from her hands.kushi cries a lot.bihaan gets teary eyes.he hugs kushi.he kisses kushi continuously.thapki gets emotional. she goes about to take kushi from bihaan hands.shraddha stops thapki.everyone’s looks at her shockingly.
shraddha:thapki dont act too much
bihaan:(gets angry)how dare you to tell like this about my wife.
shraddha:don’t get angry me Mr.bihaan.kushi stucks in locker because of thapki.
thapki gets shocked.she cries.
bihaan:what are you saying..?
shraddha:I am saying right.I saw thapki keeps kushi in locker.because of thapki gets call from her friend.kushi cries a she feels kushi was disturbing her.
so she gets angry on kushi.she done like this.
thapki:(shocked)n… n…no bihaan.u didn’t.she is my daughter.I won’t do like this.
suman:bihaan devarji shraddha was saying right.thapki done this.
preethi also says samething.
bihaan gets angry.he goes near to thapki with kushi.preethi takes baby from his hands.thapki cries and looks at him.
thapki:please bihaan.b… b..believe me.
bihaan:why you done this thapki??
thapki gets shocked.
thapki:n… bihaan.I am not done this.
suddenly bihaan slaps thapki.everyone’s gets shocked.
shraddha smiles.thapki holds her face.she runs from there.bihaan takes kushi from preethi.he goes to his room angrily.

shraddha gives jewel boxes to preethi and suman.they gets happy.
shraddha:my plan is won.thanks for your help di.
she hugs suman and preethi.they smiles at shraddha.shraddga goes from there.suman and preethi talks about their locker plan.they laughs.
vasu hides from door.she hears everything and gets angry.
she comes to room.suman and preethi gets shocked seeing vasu.
vasu comes near to them.she slaps them hardly.suman and preethi gets shocked.
vasu:if you try to ruined thapki life I will kick out you both from this house.she goes from there.suman and preethi shocked.

vasu enters to bihaan room.bihaan sits in bed.she sees kushi was sleeping.vasu comes to him.bihaan stands from bed.
vasu keeps her hands in his shoulders.she says everything to him.bihaan feels guilty.he gets teary eyes.
vasu:beta…thapki is kushi’s mother.she was very nice girl.she is clean was done this?please console her.I will take care of kushi.
vasu goes from there.
bihaan runs from there.he goes out of room.he searches thapki in garden.she was not there.he gets tensed..he searches her.suddenly he finds thapki.he sees her from far.
heavy rain drops are comes from s key.he walks in road.he goes to thapki.suddenly one truck comes fast in road.she walks in rain.she walks in road.she didn’t looks at truck.the truck goes about to hit thapki.suddenly bihaan pulls her from road.she falls on bihaan.they rolled in road .they looks at each other.they gets wet I. rain.thapki and bihaan stands in road.
bihaan:thapki I am sorry.I done big mistake.
thapki:(cries) you… you… you are always saying this only bihaan
you are not trusting me always.
she cries.rain stops.
bihaan:I am so sorry please.hereafter I won’t do like this.he speak and turns from her.
thapki gets unconscious suddenly.
she goes about to falls down.bihaan turns at her.he sees thapki gets faints.she goes about to falls down.suddenly he rushes to her.he holds thapki in his hands.
bihaan lifts thapki in his arms.
he looks at her face.he gets worries.bihaan thinks she is unconscious. what to do…??he rubs her legs and hands.but she didn’t get consciousness
he lifts thapki in his arms.he walks to his house.he reaches pandey nivas.bihaan goes to his room with thapki.she still in unconscious.
he makes her to lying on bed.
her dresse is fully wet.he opens her almari.he takes dress for her.
he removes her saree…he sees injury in her leg while her saree removing.fb shows bihaan pulls thapki from road.she falls on bihaan.they rolled in road.she gets injury in road from stone. the wet saree,blouse and skirt falls in floor.
he makes her to wear another dress.bihaan changes his dress.
he keeps medicine in her legs.
he looks at thapki.she was still in unconscious.bihaan sleeps with thapki in bed.he rubs her head slowly.he kisses her forehead.(na… na…naa… plays….)

the next day morning thapki wakes up from bed.bihaan sits in chair in front of thapki.he stares at her.thapki opens her eyes.she gets shocked.bihaan looks at thapki.he smiles at her.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan how I came here?I can’t able to remember anything.what happend to yesterday night?
bihaan:nothing will happend yesterday goes out from house yesterday about to fight.but I consoles you.then we comes to home.
thapki gets confused.she holds her head.
thapki:i… i.. I am feeling headache.
bihaan gives coffee to thapki.
she looks at him confused.
bihaan:you drink this coffee.
thapki :(looks at her dress)but bi… bi…bihaan I was wears another dress yesterday night na.. not this one.
bihaan:thapki you are in confusion. I think you forgot everything about yesterday night.this dress only you wears yesterday night.
thapki:o… o…OK bihaan I believe you.
bihaan laughs silently.

kushi drags shraddha hair.
thapki and bihaan gets romantic day

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  1. Awesome yaar…our TPK is going on a happy way ,your ff moving in a joyful way….I am super happy.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear pooja. I am also very happy about real tpk.I am so exciting to see their married life.

  2. Amazing dear.Waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot rifa darl

  3. Manish ki deewani


    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear reshal..

  4. Vasu maa saves thapki again…happy for that 🙂
    Kushi drags shraddha hair…it seems funny…eagerly waiting for that.
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my darl Leena

  5. Di Bihaan’s dream turns true but with a pinch of romance ?? … Loved it … ?
    When Bihaan slaps Thapki I was shocked … But then when he realises his mistake and further saves her and then their bedroom romance … OMG …?? … I love ur story di …
    Di I saw ur reply on my comment on Part – 52 of ur ff . Di Plz don’t say that u r gonna end this ff ? Di Plz don’t do this … You know I’m ur fan . Di I everyday wait the whole day for ur update . Plz don’t do this . Di u take out time from ur hectic schedule for updating this ff … And I respect u for that … Plz don’t end it … Plz ?

    Love u di ?
    Take care ?
    Plz do not end it ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear cute sis naitan…thanks a lot for your lovely comment.don’t worry dear.I won’t end this ff.sorry for late reply.don’t get tension.

  6. its full pkge epi…drama …suspense..emotion…fight…love …romance…awsome update….keep it up…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia.. thanks a lot.

  7. hea…
    vino di
    mmuuuaaaa.. Di
    lv u so much
    i m raly sry di 4 not cmt past few episodes..
    plz don’t stop writing..
    eagrly wating 4 next..
    wese di
    how r u ?
    plz take care

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sweet sis kudrat…. how are you…I miss you so much dear.I am so happy to read your comment after long days.thanks a lot for your lovely comment.mmmuuuuaaahhh.
      I love you my dear sister.I will update my next part soon.please concentrate on your studies.don’t feel sorry dear.
      its OK.take care my dear.

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