Raglak OS- When Dreams Come True by kitkat…..

Hey friends,

Kitkat here with a new OS for you all after my such a long break…..

Firstly I want to mention that this is a real life incident occurred with my friends brother….

Some words or language might be too bad n bold….. but it’s required to keep the aura of real incidents….

The sentences in brackets are English translations for those who can’t understand Hindi and Marathi……..

So here we go……..

Character Sketch/ Introduction…..

Laksh Maheshwari-
29 years old… Works as Senior Manager at IT Company in Poona…  He is the man who lives for himself…..

He have real faith in true love and solemates and is waiting for someone who he can love and in return she will understand him……. A very soft hearted person….

27 years old… She is pr*stitute… not by choice but by fate…. Has lost faith in a normal life…..

Poona, Maharashtra, India….

The scene opens with heavy rains poaring….

A man is seen driving his bike and struggling to keep its balance due to water pressure….

The area is isolated at first but as he moved forward he saw a small group of houses and went towards that direction to get a shealter for protecting himself from Rain…….

He parks his car under a shade and removes his raincoat and helmet…

His face is reveled as Laksh..

He was waiting for rains to slow down so he can leave…

Just then he heard some voices and went towards that direction…

He was shocked as he saw women’s with very revealing cloths were clinging to mens or making out…

Just then a woman approached him n started to clinging him n tracing his cheek with her finger with a smug smile….

W:- A Chikne… Naya dikh raha hain yaha… Chal mere sath… teri khatirdari main krti hun aur meri tu kr… ( hey handsome… u seem to be new here… Come with me…  I will take care of u n u take care of me)

L( Removing her hand):- Wow babes… Just chill n be away… Muzhe tuzh main koi interest nai hain… samzhi..???(  I don’t have interest in you even a bit… do you understand???)

She tries to approach him again but just then a stern voice makes her flinch…

G:- A shani….?? Samajhti nai kya??? Bola na ki kisise jabardasti nai krni??? Shanta tai ko bolu kya??? Yahi boti-boti krke khila degi kutto ko… Antim yatra bhi nai nasib hogi… Samzi??? Chal nikal yahase…( Hey u oversmart… Didn’t u understood??? I said u many times that don’t force anybody… Should I tell it to Shanta tai…??? If she got to know this she will cut u into pieces and feed them to dogs… your deadbody won’t even get last rituals…. understood?? Just get away from here right now…)

Hearing the new girls voice the first girl ran away with a very horrified look….

The new girl is reveled as ragini with an umbrella in her hands while Laksh was getting wet…….

Laksh was frozen due to shock trying to recall the whole incident n just stood still without any moment….

But his trance was broken when Ragini snapped his fingers in front of him bringing him to reality…..

Ragini smiled at Laksh’s horrified face while thinking about that girl…

She folded her hands on chest……

R:- Don’t worry she won’t bother you anymore… by the way u seem to be new here…. who r you??? And what are you doing here…??

L:- Actually I work in a nearby company and now while returning back home I stopped here as I was not able to drive because of heavy rains… but when I came here I was welcomed by her with her hands around my neck…. Thank you for saving me… By the way I m Laksh…

He said while offering her a hand to shake with a genuine smile playing his lips and Ragini returned the gesture…..

R:- I m Ragini and it’s ok but you seem to be from a good house and this place is very dangerous for you… if you dont mind you can come to my place to rest till the rain stops….

Laksh hesitated a bit to answer n Ragini guessed the reason….

R:- Don’t worry I won’t try anything bad with you… I am not like them… not atlest now…

Laksh nodded affirmatively n started following Ragini with him behind her….

Laksh was looking at the clumsy n dirty surroundings with a horrified look to which Ragini just rolled her eyes with a smile….

After 2-3 minutes they stopped in an area where all houses were in a straight row…

The place was clumsy n dirty……..

People around them were looking at Raglak and their expressions were as if they had seen ghost…..

It made Laksh a bit uncomfortable while Ragini was moving forward casually while ignoring them n Laksh knew that this act of her was intentional….

