Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay and Mandira Manage To Get Chip From Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay returns to Mandira and hugs her and then walks with her towards room with champagne glasses. Vasu cuts Vijay’s birthday cake alone and signing happy birthday thinking family does not want to celebrate chachu’s birthay. Sadhna with others join her and says everyone loves Vijay. Gayatri asks Agastya to call Bulbul. Vasu realizes chachi has gone with chachu and stops him, says chachi is unwell and is resting. Sadhna says let her rest.

Mandira in room tells Vijay everyone’s dream will be fulfilled today. She gives him champagne glass and looks into his eyes. Aaj Phir tumpe Pyar aaya…song…plays in the background. She removes Vijay’s blazer and shirt, pushes him on bed and romances with him.. She tries to kiss him when Vijay stops her and asks chip. Mandira asks to forget that chip, touching her belly button stud. Bulbul nervously waits outside. Mandira says she cannot believe that they will unite today forever and falls asleep. Vijay shakes her and hurriedly opens door. Bulbul walks in and asks how did he inject Mandira remembering broken injection needle. Vijay reminisces mixing injection in champagne and says injection worked fast and Mandira collapsed before she could speak about chip. Bulbul asks if Mandira did not give any clue. Vijay says she was touching her tummy and telling chip is very near her. Bulbul sees stud on belly. Vijay asks her to remove it. Mandira says jaan in sleep. Bulbul removes pin and shows chip in it. Vijay gets happy, gets out and checks it in his mobile and gets more happy seeing it is same chip. Bulbul emotionally hugs him. vijay says he knew he would succeed if she is with her, what will happen when Mandira realizes she lost chip. Bulbul says let h er know. Mandira wakes up drowsy and calls Vijay. She realizes her belly button stud is missing and shouts Vijay…

Vijay returns home with Bulbul and sees whole family sitting sadly. He touches Sadhna’s feet and acts as stomach ache. Sadhna gets concerned. Vijay says he was joking, what if they could not party last night, let us have breakfast together. Ek Dusre se karte hain pyar…plays in the background…Family feeds each other. Mandira in hotel room continues shouting. Vijay then with Bulbul gives chip to Vasu. Bulbul asks Vasu to break it and forget her relationship with Yug. Vasu breaks chip into pieces and vents out her anger. She then thanks them and promises she will not repeat her mistake as she has 2 parents with her. She hugs them both emotionally.

Mandira complains manager that she lost her precious jewelry and says she will file police complaint if he does not know her hotel’s CCTV footage. Manager says he cannot without police permission. She says she is CM’s daughter and MLa’s wife. He says he knows, but sorry. She shouts at him and asks housekeeper if she saw someone around this room. Woman reminisces Bulbul and says yes. Mandira shows Bulbul’s pic and asks if this is that woman. Lady says yes. Mandira shouts in anger…Bulbul is seen smiling.

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