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A cold night…….
2 beautiful majestic orbs were watching the stars in the sky….. as if those orbs were searching for someone but don’t know whom to search for…
A cold breeze came and played hide and seek with those loose hair… it was like HE was feeling someone in that breeze, but didn’t know for whom…

His mind and soul were totally blended with the nature…

Suddenly, 2 hands touched two of his shoulders. He was startled and turn back, a smile came running to the lips (killer smile)…
There were two ladies,
1 : kya hua omki shomki puttar, why are you so silent?

He: nothing buama, was just feeling the nature, said with closed eyes.
His voice was so magical that even daytime flowers bloomed at that night….
2: feeling nature or love, the second lady asked with a smile
He: oho dadi, please don’t start your ishqbaazi waali speech again, said with folding hands.
Bua: oh rabji , so kalyani parjaiji ( dadi) you are always talking to them of ishqbaazi? In this age too?

Dadi: oye , (keeping hands on mouth) what about the topic on which you were speaking just now to me?
He: don’t fight both of you (and hugged both of them), ab kya chahiye tum dono? Mere shaadi?
Bua& dadi: haan ji (mockingly)
Dadi: you are a big shayar, always talking about pyaar, you even used to advise billu about pyaar and now he has become the biggest ishqbaazi. Ab kya hua puttar?
His eyes became wet; he knew that none of his answers would satisfy both of them and himself. So he asked both of them to go to his art room.

There he showed them many pictures, just his personal ones, his family moments..
Then he showed a blank white canvas and told them
He: this is my personal canvas, only for my moments. Only my brothers, my mom, both of you, my friends and my sweetie (revealed later) have a space here, no one else will have.
The stars and the breeze gently smiled, as if they knew the truth.

Elsewhere, another girl was watching the SAME STARS and feeling the breeze. She was also intensely watching and feeling them. Suddenly she saw someone in those stars and whispered, “PAPA”…
She ran back with full speed, making the beads of her anklet also to run with her to catch her speed.

Then she took a paint brush. It was so old due to its usage. She happily mixed few colours and began stroking the canvas. Her smile was mesmerising and her touch was so artistic that even in that night the colours began glowing like glitters and the canvas was so white and bright.
But alas….. a face came back to her memory… a face who always made her tremble… a face who made her eyes wet… a face who made her wheat coloured face pale…. she angrily pushed down the canvas
She: hey sankarji, what is this, this is my passion, this is my saans, this is my life, why, why am I not able to do this? What fate is this?
She began crying and ran to her mom’s room. There she saw her mom sleeping peacefully, she went to her and caressed her hair, then took a look at a photo, where her dad, mom and she were standing together.

She went to the window, enjoying the moonlight and told to herself,
She: hey sankarji, I do believe that one day I can do it; maybe this is not the right time. I know you are there for me. But,

The stars shimmered, the breeze crossed the trees, and they were smiling.
Little did him and she knew about the upcoming story of them, the future journey of them…
Little did they know that both of them were the REAL CANVAS AND COLOURS for each other in their life?
The stars and the breeze were the only witness of their feelings…..

Hey buddies, this is my first ever ff, am a great fan of dyia, renima, ashwathy, kehkasha,astha, gangu, aditi, bk maha and manymore.
next update mostly on may.

please do drop your comments as this is my first attempt….

this is a rikara ff, but others will be also there.


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  1. AditiB

    The Phrases are amazing dear…the reference of Omkara made me visualize the starry night and his Flying locks…..Amazing….I am your Fan now…Love you and would wait for your ff…. :-)))))

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank u dear for that wonderful compliment? . I hope I can keep your expectation in coming parts.
      Next post will be after may 8?

  2. Tanz

    Simply magical . Very beautifully put into words . i’ll be waiting for the next part…:)

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank u dear Tanz , hope you can wait for two weeks?

  3. Verna

    Wow Shraddha.. ur FF is like a poetry.. and the way u used nature to tell their story is perfect for my Omkara and his character.. waiting for ur next part

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      I have been inspired from you all Vernaji, hope I will keep your expectation of Om’s character in this ff, hope you will give ideas??

      1. Verna

        Ideas.. me??? Oh dr.. I have get couching from u to write such poetry.. But don’t worry.. we’ll help each other 🙂 🙂

      2. Shraddha-DBO

        Sure Vernaji,its my pleasure???

  4. Superb and colorful dr nice words and nice writing and wowwwww next update soon dr. ..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Sure dear and thank,just wait for two weeks??

  5. Rasika

    Wowwwwwwwww…. Waiting for the next update dr

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Sorry for not mentioning you in my list, really love your ff.
      And yes will be back soon?

      1. Rasika

        Thank you soooooooooo much ??????

  6. Renimarenju

    Shraddha……This is really wonderful…..And thanks for mentioning my name….But yaar am ur sister only…..so pls stay as my sweet thangi [in kannada thangi means choti behan] don’t stay as fan …..Ok…..Am glad that u likes my work and the way you started your ff is really making me 2 read more and more abt omkara through ur ff……Really the title which u chose is amazing……The way u portrayed omkara’s view is extra ordinary…..I really loved this 2 the core…..Thanks for sending links……And all the best friend…..And u will post next one on may……Seriously i will wait for ur ff’s update as this one was worth reading…….Hats off….dear….keep it up……

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Ok dear thangi? thanks for those words, hope I will keep up Om’s character to your expectation?

  7. It is nice yaar .post next part.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks arpitha,just wait for few more days?

  8. Yashu

    Lovely dear….loved it…it was fab…eagerly waiting for nxt episode….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks yashu, just wait for few more days?

  9. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr… Keep going… Thank u for mentioning my name… From now I am going to ur fan…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Romba santhosham di ungalode examukku all the best, naan udane thirumbi varuven?

  10. It is awesome dear… Nice one dear..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot Nikki?

  11. OMG…am a fan of your descriptive writing now…its awesome…U have painted the the canvas of your story so beautifully …its so aesthetic in feel..The words just flow smoothly…update ASAP!
    Am so excited!

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a ton vivi, for those words, shall come back ASAP?

  12. Aastha_Reddy

    You paint my canvas in l red the colour of love..Shraddha.
    I am eager to witness them filling the colour of love in each others life…
    Love you and Gourikara a lot.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Astha di, I was really waiting for your comment. Thanks for loving me di, and do continue to love our gourikara.?

      I’m sure they will surely fill color of love,onscreen too?

  13. Magically fantastic

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot?

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