Laksh smiled and then chuckled at her stubbornness like a child…

But instead of saying something and making Ragini more angry than before he just followed her quitly….

Raglak reached near a house which was at the corner….

It was a small two story house like a box with dull look and some plants on steps…. It had 4-5 steps and the first one was much higher than others….

The people in adjoining house were watching them….

Ragini closed her umbrella and hanged it on a nail near door for water to drip away…. She slowly n hesitantly tried to climb the step but stumbled and cried in pain holding her right leg…

R:- O god….

L( with concern ):- Are you ok miss??

He tried to inspect her leg but ragini suddenly stopped him from touching her n tried to stand but just to stumble again…..

Laksh felt suspicious about her clumsyness while ragini was trying to avoid Laksh’s gaze…

Laksh suddenly held Ragini’s leg again which startled her a bit and froze feeling something so he removed the cloth covering her lower legs and was shocked to find it of wood….

Laksh gave her a sympathic look but Ragini just covered her leg again and tried to get up while Laksh helped her get up…

The thing which surprised Laksh most was that Ragini didn’t Rejected his help like a while ago n instead wrapped an arm around his shoulders but once she stood straight she removed her hand straightening herself……..

Ragini look out a Challa (key hanger) which was attached to her waist and unlocked the main door of the house……

She went inside and Laksh followed her in….

It was a small two room house at the ground level and a staircase at right of entrance was towards upwards where seemed a single room with plywood door….

The interior of house was simple but tidy compared to outside surrounding and even more beautiful….

The Hall had a small bed and couple of plastic chairs… A small stool in between acting as t-poy…. the money plant was placed in a window which was at left side……

R:- I know my house is not big but this Garibkhana (poorshelter) is our palace…. plz make yourself comfortable… you are wet so i will make some ginger tea for you and will arrange dinner too….

L:- its ok u dont need to bother yourself for me… I  will leave once the rain stops…

R:- its really late n the city is almost 2 hours away from here so I request u to stay for the night n u can leave in the morning…. u can use the room upstairs… its a spare room…

L:- Thank you but I really don’t want you to be uncomfortable….

Ragini just huffed a mocking laugh…..

R:- You r really different n thats what I liked the most about you…. in prostitution I have seen the most dangerous and wildest people who can give you nightmares… so how can a sweet person like you make me uncomfortable???

So u can stay…. you are wet I will get you a change of cloths n hot water…

Laksh was not able to think about how to react….. the girl in front of him was a broken doll but her smile never faded…..

While Ragini was returning she suddenly clutched the door frame by her one hand for support while other had a metal glass which fell from her hand when she held her head making noise n Laksh’s trance was broken by that….

He quickly rushed towards her and supported her shoulders….

He made her sit on the small cot n went to kitchen to get some water and suger for her as he assumed it to be low Bp…. but her whole kitchen was empty… now even suger or salt…..

Laksh felt bad for her…..

He made her drink some water and made her sleep on same cot in hall while he sat on a stool near her….

She was still clutching the cloths ahe bought for him so Laksh took them and kept them beside him…

L ( with concern) :- hey are you alright???

R:- ya… I am fine…. I think this happened as my BP got low….

She was trying to sit but Laksh made her stay as it is with a glare towards her while nodding negatively n made her drink the water he bought………

A tear slipped from Ragini’s eye and she tried to hide it by turning her face towards wall….

Laksh held her by shoulders n made her sit with the support of wall and placed a cushion behind her back….

R:- I am fine….. don’t worry…

L:- If you don’t mind  I want to ask you something…..

R:- to me???

Laksh nodded in yes…

R:- ok…. go on…

L:- What happened to your leg?? N why don’t you have anything to eat at ur place??? Not even basic raw ingredients like sugar or salt??? Don’t you cook..???

Ragini gave a sarcastic laugh….

R:- my leg is the reason I am starving….
What else can I say???

They kept mum for a while and then suddenly Laksh stoodup n left to go somewhere….

Ragini though that he was gone… but a while later he returned with two food parcels….

He took one n forwarded another to Ragini….

She hesitated a bit but took it from him while thinking that if she would reject it she will again starve for days….

