A Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Chanya Part 02

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Hi guys..Thanks for all your support ..lets start second epi..

Anika is in a dilemma whether to tell her story or not..”oh god..why did you put me in such a situation which I have to remember that past again”

Ms.Anika I have asked you a question ..its ok if you dont want to share your story ..I just want you to be an inspiration to all of us..thats it.said interviewer

“No its fine..I would like to share it with you all..It has been five years but I have never shared this with anybody..now time has come..Now i should forget this..so my pain will lessen after sharing this with u..

Five years ago…New Delhi ,India

“Somu today I will get that mangoes somehow..they are so sweet..whenever I see them I just forget whole world..such a taste..aww..”Anika is blabbering all the way

“But Ani hows that possible ?? How can we get into that tree..cant u remember how difficult it is??”somu said

“Areyy somu main hoon na,just wait and watch what am i going to do now”Anika smirked looking at the tree

Soon she got a stick and throwed away it making
mangoes fall down..”Ani what are you doing??if anyone sees there will be a great havoc here..pagal ho tum…this is a public place na..we both will be in trouble ..lets go jaldi”

“Kya???how can we leave without picking those mangoes ..let me go and get them..you can go if you want..I wont come without getting them..I cant let go my effort in vain..never..huh..”

“Ok do whatever you want..I am going..justcome with me”somu asked “No way I will come later..”
Somu left in a fuming anger

“So Ani lets find all of them…hmmm..such a aroma”
She start to pick up them..what..only three mangoes .there were four mangoes na..where is the other one..”she started to find other mangoes..”my mango kaha ho tum”

“Are you searching this??”she is shocked by this sudden question …she just looked at him..she could see that a young boy was standing in front of her holding a mango..”Ah..no..yeah.no..”said Anika

“Whats this yaar??just tell me clearly ..were you searching this or not???he said and looked at her hands which were filled with mangoes awkwardly ..Anika didnt get any chance to tell him anything ..her mouth didnt get the courage to talk with him..all that she could do was just standing there as a statue

He came towards her and kept that mango on her palm..”have this ..bye”he left there

Anika is still standing there as a statue…she cant understand anything..”areyy what happened to me..how did i lose my courage in front of me..Who is he..just forget it Ani..who cares..lets go home quickly ..otherwise mom will start her her lecture …

When she went home ,her mom had already started her lecture ..”oh did u come ..where were u?how many times should i have to tell you that you are not a boy ..behave yourself like a girl..see yourself …do you look like a girl ..a girl who has a short hair who wears t shirts and jeans..look dear..you have now grown up..you are girl..no one will like to marry you if you behave like this..think of yourself..”

“Ok Mom..i will try”Anika said and went towards her room making her mom shocked..even Gouri is shocked seeing her weird behaviour ..”what happened to Anika didi today..whenever mom started her lecture she used to argue with her telling her that she doesnt want to change herself because of society ..but today?I should find out”

“What happened to me today..what is special about him which makes me silent..why am i thinking about him..I have never regretted about my tomboy behaviour ..but today..why am i getting his image repeatedly “Anika was in deep thoughts and she was disturbed by Gouri

“Didu kya hua??why are you being so silent today..tell me??

“Nope Gouri …I am feeling restless as tomorrow i have to my new class na..nothing else..ok..gonna sleep..i have to getup early na..good night !!Anika went away ..

Precap -Anika sees him in school ..what will she do?

Done with this part ..Give me your comments regarding this chapter ..Bye

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  1. Niriha


    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

  2. Fenil

    Chulbuli Anika….hahahah I remember my days i also used to go in someone farm an steals raw Mangoes with stone.hajababhahah.
    Thank you.
    Loved it tom boy wali Anika.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Chanya

      Oh bhaii is that so??it means you might be a mischievous kid na??he he ..will update soon..

      1. Fenil

        Too much naughty

  3. Shabana

    This is so lovely so their story started from school days lovely ?? post next ASAP ?

    1. Chanya

      Yeah..Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  4. Oh wow di Mango love story! Thats awesome. Cool new idea di ?????? Its getting interesting more and more ➕ Anika❤❤❤❤❤❤ Mango????

    1. Chanya

      Will update soon piyu….love you…

  5. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  7. Awesome update

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..


    Dear Chanya
    So Anika Tell Her Story.ShivIka Meet Is Nice?So ShivIka Is School Mate Look Like School Love Story Gona Start?? Story Going Very Intersting Enjoyed It?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Chanya

      Yeah..so many mysteries are yet to unfold ..Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  9. Banita

    Awesome….. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  10. Sairish

    hey di..
    bada wala sorry for commenting late
    but I honestly like it
    annika’s tomboyishness was superb i loved it..
    that boy …must be shivaay..I’m hell eagerly waiting for the next
    post soon pleaseee

    1. Chanya

      Dont ask sorry ..its ok..yeah you can guess he he..I have submitted the next part..do read it..lots of love

  11. Ankita27

    phele to sorry for late comment…
    Amazing update… chulbuli anika… loved it….

    1. Chanya

      It’s ok … Don’t ask sorry… Thanks for reading and commenting

  12. Soumya85

    It’s amazing di
    Too good
    I’m also a tom boy?
    Loved anika’s character
    Loved it
    But you didn’t send me the link ??

    1. Chanya

      Hi tomboy somu!!!!!I will send you links… Don’t be sad… Thanks for reading and commenting

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