HE IS DANGEROUS (SwaSan) by Marsuu (Prologue)

Hello guys!!! This is mars with a new story on swasan. I had started it on wattpad two days back so thought to share also after all I can’t forget telly update readers. This will not simple and cute type. Certain social problems like of drugs and all will be raised hope so u will like it.
Let’s begin:


So here are the characters.

The hero of the story. He is mysterious man. Is he mentally unstable???? Yes or may be No. He sleeps at day and works at night. He is very smart and know very well how to deal with the world. No one knows what is his profession. He is 28 years old. His life is moving smoothly but the trouble comes in his life in the form of Swara.

Heroin of the story. 26 years old beauty with brain.She is doctor by profession specifically psychaitrist hospital. Love her brother a lot.
She always remain tensed for her younger brother’s future. She is fun loving and naughty with her brother otherwise very serious and dedicated towards her profession. Her life was very simple till the entry of sanskar.


Maheshwari Family
Sujata maheshwari: mother of sanskar. She is worried for her son as he is mentally unstable from last few years.Kind hearted lady want best for her son.

Ram Maheshwari: father of sanskar even he wants sanskar’s good and wish that he should be normal soon.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari: Sanskar’s bade papa. He is very cruel and selfish man. Only thinks about his profit.His wife is no more. He don’t like sanskar and wish that he should never be fine so that whole property goes to his son.

Adarsh Maheshwari: dp’s son and Sanskar’s cousin brother. He is also supporting his Father. He is happy that sanskar is mad and he is the only ruler of Maheshwari empire.

Gododia Family:
Ansh Gododia: 17 years old teenager who is in 12th standard. He is swara’s brother. He loves his shona di a lot and hate his dadi as she always misbehave with him and his di.

Parvati Gododia: Swara’s dadi. She always dominate Swara and order her. Swara has promised her father that she will always listen to her dadi bcoz of this only she took advantage of Swara.Don’t like swara and ansh. She is money minded lady.

Scene 1
Hope hospital:
Sujata: I request you dr Swara plzz treat my son.
Swara look at sanskar who was behaving like insane and playing with toy.
Swara:don’t worry I will try my best.(smiles)

Scene 2

Sanskar pin Swara against the wall harshly and said dangerously
Sanskar: do what I say.
Swara (shocked): u are not mad??
Sanskar: no if u dare to tell this to anyone  then I will make sure u will face hell.
Swara:I will not lie and u can’t force me.
Sanskar(dangerous smirk): alright then I will kill your brother.
Swara stood numb.

Scene 3:
Parvati: u have to marry him swara.
Swara: no dadi I will never marry him.
Parvati: okay as u wish then I have to tell ansh that he is…..
Swara(shock): no dadi don’t do this.
Parvati:then marry him.
Swara(close her eyes): okay.

Scene 4:
Swara(furiously): u r taking drugs Sanskar?
Sanskar: that’s none of your business.(gritted his teeth)
Swara:u have to answer me I m your wife it’s my right.
Sanskar picked Swara in his arms and place her harshly on bed. He started removing his shirt and came on her top.
Sanskar(huskily): let me show your rights Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara’s eyes widened.

So how’s it. Do tell me.
I will continue after completing my few ongoing stories.
If u are interested to read plzz tell me.
Lots of love…

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