Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 37

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Pragya now called Ronnie and informed him something before leaving the house. Abhi called Pragya but she never picked up her call.

Abhi, This Leiko na….always not picking up my calls!!

Ronnie came into his room and informed that Pragya had went to hospital. Abhi hearing that was concerned and worried whether his Leiko was unwell. Abhi “Ronnie! Did she told u which hospital?” Ronnie “Sunshine hospital sir…” Abhi “Ok thanks Ronnie….I am going there now!” Ronnie smiled in response and left his room. Abhi quickly got ready and drove off to the hospital.
Abhi checked with the receptionist and she informed that Pragya is having an appointment with the gynaecologist. Abhi “What?? Are u sure?” Receptionist “Yes sir…”

Abhi, How is this possible?

He sat at the waiting area and was keep on thinking how this could happen.

Pragya came out smilingly and was surprised to see him waiting for her.

She was about to walk pass him but he noticed her and went towards her. Abhi “Leiko…” Pragya “Yes…May I know why are u here?” Before he could reply , there were some people looking at them. Abhi “Come with me! There is too many people here admiring me…I feel awkward to ask u here….” Pragya “Okay let’s go!” Pragya saw him with a worried face and she was smiling looking at that.

In the car,
Abhi “You are ok right?” Pragya “Hmm…why are u asking like that?” Abhi felt how can he ask her directly…It sounds very weird to ask this directly!

Pragya “Actually I am very happy….You know like very very happy!” Abhi hearing that was puzzled.
Pragya “You won’t ask me why I am very happy?” Abhi “I don’t know…I mean I don’t know how to ask….I didn’t expected this….” Pragya “I know kiddy…after all you are going to become…..” By saying that she looked down in shyness.

Abhi in shock asked “Going to become what?” Pragya “Don’t act as if u don’t know kiddy….it’s all because of u!” Abhi “Leiko! I am already very scared and u are making it even worse!!”
Pragya “No kiddy…I know u know! That’s why u are here na…” Abhi was giving sulky face in fear.

Looking at that Pragya laughed loudly. Abhi “Now u are laughing!!!” Pragya “Cool Kiddy! You are going to become my driver now! That’s what I want to tell!” Abhi “You mean u are not pregnant right?” Pragya “Arrey if I am here to see gynaecologist it doesn’t mean I am pregnant! Stop being like a kid!!!”

Abhi let a deep sigh in relief!

Pragya “Why u don’t want me to become pregnant ah?” Abhi realized her tone was with a bit of disappointment.

Abhi said “Not like that! I want it too but I have to show u certain things before u become pregnant!”

Pragya couldn’t understand what does he want to show her.
Pragya “What u want to show me?” Abhi “You are free today right then I will show u it today itself!”
Pragya, He is always up to something but it’s just that I am always clueless about it!
Abhi started to drive as he knows her silence means she had agree to it.
He drove for so long and Pragya was impatient now. Pragya “Where are we going?” Abhi “Wait Leiko…” Pragya “How long? Are u planning to kidnap me?” Abhi broke into laughter and she frowned at him. Abhi “I thought I have already u kidnapped u!” Pragya “What? So u are thinking that u kidnapped me all this while?” Abhi “If not why do u think I am living with u for almost 3 months!” Pragya “Then what is the ransom that u are expecting?” Abhi in a husky voice said “Very big ransom!” Pragya “What is that?” Abhi “A lifelong ransom….a lifelong partner called Pragya..” Pragya hearing that smiled in happiness but was still wondering where is he bringing her to.
Pragya “It’s getting late Kiddy! Can’t u see it’s getting darker….” Abhi “Don’t worry we are going to a house only!” Pragya “Whose house?” Abhi “Look there….” Pragya looked at the direction he said and saw a very big mansion.