She quickly opened the packet and her mouth watered at the sight of delicious Pulav and she started eating it clumsily as if she was hungry from many days….

Laksh felt bad for her condition and decided to make her confess the miseries in her life……. he had a sudden urge to help her….

L:- you told me the reason…. but how does that happened??? And from how many years are you here???

Ragini frooze a bit but then stopped eating n went into a trance like trying to remember something….. Laksh too did stopped eating….

R:- 6 years back I was one of normal 20 years old girl  doing graduation in arts with a happy family of a strict mother, lovely father for whom I was his angel and a crazy younger brother…. we lived here in Pune itself…. I had lot of dreams planned for my future….

But all my dreams shattered one day….

When I was returning from my college final year farewell party some drunked boys, I don’t remember exactly how many they were but I think approximately 4, kidnapped me and….

Her eyes became glossy due to tears which were on the verge of flowing and she started sobbing while covering her mouth with her free hand….

Laksh sat beside her and took her in his embrace… he didn’t understood why he was getting hurt by hearing her sobs… but the moment she kept her head on his chest still sobbing made him feel like he got heaven…..

Through Laksh’s soothing touch Ragini got courage to continue….
But she moved away from laksh as reality striked her n continued….

R(still sobbing in Laksh’s embrace):-
“And they raped me…. took my sanity… I pleaded them and fought to free myself  but it was useless… they already took my purity n threw my injured body on road side of a highway like I was thrash….. It was night time… I was laying there lifeless with blood dripping from multiple injuries on my body and torn cloths… I tried to move but my whole body felt numb…. Even the moments of my fingers made me cry in pain…. I lost all the hope to survive or being rescued….

Fortunately at that moment Shanta tai who was passing from there in her car found me n took me to hospital….

All events I remember are too blurr….
The only clear one was when I gained back my conscious n found myself in hospital… I got to know from the nurse that I was unconscious for about 3 days…..

I was still shivering just by the flashes from that night which were running inside my head continuously…..

Then Shanta tai, the one who saved me, the leader of all the girls here visited me…. She cared for me like my mom n appointed a guard here to make me feel safe….

She even paid for all my medical bills…

Till I was discharged from hospital after a week I had already decided that I won’t return to my parents as i felt really shameful and unworthy for them….

I was willing to leave instantly to search for a place and job but I needed my educational documents n Id proofs but I had nothing with me except my damaged handbag from the incident day which police got from crime scene which had some cash baba gave ne, my adhar card n my broken n beyond repair cellphone………

When I was left with no other options I accepted her offer n she brought me here….

I was sad n depressed for many days…. while shanta tai was always behind me to pasture and spoil me with her love n care…. I felt bless to have her….
She said I remind her about her daughter Anika who was also killed by few goons 4 years back after rapping her….

I really felt bad for her…
But without being more emotional next day I told her that I had decided to find a job and go away from there….

She kept mum for a while and then what she said me next was enough to bring me face to face with reality…. her words stabbed my heart n killed me several time…….

ST:- Ragini I don’t have any right to take any decisions in your life…. but as youu are like my daughter I know one reality of your future life….

You will find a job and need to come in contact with the people you are running from… you refused to go back to your parents but what if you come face to face with them you can imagine the consequences……. till now they would have assumed you as dead…. or even if you go there the socity will make your life a living hell….

I was froze hearing her words and reality drawn over me that I won’t be able to live a normal life ever again….

ST:- If you don’t mind I wanna suggest you something…. can I??

I absent-mindedly nodded in yes…

ST:- The place where you are now has more than 100 women’s here but they feel themselves more safe here than the outside world… So think about it….

Saying so she making me lost in her words…..

What she said was true…

In outside world girls are raped forcefully and we loose everything what they have…. whereas here atleast we have a choice and can atleast get satisfaction of feeding our stomach by ourselves…..

So next day I was determined about choice n decision which was to join this field…..

When I told my decision to Shanta Tai she was more than happy…

Initially it was too difficult for me to get used to this disgusting and clumsy lifestyle….. Men use to touch me like I am a piece of meat, which made me scared to hell…

Soon I got used to this…. Shanta tai used to make sure that all the client’s that come to me are good one who are harmless…….

