@hotel in Paris
As soon as they entered into the room… Sanskar back hugs her and smiles widely
Rag:immediately jerked and pouts
san:again goes close towards her …wat happen wifey
Rag:placed her hand on his chest (in order to stop him)
San:confusingly looks at her
Rag:sanskar plz understand
San:???(in mind y she is behaving like this since mrng)
Rag:u have to wait for 3 more days
San:but y (suddenly gets her point) is it?? (not sure)
Rag:nods with a pout
San:sarcastically y nature all wantS to separate us
Rag giggles by seeing his reaction
San:tease me.. tease me..i will c u after 3 days…

Ragsan started roaming all over the city.. And admired each and every things in Paris.. They had best time together…..night they use to c films in night and use to cute fights tooo

@one day night in paris
San:today Wat film v will c?
Rag:no sanskar.. It’s boring
San:then Wat v will do?
Rag:shall v play
Rag:(excitingly) ha plz
San:smiles..k wat game
Rag:hide and seek
San:(doubtfully) r u sure? In mind I’m I married a kid
Rag:nods widely.. U count up-to 50..within that I will hide and u have to identify me
San:nods sarcastically (murmurs) I’m the one who will play hide and seek on his honeymoon. ..He closed his eyes and starts to count but suddenly Ragini tied his eyes with a cloth….
San:wat r u doing Ragini
Rag:i won’t believe u.. After ur count, u remove it
San:its too much (annoyingly)
Rag giggles
San :started to count from 1 2 3 ……. To 50…im going to cum ..he is abt to untie the cloth
Rag:(shouts) no no sanskar.. Count again
San:wat is this Ragini
Rag:(pleads) plzzzzzzzz
San:melts by hearing her voice.. K again starts his count… 1 2 3 ….50..k I’m removing now.. But one hand stopped him.. And removed the cloth….
San slowly opens his eyes and shocked to see the room and Ragini….. (their bed is arranged with Rose petals and Ragini is wearing one Red transparent Saree)
He closed and opened her eyes for two times to confirm the things….
San:(stammers) u said me to wait for 3 days
Rag:(cuts him) today is 4 day
San:it means
Rag blushes….. And turns to leave… Immediately holds her hand and goes close towards her by touching his front with back….
Rag:breaths became uneven…
San:sensoully passed his hand on her bare waist…. Rag closed her eyes tightly …
San:huskily in her ear Wat it means? By saying he bites on her earlobe
Rag clutches her Saree.
San:started kissing on her neck from backside and bites over it
Rag moans
San:huskily if u scream also I Won’t Leave u today
Rag shivers and immediately turns and hugs him tightly
San:smiles hugs her tightly and started exploring her back by nuzzling his nose on her face and neck
Rag gasps
San:started removing her blouse
Rag widens and pulled him a little and goes towards the bed…..
San smiles and follows her ….he sat beside her in bed
Rag breaths heavily when he cupped her face and make her lie on the bed…
San:came over her and started kissing her forehead, eyes, nose ,cheeks sensouly… He rubbed her lips before claiming it….. Both were kissing passionately and his hands were exploring her skin badly
Rag moans in pleasure when he bites on her lips
San:breaks the kiss and looks at her intensely…
Rag blushes and hugs him
San:started nuzzling on her neck …rag blushes and covers them in a blanket……

Rag is sitting in front of the mirror and blushing profusely by remembering their night and covers her face…. Suddenly a hand pulled her on bed,,, before she react, he Cam over her…
san:wat r u doing in front of the mirror (teasingly)
Rag:blushes and turns her face.. Not able to meet his intense gaze
San:(in cracking voice) is it paining
Rag:Confusingly turns towards him but her confusion get clear when he touched his bite mark on her neck
Rag :smiles and cupped his face
San:is it paining
San feels bad
Rag:pecks his lips… It’s HAPPY PAIN
san:smiles widely and hugs her tightly
Both were shown hugging each other tightly with smiling face
San:huskily in her ear Ragini (still hugging on bed)
San:shall v play hide and seek again
Rag blushes widely

Guys done
Hope you like it /i don’t know y I wrote like this
Nive/mk:ty I will try to write on that plot
Ritathomas:u r my everything ff is it ragsan story?

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