Hey roomie! -By Ninaku. Chapter 3

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chapterNext morning, Anika enters the hall yawning and stretching herself.

“Good Morning” comes the voice.
Anika stands still and looks at the direction the voice came from.

It was Vicky though. She sighs and replies “good morning” giving an eye to Shivaay who was sitting next to him and sipping his Cup of Americano.

“So how was you first night guys??” Vicky slips his tongue.

Shivaay spits his Americano while Anika jerks and looks at him in shock.

“Hey sorry.. i mean.. it was your first day under the same roof as strangers. So how was it? Got along?  Im sure shivaay would have told you about his first day at college incident..” saying this Vicky starts to Laugh.

Shivaay smacks Vicky on his head.
‘Ahhh” Vicky shouts.

“No one is getting along here. Some have time only to hurt others” she says and shows Vicky her bruise.

“Luckily i sleep-walked myself and applied Ointment” she says Shocking Vicky and shivaay and goes away to bath.

Vicky starts giggling and pats on Shivaay’s back. “Just tell her it was you man. Tell her it was your mistake when you hurt her. Tell her it was you who applied the ointment. Tell her everything that you told me” he says.

“She sleep-walked itseems. See, that’s all I get in return for helping her out” Shivaay mummbles.

“Who put her in that situation in the first place ?” Vicky asks tapping on shivaay’s head.

“Fine. I’ll talk to her. No wonder she’s changing everything soon. Even my friend is on her side now” Shivaay rolls his eyes while Vicky smiles and leaves whispering a “goodbye”.

Anika rubs her wet hair as she walks out of the bathroom. With water drops dripping on the floor she goes straight to the kitchen for food.

Shivaay sees her munching the toast in seconds. He hides a smile and gets up to go to his room to get ready. When he slips on the water drops and falls on the floor in a blink.

“Ahhhhhhh” he shouts frightening Anika who was about to drink water.

“Vicky and you have no other job than playing around all the time uh? Anika asks as she comes out with her glass of water.

Slipping on the water droplets, she pours the water right on shivaay’s face.

“Fhat the wuck!” Shivaay screams. Realising Vicky being absent in the spot, Hiding her face behind the glass. “Sorry… i didnt mean to do that… wait.. maybe i really did mean that. TIT FOR TAT.” She says pulling her collar up. She starts laughing in addition.

She hopped away leaving shivaay who had a annoyed look.

Anika had applied for a job in a Pizza place. She wanted to do a side job incase as her additional income and she had other reasons too. She was double happy because it was barely two days in banglore and she has two jobs in her hand.

She self-patted herself for planning everything perfectly before coming here to bangalore. But the next second she mentally slapped herself for getting cheated over her new house.

Now, that she has been appointed, her first order was to deliver 2 double-cheese margarita pizzas. She was given her own scooty and tee shirt with the shop’s logo.

She reached the building in a blink. She was quick enough since her ‘determination to do well the first day’ kept popping in her mind.

“Im on time and the pizza is still hot” she said out loud and marched in with a grin.

She opened the door to find something shocking. She literally face-palmed herself seeing Shivaay and his team.

“Woah woah.. look who is here” Shivaay said with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his lips.

“Your pizzas” she says not giving him an eye contact.

“Where are your professional manners Miss??” Shivaay asks with a questioning look.

“Sir, your pizzas” she says biting her teeth. “Can i see some happy faces please?” He asks with a tweety voice.

While Anika pulls out a clumsy fake smile and repeats the same. “Fine, Give me those” he says grabbing the boxes from her.

“Kindly message us your feedbacks sir” she says still faking a smile.

“Sure. Right away” he says and types infront of her and gives her an evil smile.

She leaves from there and once she is out she jumps on the road and silent-yells at her.

“Wonderful. Now that he has messaged his feedbacks, im doomed. Who on earth gets fired on the first day of work??” She sighs in disbelief and drives back to her work place fuming in anger.

Dropping her head down, she enters inside with a lost heart.

“Anika” her branch head calls and forwards her hand.

While she sighs and places her scooty key on his palm. While the branch manager, Meera kumar a 50 year old lady starts laughing.

“Anika mera bacho, why are you giving me your key.. give me your hand idiot. Congratulations, your first customer was so happy with your service. He gave an “Excellent” for your work” she says and pulls Anika to a side hug.

While Anika breathes out her breath that she had been gasping in. Finally a smile escapes her mouth and hugs her back.

“Thankyou Meera kumar madam”  Anika says. “Dont call me madam, bacho call me MK” She says winking.

“Old lady thinks herself to be in her early twenties” Anika mentally laughs to herself. While she was still not believing what Shivaay did.

“And btw.. the customer told me to tell you that people dont sleepwalk and apply oinment for themselves, unless someone applies it for them.. i had no idea what he was talking about.. do you know??” She asks.

Anika smiled even more and after a pause just shrugged her shoulders. “I dont know” she says and continues with her work.

She returns home with a smile plastered on her face. Shivaay was Busy cooking in the kitchen.

She slowly enters and leans on the fridge facing him. While he wasnt reacting a bit. He was totally engrossed in cooking pasta.

She puts her hand inside the pan and takes a pasta out. Shivaay immedietly taps her hand with the ladle. 

“Ouch” she shouts and holds her wrist. Shivaay tenderly holds her hand and blows on the spot.

“You could have told me about the ointment incident?” She asks with a low tone.

“Well, if i had said it, i would have missed that wonderful sleep-walking story” he says and controls a smile.

“Anika” she says and forwards her hand. “Shivaay” he replies and grabs her hand for shake.


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      My goodness maryam. ❤❤❤?
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