All was good till almost an year back….

One day suddenly some goons came and one of them whom I assumed to be their boss asked for me but Shanta tai denied it as she knew he was too bad for me…. he even had murdered his wife….

Hearing a no hurted his ego…. so he tried to hold my hand but shanta tai’s men stopped him…. He realised that he was trapped n threatened us that he will distroy me completely n left while cursing….

Once he was gone I fell on ground while shivering in fear….

Shanta tai hugged me tightly while muttering soothing words in my ear and I hugged her back….

Like this a week went by and every day he use to do something to hurt or frustrate me….

But that was not enough….. at the end of next week he crossed all his limits and entered my house… I don’t know how he was able to do it….

He was alone… his eyes were red like blood n with the dirty smell emitting from him I assumed him to be drunk….

He closed my house door shut and locked it… Before he closed it I saw a glimpse of all the people in our area including Shanta tai were running towards direction of my house with fear evident in their eyes…

He held me by my shoulder tightly and slammed me on the wall beside the door and started kissing my neck roughly… he tore all my cloths n made the experience the wildest nightmare of my life once again….

I was crying screaming in pain trying to push him but he showed no mercy on me…. not even a bit….

When I tried to push him off me he threw me hardly on sofa…. And in this broke a vase whose multiple glass pieces entered my legs while tearing my skin…

I was struggling to free myself with my wounded blo*dy limping leg….

After few seconds finally god heard me n the door opened n few men dragged that devil out while Shanta tai covered my numb n shivering naked body with on of the bed sheets from sofa….

On of the girl I don’t remember who exactly brought one of my nightgown and Shanta tai made me wear it….

I was too panicked to notice anything happening around me… all was just blurr n whispers were the only thing I heard…..

Few minutes later I fell my eyes heaving and darkness overtook me….

When I woke up I was lying on hospital bed with multiple wires and tubes were attached to my body……

I tried to sit but weirdly felt my body incomplete…. I felt something wrong with my legs n removed the bedsheet covering my legs just to receive the biggest shock of my life…

My right leg was missing from little below my leg joint….

I started panicking while watching was leg while crying and screaming…..

Shanta tai who was beside me tried to calm me down but it was of no use… I started breadthing heavily and felt a sting on my arm before again darkness eloped me…

Next time I woked up I was calmer than before and was just staring into space with tears continuously rolling from corner of my eyes…

Shanta tai explained me that I was unconscious for about 4 days n Doctor said that my body was in shock…..

She further added that my right leg was infected due to the injuries caused due to vase and to avoid septic they had to cut it…

I was taken back to this new house of mine as Shanta tai knew that now the memories of that incident have been carved inside my mind tightly n will haunt me if I be at that place so she bought me a new vacant house from our area ASAP…..

4 months later after the wound of the cutted leg was almost healed I got this artificial foot of mine….

All of my medical bills and payment for my artificial feet were paid by Shanta tai who refused to take it back while making a fuss with emotional drama about would I had done the same to my real mom and I surrendered to her nautanki ….

Initially I survived due to my savings but a month back that too ended….

Shanta tai used to bring me food whenever she can and I used to thank god for sending me to her every single day….

She was like my knight in shining armour….. had solution for every single problem of mine…

My clients rejected to be with me due to my condition….

N worst of all my grocery was almost empty….

Shanta tai too left to go for a pilgrimage….. she returned back today morning…

And so I was just managing to buy some bread with the money I am left with and drink some water to keep myself alive for last 4-5 days….”

After narrating her past Ragini avoided Laksh’s gaze and looked at her hands like finding something new and interesting in them…. she was actually avoiding his gaze…

She waited for him to get angry on her or leave silently feeling disgusting about her….

But what happened was exactly opposite he dragged himself close to her n made her look at him by holding her chin with his two fingers…..

She studied his face void of any expressions with her glassy and big doe eyes…. he too had tears in his eyes with a hint of pain….

Next what Laksh did completely stunned her….