Abhi “Now get down and u will slowly know what I want to show u….” Pragya get down from the car
and was still wondering what does he want to show.
Abhi “Come!” He opened the door and she was amazed to see the house was almost the same like the house that they are living now. Abhi called “Dadi!” Pragya “Dadi is here?” Abhi looked at her and said “Yes she comes here too!” Pragya “Okay…”

Dadi came out from the room and asked them “Have u all eaten?” Abhi “No Dadi!!” Dadi asked them to eat first then I will tell u both what to do next!” Pragya wondered, I thought he said he want to show me something but Dadi is saying we need to do something! Both Dadi and him are just making me feel tired of thinking. Abhi placed his hands around her shoulder and made her walk with him to the dining area.

They had their dinner and Dadi bring Pragya alone and instructed her to do something. Abhi was waiting for her and was mesmerized to see her in a beautiful blue saree.
Pragya was holding onto something and said “Come with me!” Abhi “Where?” Pragya “I thought u will show me something but now it seems I need to show u something now!” Abhi gave a sad pout and remained silent.

Pragya held his hands and asked him bring to the backyard of the house. Abhi brought her there and Pragya “Why is it so dark here?” Abhi “Wait! I can bring the night lamp or torchlight!” Pragya “Okay…I am waiting here….” He went inside and brought a torchlight. He saw her in the torchlight and he felt his light is shining in the brightness of torchlight.
She looked around and searched for the items that Dadi said and started to do her work.

As for Abhi, he was admiring her and decided to disturb her.
Abhi whistled at Pragya from the back. Pragya “Ssssh….please be silent!” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “Be like a man and not a boy here!” Abhi gave a sad pout and looked at her as she was busy planting some plant and seeds.

Abhi “Did Dadi ask u to do this?” Pragya “Haan…she said it’s some family custom!” Abhi, I am wondering from where does Dadi get this kind of family customs!
Pragya “Why? You don’t know about this ah?” Abhi “I am not interested in all this….” Pragya, Not interested but he is still doing this with me….

Abhi “You are done?” Pragya wiping her hands on her saree said “Yes I am done!” Abhi “Then tell me how can I be like a man now!” Pragya “What do u mean?” Abhi “You said just now na…be like a man not a boy here!” Pragya “Oh…that one….” Abhi was waiting her to respond and that’s when they heard weird noises and both hugged each other out of fear.

Pragya “What is that sound?” Abhi “I don’t know!” Pragya “Shall we go inside the house?” Abhi “Okay but how can we go when u are hugging me so tightly?” Pragya realized how close they were and broke from the hug. She was not looking at him and Abhi said “Let’s go!” Pragya followed him by holding onto his hands tightly.
Abhi, Now I know what is this family custom for! Naughty Dadi!!!

Dadi teasingly smiled at Abhigya and Abhi gave a smirk to her. Pragya, Why both are smiling at each other as if some plans are running inside their minds!
Dadi “Abhi…u never helped Pragya!!” Abhi “What are u saying Dadi? I did helped her! U can ask her if u want!” Dadi “Then why is her saree is full of mud!” Pragya looked at her saree and realized she had wiped her hand on it unknowingly.
Abhi “It’s not my fault!” Pragya “Yes Dadi….it’s not his fault…” Dadi ordered him in an authoritative tone “Wipe it for her!” Abhigya were taken aback and Abhi hurriedly start to wipe Pragya’s saree with his hand.
Pragya whispered to him “Are u crazy? How can u wipe?” Abhi “I have no choice if not I am scared Dadi will beat me!” By saying that he was affecting her by his touches.
Pragya “Stop it!” Abhi stopped and Pragya ran inside one of the room there.

Abhi saw her running away was puzzled and looked at Dadi. Dadi “You said u want to show her something Abhi but before that I am showing something to her….” Abhi “What is that Dadi? And why is she running away like this?” Dadi “She might be affected by your touches!” Abhi “Really?” Dadi “I think so….” Abhi smiled in happiness and asked in a worried tone“But how will she react Dadi of what I am showing her tonight and tomorrow?” Dadi “Just show her then only u will know how she reacts….don’t think about the outcome now Abhi….”

Pragya was stunned to see the same antique box that was broken by Abhi to be passed to her!

Thank u everyone for reading and Chapter 40 is the last part for this ff. So the next update will be Chapter 38 & 39 together! Once again thanks for all the support!!!

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