Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes to Piyush and says you have to pick Roshni from her place. Husband has to do this. Piyush says sorry ma I can’t do that. You all asked me to do rituals with roshni but they don’t mean anything to me. This marriage doesn’t mean anything. This is a forced relationship. I will tolerate all this for as long as I can but don’t ask me to do all this. He leaves. Simar says what will I say to sumit now. I can’t see Piyush in this pain either.

Saroj is doing arti simar comes in temple. Simar says you are doing this arti and parsad something special? Saroj says its Vikram’s birthday. Simar says you should have told us we could all prepare together. Saroj says he doesn’t like it much. I made his favorite dessert it would make me happy. You are already troubled. simar says vikram is our son. We won’t let anything fall short. Saroj says you forget things. First your daughter and now your son too. What will you handle. You were going to handle my daughter in law and now your own daughter in law isn’t worse. Simar says I have faith that everything will be okay. Saroj says time fills in really fast. You know Anjali never runs house with the limit of budget. You know what will she do next. You have been betting on a lost battle and Anjali and vikram’s relation will be over too.
Vikram comes. He touches feet of them both. Saroj says happy birthday. She gives his dessert and says I made it for you. Simar says in heart anjali is nowhere. I hope she remembers.

Anjali makes sanjev eat and says I have prepared for vikram’s birthday. I booked a 5 star hotel and invited all his friends. I got a watch and wallet for him. They are very expensive. Cake is from 5 star, triple decker. Sanjev says no no. Anjali says I don’t get what you are trying to say. Simar says he is saying you shouldn’t do all this. Anjali says you have problem from everything. Simar says I am glad you are doing these efforts for Vikram. It would be very costly. ANjali says its his first birthday after marriage. We have to celebrate it. I will take dad’s card. You don’t worry. Simar says come with me.
Simar says you will hurt Vikram this way. You are his wife. Your family is not well financially. You can’t waste money Vikram won’t like that. And you brother suffered too. Its not good to celebrate. Anjali says he did what he deserved. why should I suffer? I know how to make my husband. after today Vikram will realize he loves me. Simar says that won’t happen You won’t win his heart this way. He will love you when you understand his problems and walks with him. He will be happy to see that his wife celebrated within his budget. When you plan everything in that you will win his heart. Anjali says don’t teach me. I know how to do it. You think you are always right. I will do what I want for my Vikram. She leaves.

Scene 2
Sumit says to Roshni are you happy? Is Piyush okay with you? Roshni says he doesn’t even look at me. He hates me. I have lost. He won’t be mine. Rita says its not that way. It takes time. His love is your right and you have to snatch it. Sumit says shut up you can’t handle your own house. sumit says Roshni its not easy for Piyush but if you give them love and respect they would return it. If your intentions are good everything will be good. I will talk to Piyush. roshni says will you? Sumit says I promise. Now don’t cry. Smiles.

Anjali leaves Vikram’s card with a flower and hides gifts in his drawers. she says now you will wear a new watch. He will be so happy when he sees all these. I am the way he wanted. I do everything. I have arranged this party for him. Vikram comes form shower. Anjali hides.
Vikram looks for his watch. He sees the flower and card. He says this means anjali remember my birthday. He takes out the gift. Anjali says surprise. Happy birthday. VIkram says but its very expensive. Anjali says I know you it would look good on you. It looks so good on you. And this wallet for you as well. Now see it will be very lucky for you. The biggest surprise if left for which you have to return home at 6. I have booked a party for your friends. This will be a grand party. VIkram says are you mad? It is so expensive. You know our condition. Anjali says relax forget all this on your birthday. Dad will take care of money. Vikrma says you are money., Anjali says don’t cancel. I invited everyone. Vikram says you think I will take monbey from your dad to party? I am here because of my trouble. I can’t party on their money. You are my wife, I thought you would understand me. My ego would be hurt. Anjali says I love you and want to see you happy. thats why I did all this. Vikrma says you go to party I wont come there. I don’t have money and time for it. Anjali says you have money for your dad’s treatment and everyone else? but not for my happiness? Vikram slaps her.

Precap-Vikram says I thought you have changed and that you are taking care of dad. Take back all your gifts. I can’t accept all this and you. Simar says where is Piyush. sumit call simar and asks her if Piyush is coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pls cancel this Rossini’ wedding. Cause hi is the one for piyus. Separate this Roshini as soon as possible. And this stupid Anjali can’t understand anyone her mum her husband and her own brother.

  2. Anjali deserve slap , she just have no feeling for everyone . Simar dont waste her time to think she changing without any lesson . Simar neet to be strict toward her .
    I hope they not make roshni nagative hope she realize what she done and give time to pyiush .

  3. Simar needs to be slapped to get her brain working, how can she be so normal in the wake of piyysh’s marriage? Can’t she see her son is unhappy, she encouraged and glorified the love between her son and vaidehi and now she’s asking piyush to make his forced marriage work? Something is seriously wrong with this mother and her judgement, that’s why she’s unable to save her daughter from the person she has evolved into. I wish that piyush never accept roshni as his wife and make her miserable, she’s s psycho…… What can I say about Anjali, she’s the proverbial bad apple….to the core. She’s lucky to have a husband like vikram, if he could have redeemed himself, why can’t Anjali do the same. Piyush should be more vocal in defending his rights, I absolutely loved how he spoke in today’s episode….. ??? I hate roshni……….

    1. I agree with you

  4. I going to stop watching this show I know 100 percent that pyuish and vadahi are nothing anymore why can’t any serial have a happy wedding with no trouble all these shows udaan swaragini swabbimain it is very annoying I give up serialsmoking need to show things that happen in real life situation not these kind of stuff this irritates me.

  5. Please bring vaidehi back into the life of piyush

  6. bakwas ho rha h ab is show me. simar ko sirf mahan banna h tvi to wo piyush ko force kr rhi h roshni ko accept krne k liye. pehle to use vaidehi ki bahut fikr thi pr ab lgta h jaise wo kisi vaidehi ko janti hi nai. pathetic show. sirf bakwas dikha rha h. simar deserve this mad daughter in law


    agree wiyh dalchini’s views and comment.serial should be educative.

  8. i dont understand why bring vedehi into the life of piyush en fall inlove while roshni has been with him since childhood en loved him through difficult times en that anjal deserve nothing she is a witch

  9. Guys evaru rosid gurinchi fanfiction, ss or os gani write cheyyatledu emi

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