He kissed her on her forehead….

Ragini felt shiver run down her spine the moment his lips mate her forehead skin……

He smiled softly and said….

L:- You know you are a very brave girl and be like that… you have suffered enough in your life and now its time for you to be happy…. So will you be my friend????

He forwarded his hand towards her to shake….

Ragini smiled between her tears and took his hand shaking it while nodding in yes….

L:- I  promise you that from now on I will make sure to always keep you smiling and fill your life with happiness…

R:- Thank you…. now you tell me something about yourself…….

L:- About me I am 26 years old i.e. a year older than you and an IT engineer by profession…. I work in a company as senior manager….
I live with my family which consists of my aai-baba ( mom-dad ) and younger sister who is in final year of graduation in computer engineering…. my mom is a school teacher and dad is a retired army officer as a lieutenant colonel……. now he runs his own ferm of private security services….

Saying so he sigh and then they finished their food and Laksh slept on the hall bed while Ragini in her bedroom as he refused to sleep in room…

At morning Laksh brought some groceries for her before leaving for his home and fortunately it was sunday so he had whole day to rest and no rush of going to his work….

His mom asked him about the reason for him missing for whole night and he said that he stayed at his friend’s place due to heavy rains…. which was true… he just didn’t mentioned his friend’s name….

Whole day he was just thinking about Ragini…

Raglak slowing started spending their maximum time together while hanging out in city, parks and shopping in market….

Laksh even helped her to convince her mom-dad and mend her relation with them….

They took a long time to accept her back…. but finally their relation came to normal n she came back to her home n even joined back her college n continued her incomplete final semester…….

Ragini being handicapped made their heart melt as they were her parents and a parent can never see pain in their children’s lives….

Many of her neighbours passed bad comments and tantrums about her but with support of Laksh and her family she faced them bravely….

In mean time he introduced her to his family n she instantly clicked with them…

She was best friend to his sister Uttara and her mother…… her father too took a liking towards her and it surprised him as his father was a judgemental person when it came to strangers….

They all knew whole truth about her life but they never judged her or made her uncomfortable by talking about her past…

Meantime Laksh realised his attraction for her and soon he fell in love with her…….

He didn’t wanted to force her into anything or pressurise to accept him just because he saved her….

So he decided to wait till she resiprocate the same feeling he has for her….

Ragini too started to like his company… and was way beyond thankful to him for returning all her happiness back to her…..

She too liked him but was doubtful about his feelings…..

She shared her feelings about him to Uttara who insisted her to open up when she found Ragini disturbed….

She shared this with Laksh and both of their families who were more than happy to hear this….

Like this 4 months were passed after Ragini was back home n it was her 26th birthday today….

It was a simple family get together of Raglaks families with just 8 of them….

After cake cutting n eating food Laksh suddenly disappeared and was back in a blink when she was about to go for searching him but just then he appeared beside Ragini and made her stand…

He proposed her for marriage in front of all with a promise ring n she accepted his proposal with a million dollars smile….

A week later they got engaged and finally got married 6 months later in a big ceremony with their families, Ragini’s college friends , Laksh’s co workers in from company, many poletitions and army officers invided by his father n mother’s schools Co-workers…….

Life was never that happy for Ragini ever….

She got a husband, sister and second mom-dad who loved and pampered her beyond limits……

She even completed her college with distinction and joined a well reputed arts college as English professor……

2 years later Ragini gave birth to twin boys… Luv and Kush…. after 5 years their daughter Vyavruti was born… her pregnancy was like a nine months function for all……. Laksh used to run behind her whole time and DP-AP use to complete all her wishes….

This was all like a dream for Ragini…

8 years back she never imagined that she would be saved from that hell n would be able to live a normal life….

But her knight in shining armour…. her king…. her Laksh made it possible and she can never ever be thankful to god for blessing her with such a loving husband, beutiful family n life……


So friends let us know how is it with your likes n comments….


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    1. Kitkat

      Thank you so much faru… hope to see you back soon… we tejaholics are missing you alot….????????

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    Fantastico Kitkat di??? I loved the story as well as Laksh’s character

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